Trionium Greensand Marathon 2011

The quarter-way cut-off will be reduced to 70 minutes for the race in 2011, which will make this a yet tougher race (and it's a tough race anyway). The cut-off is there to ensure the safety of runners and marshals.

Anyone up for this?


  • Excellent. I'm in. I think I got to the 1/4 way just inside an hour last year......then I slowed down a touch at 1/2 way...then I crashed and resorted to walking all the steepens image. It was a very, very nice days sport - beautiful scenery and glorious sunshine. Please arrange for the sunshine again Dr. robert.
  • Considering this, but a little concerned by the climbs. Will be doing the Edinburgh marathon in May so will hopefully get a better idea of what time I might achieve and see how that compares to the 70 minute cut off, but I'm running 10m in 80mins at the moment, so shouldn't be a problem?

    Registration will be open still in June won't it? Don't want to enter until I've completed Edinburgh.
  • A wise man. You'll be fine with the cut-off, just be prepared to slow down a fair bit afterwards and enjoy the scenery. Leaving entry until June might be more of a risk though......I think this event will prove even more popular in 2011.

  • Oh good, definitely too tough for me to enter this year. Dislocated my shoulder on it last year but still a really good race.
  • KateF - dislocated shoulder ?? Dare I ask how?
  • Was so pleased to get to Leith Hill on the way back I completely lost concentration and tripped on a tree root, have a stupid shoulder anyway so not as bad as it sounds, but proud to say I finished!
  • Good going Kate, I did a faceplant on one of the flatter stretches of track, luckily no one was round to see me and  it did kind of wake me up for the remainder of the race. Did well cos the weather was perfect last year - loved it so time to re-enter. Are you sure you don't wanrt to enter?
  • Will see how foolish I feel closer to the time! I fear with the new cut off time I'd only make the half though.
  • Arghh,  just entered for this and the Midsomer Munro. Fancied trying both these races for a few years, and finally organised enough to get registered before they fill up.

    Quite worried about the 70 min cut off (10K PB of 58 mins so it is going to be tight), will have to get out on the route and practise that bit to make sure I can do it.

    Needed something "big" to keep me motivated to run a bit more regularly - think this more than fits the bill!

  • Hi Dr Rob, how are entries going at the moment? is it likely to fill up fast?  
  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
    50 so far.... plenty of time yet...
  • Dr Rob, Can I ask you to explain a little your intention with the 70 min cut-off? Do you have an overall time limit (I can't find one)? I know I can complete the course (I live and run in the north downs) but I'm not the quickest overall and I tend to start slow and take it steady. I should be able to make the cut-off but don't want to be swimming against the tide if I'm not the kind of person you want out there.

    PS: The tips and info section on the website says 75 min.

  • I assume Dr. Rob has reduced the cut-off for 1/4 distance simply to up the stakes. He's a sick b$%&*d. which is why we love his events.
  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
    Hi James, it is to make sure that the marshals are not out on the course for too long, to give some certainty over likely timings of runners. Kipper's suggestions that it 'ups the stakes' is probably true. There's no overall time limit: if you get to the Tower in 70 minute, you will be very likely to finish the course in under 6 hours.

    I reckon that 95% of runners who attempt the race will have no problem at all with the cut-off. If you run regularly in this area, I am sure that you will be fine!
  • Dr Rob

    Can you update on how entries are going please?


  • Do half marathon finishers get a medal?
  • They should get something at least.
  • half a medal perhaps imageimage  (I'm sure they get an equally impressive medal to the full marathoners)
  • Around 130 entries so far, with 300 max.
  • I've signed up for this on the spur of the moment, now I'm petrified. image

     But excited too! I've only done a couple of 'normal' marathons, this feels like it's going to be a whole new level!

  • I did this marathon last year and it was the best run ever anywhere, anytime, but also it's EASY ! Let me explain. It's such fun, there's such cammeraderie, the scenery is so looovely that everyone has a great time ! It's so HILLY, that frankly a snog from Pippa Middleton is more likely than a PB, so you just do it for the fun. My wife said that we all looked fresh as daisies at the finish line (although not smelling as nice). Anyone who's entered and is nervous, don't be.

    So there.

  • Thanks Sleek. I feel marginally better now. image

    On a side note, am I the only person who thinks Pippa Middleton looks a bit... manly? Give me Kate anyday.
  • Hi Burtie14 - no need to be concerned, you're not on your own with that fear! I have only done the one marathon so far, this one but in 2009. It was really tough but a great day and felt a real achievement. I'm worried this time as I had to take almost a year off all exercise and have only been training again for the last 3 months so I'm starting off with a poor fitness level compared with 2009 - and it took well over 5 hours that time!!
  • Hi Burtie, To be honest, I wasn't really sure what PM looked like. Just taken a look and you're right. I don't see what the fuss is. I mean she's no Camilla. Now there's a WOMAN !!!

    I haven't actually entered the Trionium myself yet, as I might be on me hols. Good luck to all of you who have and I tell you, it'll be the best day of your year !

    Dr Robert, any chance of getting Camilla to give the prizes ?

  • Thanks Peter. Taking a year off altogether must be pretty tough - I'm sure you'll still have some underlying stamina to tap into though, and with a couple of months still to go you can hopefully still build back up.

    Personally I can't see myself troubling the 5-hour marker. I can see myself troubling the Guinness supply at the pub afterwards though.

    I also fully support Sleek's campaign for Camilla (or perhaps Princess Michael of Kent?) to give out the prizes. Come on Dr Rob - your people have spoken!

  • Thinking of doing this - looks like great race.
    Mrs R is away with work so no excuse there! Quite a way from sunny Lincoln though but does look great fun
  • So, I thought last night I would see where I had got to after 70 mins to see how far off the cut off I am currently.  Garmin said 5.94 miles, so I thought that's not too bad, only half a mile out, I can work on that.

    Carried on running, and doing a little maths at the same time, then realised that at that pace that half a mile is going to take me 6 mins, and that is actually quite a lot over the cut off!

    Happy to depressed in a matter of minutes - I'd better keep doing those speed sessions and hill climbs!  Going to try the route in a couple of weeks to see how I do on the real thing.

  • Hi Rob

    Firstly, thankyou for organising a great series of races. I did the Midsummer Munro this year and throroughly enjoyed the challenge. I am signed up fro the Greensand and want to ask a clarification on the amount of hill ascent on the course

    The details say 5,200 feet of ascent and descent..... though when I look at the course profile on the good run guide, it shows it as 2,707 feet of ascent. So I am wondering which figure I should go by, or if perhaps I misinterpreted the 5200 ft as being the up and down total?

    I am focusing on getting my hill training in, and just want to set my goals accordingly. If anyone could clarify that would be much appreciated.

    (By the way I found my garmin measured the Midsummer Munro at 3003ft , so as good as spot on to your figure of 3000ft.)

  • Hi Burtie - I think I'll be getting a few recovery beers in that evening too! Hopefully not to drown my sorrows though..

    Joanna - I'm sure you'll be fine - 9 weeks to go. You've just got to get within the cut off and then relax - the second quarter is easier but the third is pretty tough as the legs tire!

    David - I like your style - tailoring you hill training to the amount of ascent! Whatever it is it wiped me out last time! Finishing is my goal (although to sneak in under 5 hours would be great but I can't see it happening).

    Good luck all with your training!

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