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Hi there, can anyone advise which are good gloves to get.  I did 10 miles this morning, (wasn't doing this distance last winter) and wore gloves which were windproof on front but my fingertips were numb by the time I got home. 

2 weeks ago i wore knitted gloves and it poured down and my litttle fingers were nearly dropping off by time i'd done the 10 miles.  I think i need windproof, breathable and waterproof gloves.  Any ideas/suggestions.

PS i'm doing Conwy half marathon in 2 weeks so hope to get some before then.



  • I wouldn't worry about waterproof as long as they are warm when wet.

    .Mitts are warmer than gloves as your fingers will keep themselves warm when together.

    A good option that is very warm when wet and windproof are the Buffalo pertex/fibre pile mitts. 

    If you want gloves I find powerstretch gloves or gloves made from polartec windpro are wind resistant and very warm even when wet 

    These are usually available from outdoor shops and brands to look out for are Outdoor Research (OR) and Extremities

  • I just use Nike gloves, they are very thin but I've not suffered from cold hands with them even when we had all the snow last winter! Maybe I just have naturally toasty hands image
  • I use ronhill kids gloves - micro fibre I think - cost £2.99 image

    (I get very cold hands but these seem to do the trick for me when racing, when training in the very cold I also wear my long sleeve top with thumbs holes like the bench jumpers which keeps my wrists warm)

  • Mittens would be the warmest !

     Failing that - get long sleeves and tuck your hands up the ends there ?

  • I use Ron Hill high viz. They're not the warmest, but I get hot very quickly but need some coverage on my hands to stop them cracking up in the cold. Plus I feel like some kind of new rave mime act when I wear them and that's always a bonus.
  • My husband uses the Ron Hill high vis gloves too (also known as 'Jazz Hands' in our house!), I have a long sleeved jacket that has thumb holes... which until tonight was fine. I am also, now on the hunt for some gloves!
  • Thanks everyone for your advice, i'm going shopping tomorrow!
  • I bought a pair of windproof Gore gloves (listed under the golf section) off ebay - great. Keep you warm without overheating.
  • there are cheap Saucony mitts on Ebay at the moment, £5.99 free postage
  • I agree with those suggesting mittens......

    I have three sets of proper running gloves that I've acquired at different times (Nike thermals, RonHill merino wool, and a pair of Mizuno cotton gloves), but the ones that work best for me are a cheap pair of fleece mitts that I got free when I went ice skating on a work social.

    The mitts are great because although they are very loose fitting,  my fingers seem to keep warmer for longer, but don't overheat as much as say in my Nike thermals, and because they super absorbent they are really good for wiping off sweat, wiping my nose, etc...image


  • I too need mittens, though I usually wear socks on my hands as I don't have that many pairs of mittens. Baggy is also better than tight. My problem is a circulation issue so gloves are just a no no.

  • I would recommend these if you suffer badly from cold hands. 

  • Gllitsy - thanks for the reference to the Saucony mitts on Ebay - I snapped up two pairs of those, they arrived today, and they look fab.........I'm looking forward to a nice cold crisp morning now so I can try them out........image


  • GoldenOldie

     glad I could help, my pair arrived yesterday, will be wearing them today for sure

  • Thanks for the ebay heads up as well - have ordered some .Rude not too at £5.99

  • no worries

    I just wore mine and they were great, nice and light compared to the cycling gloves I had been using so I've just bought another pair

  • slightly random ask but can anyone suggest the pair least ;likely to cause tendonitus....I have been running 20M plus on trail all weathers sundays and playing with the end of my gloves in the right hand and now have tendonitus...of all the injuries from long distance...I need warm snug fit I think to stop me playing with the ends of my gloves and perhaps mittens would give me too much room.I dont really know!

    Has anyone had this before ? is there a solution as i am in such a dream world this early that I am doing it without even noticing.  HELP!!!

  • I like my Gore gloves. Tight fit and warm, bit more expensive than most though.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Get your grandma to knit you some - two ply lambs wool, your fingers will be as warm as toast
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