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Hello, now the weather is getting colder and the biting winds are about, well on dartmoor any ways, has any one got a real decent pair of running gloves they could recommend,

Thank you Dan


  • I have used a pair of Icebreaker glove liners for the past 2 years.

    They are very thin, almost like a second skin. I see they now do a mid-weight glove which might be worth looking at. As they are made of merino wool, they are pretty good at keeping you warm. Mine pack down to the size of a plum and are very easily carried.

    Not cheap mind, around £20 but worth a look. Somewhere like Cotswold, Ellis Brighman or similar might stock them.
  • Cheers smalleyboy, will take a look
  • I'd go with some windproof gloves in preference to merino wool - keeping the wind chill off the skin makes a huge difference I think. combine that windproof layer with some warmth and bingo - sorted.
  • Like all kit, gloves are such a personal preference. I did an early morning 10 miler a few weeks ago and as I left the car, the temperature was minus 1. After about 3 miles, my hands had warmed up sufficiently, that I ditched the gloves for the rest of the run.

    Now, if there had been a biting wind, I would probably have kept the gloves on and pulled my sleeves down over my hands for the full 10 miles. I find that for the first few miles I am cold but then once I get warmed up, my temperature levels out for the rest of a run.

    I'm sure with enough time someone could come up with a mathematical formula which takes account of the ambient temperature, a persons perception of cold, wind strength, rain, ability to carry gloves if not required, glove cost etc...

    There are so many variables. I only have the one pair of gloves (Icebreakers) and they do me throughout winter on all my runs. I don't mind cold hands that much but then again I spent the first 20 years of my life living on a farm and in a house with no central heating.

  • I agree - loads of variables. I tend to use ordinary running gloves as my hands do warm up fairly quickly but if I feel I need extra protection I have my long fingered windproof bike gloves to fall back on, and if it's truly blisteringly cold, some lightweight windproof/fleece ski gloves (or stay indoors!)
  • I would recommend Polartec powerstretch (fleece) gloves. Very stretchy and warm when wet. They are wind resistant rather than windproof but I've worn them in blizzards and they've kept my hands warm.

    I also recommend powerstretch for legwear as well.

    Brands that make them are Extremities, OR (Outdoor Research) and Lowe Alpine. Widely available in the outdoor shops at around the £20 mark.

    If you wanted something warmer still Polartec WindPro gloves are also available. They are like a thicker, less stretchy version of Powerstretch and typically cost £25 - £30

  • Powerstretch - great stuff - been using it for years as a base layer under shells when skiing or mountaineering. sure - when you take the shell off you look a little like Max Wall (or I do at least) but who cares when you're warm and toasty? image
  • I have a pair of lightweight nike running gloves. Don't know what they are made of, but they are basically like thin woolly goves. Very lightweight & comfy, and not too thick. They keep my hands nicely warm without getting too hot on all but the very coldest or wet days. I do suffer from cold hands and have sometimes had my whole arm go completely stiff and take me 20 mins before I could get my top off before, but these are just enough normally.

    I'm, yet to find a solution for very cold or wet days, though have just got a pair of windproof cycling gloves which i'm going to give a try.

  • Fat Buddha: I'm lucky that I have Lowe Alpine Powerstretch trousers.

    They're a looser fit than the tights (for the larger figure image ) and have zipped hand pockets as well as a rear pocket. Unfortunately they were only sold for a couple of years around the year 2000. I stocked up on 4 pairs then and they are all still going strong. I've never seen anybody make them since.

  • ah - think I remember the trousers. LA were the first to market with powerstretch tights - my 1st pair were LA and I still have a (newer) pair. I've been through a few pairs though as the arse has a tendency to wear out or the legs get ripped on crampons - I've even have a bike saddle nose go through the arse on one pair! great product
  • Because they are so stretchy when they first came out there was a problem with the seams unravelling. I think they use a special stitch when they sew them up.

    I did stick a pair of crampons througha pair of the tights once but only made a small hole as the crampons also went into my leg. Stopped them sliding  down the trousers though  image

  • OP - I wear socks on my mits as gloves don't keep my digits warm.

    Agree tht you need to keep the wind away.

    Disagre that you could come up with a mathematical formula. I have raynauds so even if its warm I can chill easily. image My body thinks it's cold. image I'm going to up my dose of Ginko.

  • How about to try hand warmers? Hand warmers will help you to keep your hand warm.
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