How many pairs of running shoes?


  • I'm guessing maybe 30 for me?
  • About 10-12 in 3 and a half years. Losing track now.....
  • Been running since 1982, so can only guess. I'll have a think about it though !
  • imageimage A lot. I have 5 pairs plus fell and trail shoe's now. Plus two pairs of asics that are now knackered so used as normal type trainers. I'm wondering if I need help from a runner's anonymous type support group?image
  • I currently own 5 (although one of those is new and waiting to be used) and I think I've worked my way through 8-10 pairs.

    That's heading towards £1000 worth of shoes image

  • Ah, thanks, not quite the same question but related. I'm asking for a lifetime total.

  • I have 6 pairs on the go at the moment, of which 2 pairs are unused, one pair too small but still used, 1 pair dead but still used, one pair used occasionally, one pair used only as shoes for driving or walking (entry level running shoes but really not suitable for serious running). I have another pair of old ones in the car, in case of emergencies. In a bag of things to take to the charity shops there are at least 4 pairs of completely unusable worn out running shoes.

     I bought a pair of very nice Saucony trail shoes from giggle and I knew I was pushing it cos they were half a size too small but they were such bargains. They were unwearable as they were too small and I couldn't even wear them for walking to the shops and having tried that I couldn't send them back. They were lovely but useless. What a waste of money. I had only worn them three times.

    The next time i saw my mum, I took them with me. She was about to go on holiday and likes walking. They fitted her perfectly despite being half size too big, and she was delighted with them. Said they were the best ever for walking.

  • Other than that, have at least owned 9 pairs before that.  Possibly more.

    Guessing I spent £50 a pair (OK probably more using that as an average and I tend to try shoes on in running shop then order online) but that is at least £1000.

    My recommendation is if you find a shoe you love, order another pair. I had two pairs of Trigon GRID Ride shoes on the go and they lasted absolutely ages, despite high mileage and one pair is still in use 5 yrs after purchase. Normally, shoes last about 3 months.

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