Rob Brown?

I read in the news that someone called Rob Brown is being questioned on suspicion of bumping off his wife.  There is a quote that he is the current UK trail running champion. Has anyone heard of him and is he really the UK champ? 


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    Call me behind the times, I had to look up this expression - (urban dictionary!) -To express indignant disbelief at another's fanciful proclamation

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    The very same.

    The source is a US trail blogger.

  • This one describes him as a teacher from cornwall, so there looks to be some confusion as to who is who.
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    I don't think this is the same person.  He was 35 in 2004, so he's about 6 years too young.

    He doesn't look like the sauve James Bond type either.

  • Wasn't Bob Brown the runner who was sponsored by Ginsters, but he was severely wheat intolerant so if he ever actually ate one, he would die (even faster than if a normal person ate one).  If so, he definitely did it
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    They are saying there was a blunt force trauma which did it.  My guess is that it was the Ginsters in the Library.
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