Anderton Arms Children In Need 10K

Guessing this is a new race, anyone know for sure?

Will try to fit in as over in Lancashire this weekend doing missionary work



  • ...yes,

    i think this is a new one. They held a 5k earlier in the year which I didn't run but it looked ok. I entered this one a few weeks ago now, I'm going for a PB on the day...not been very well since my last outing in Southport (41.56). Feel much better now though and trying for a better time. This being a new race though I suppose it all depends on the course!

    Good luck to everyone who is taking part and I'm sure this will raise a few quit for charity!

  • I live locally and can't see where it will be 'undulating' so will probably be a good opportunity for a PB.

     All for charity though!   Enjoy the day folks!

  • If its the old course dont bank on a pb and does all money raised go to children in need or do people realy care.
  • Ok I'll take that back.  It was over 2 laps so the route was undulating!  Also, a lot of trail which caused some footwear confusion for some people!
  • Undulating is not the word I would use.

    I live very locally and was expecting the run up Midgery Lane to the finish once!! That was a bad enough but the start up Fernyhalgh Lane Hill was a surprise and then second leg back down round a cone and back up was a killer. Pays your money and takes your chance I suppose and it was for charity.

    Can't complain as I know the race organizer image

    I did enjoy it, I think and got a PB by 2 minutes image

    If this course is ever used again please don't advertise it as a PB course!!!!!!!!!

  • Phew! How many hills & puddles can you get into one 10k. Great race though. Does anyone know where the results will be shown?
  • STFC

    Try linky thing

    Go to results page > 2010 and scroll down to AA 10k

  • Fantastic. Thank you. Found the results there Keith. 53 mins 33 secs. Not bad for a 50 year old with a phobia of hills & puddles :0)
  • Good time STFC, I'm slightly older than you but a lot slower but I am chuffed to bits with my time.

    I have always wanted to beat 72 minutes and am now a whisker away from it.

    Need a flat course for next 10k, fed up with undulating. Two girls I spoke to on the last lap said they were never doing any race described as undulating in the future

  • Iain Mackie - I'm local too and couldn't see where any hills would be, so entered looking for a PB (more fool me!)

    I did the Witton Park 9.4k cross-country race the day before with two big long hills on each of the four laps.  Checking my Garmin, the HILLY cross country had 1200ft of ascent/desent whereas the Anderton Arms 10k mildly undulating ROAD RACE had 1100ft !! (That's over one third the height of Scafell Pike, England's highest mountain!!!)

    I can't help feeling we had the wool pulled over our eyes on this one! 

    Having said that, it would be quite a nice little run, IF you knew what to expect.

  • Hi Keith. Any of the flat Southport 10k's will give you a good time. The next one is on the 6th Feb and is dead flat. You can register at 
  • Thanks STFC.

    Feb may be a problem as it will have to fit my OH's training plan. She has a managed to get into some race in London in April that finishes on the Mall.

    Thanks for the tip we never look at races in that area and it is local for us.

    Doing Wesham 10k  a week on Sat so if conditions are good it will be quick

  • How quick is quick and you must be fit if you are doing the best 5km next day well doneimage
  • alan taylor 22 wrote (see)
    How quick is quick and you must be fit if you are doing the best 5km next day well doneimage

    My definition of quick unfortunately is not the same as everyone else.

    Not running the Best 5k Alan as I have been roped in by Steve Ashy to marshall, time keep etc. etc

    He's good at that isn't he?

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