Talkback: Win the ultimate spring marathon experience



  • Little Minx,

    What ever happens I will do my utmost to be in a pub tomorrow, anyone in the Reading area care to celebrate ??

     Its cold out there so wear a hat.

  • I am totaly calm about this competion and the up coming dealine image

    I have entered so many competions on RW and still not won a thing image so one more dissapointment wont make any difference, but I would rely like to get through though.

  • Name that pub Funny Hat! I am just outta town
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    TG - I never win them either - Melds recently won some gels though, so there is hope image

    pub? I've got work tomorrow afternoon and evening - pah!
  • I rather like running in the cold - wore a tshirt plus long sleeve top tonight and was about right.

    Devil of a run though - 6.66 miles image

  • LittleMinx,

    I am Caversham side of Reading, I will head in that direction when I finish work. Will comfirm pub after my phone call !!! I hope !
  • Funny Hat wrote (see)
    LittleMinx, I am Caversham side of Reading, I will head in that direction when I finish work. Will comfirm pub after my phone call !!! I hope !

    lol!! I am at the other side, on the start of the Vitality 2 bus route in Mortimer!

    So you would be a Reading parkrunner living over there?

    We will eagerly await the phone call!!  Won't be back from my run till near lunch so that should keep me occupied!

    Think I should go to bed now and then Friday will come around so much quicker! image

  • It will be interesting to see if any of us on this thread get picked, and if any of the lurkers come out of the woodwork.
    Goodluck to everyone, and make sure your phones are all charged up, just to be on the positive side
  • just in case I did very nice speedwork today

    is it Friday yet?
  • WiolQn: well done going out for a run, I decided to stay in with the heating on watching the #1 tv detective 'Monk'
  • Good morning all, all quiet on the phone front here, so looks like about 8 hours more to find out. 

    Of course would love a place for moi, but if I don't I hope one of the posters on this thread is lucky.  Its been fun, its been funny, in fact so similar to the last 2 years I have done the same, perhaps RW should have a 5 rejections and you're in rule!

    Good luck all.

  • John, I echo your comments. 

    It has been a good laugh, really enjoyed it.  what would finish it off for me would be a phone call from RW !

    l do like your idea on the rejection rule, although you could end up with about 8000 lucky winners in 5 years time !!!

    All the best to you all, I hope one of use gets lucky....   got to go phones ringing !!!!

  • False alarm, doulbe glazing firm ! lol
  • Ok, we're several hours in to Friday already and still no news!
  • Is anybody else starting to get a problem on this thread, I am getting notifications but can see no extra posts on here?  But then if you are having the same problem you won't see this!

    Perhaps RW have zoned me out just before they call me, yes thats what it'll beimage

  • simon62w wrote (see)
    It will be interesting to see if any of us on this thread get picked, and if any of the lurkers come out of the woodwork.

    You talking about me behind my back? image I've lurked on here to check what's been going on and have been quite amused by the nonsense you've all spouted!

    JF5 - I get the same ghost post problem on the sub3:15 thread but only with one poster. I think, if they look at the thread your email will throw up a notification, even if they don't post. Not sure why it happens with some and not others.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Funny that. I saw a post, read it, refreshed and it had disappeared! Not sure if revealing the contents will affect my phone call. image 
  • That's a coincidence Keir - it's your name that I see in my notifications when you haven't actually posted!

    Do you really want to keep a secret?!

  • At 10.24 I received a notification from

    "Just to let you know that your post in thread "Talkback: Win the ultimate spring marathon experience" on RUNNERSworld has had a response from Mustkeeptrying."

    and read his reply, which said he had got a call to go to Birmingham, but can you see a post from him on here and even one at 10.24.

    I need to lay down because I'm seeing things!image

  • Maybe it is a secret and there's a RW official deleting the naughty posters!
  • This is a mystery, Blisters I have also spotted the "coincidence".  I have notifications from Keir at 10.26, 10.32, 10.34, and 10.36 and there are no posts on there for those times.

    Come clean Keir, you work for RW or Asics don't you?  Can you let me know when you will be calling?  Thanksimage

  • I can confirm that he doesn't! I know what he does for a living. It must be something to do with how his computer is set up or a glitch with the RW site. We get notifications from him because he wants to know if he's got into the Asics Super 6. As do I.
  • Ha ha! I've just got a notification that you've posted JF5, even though you haven't. You're an insider too!
  • Oh yes it gets better.  Have you noticed it is only you and me posting at the moment?  I love a good conspiracy!

  • Are you suggesting the whole of RW has got in apart from us?! Yeah, you're probably right.
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
  • I think we are being watched, thats all I'm saying!!
  • Actually I'll say a bit more, nobody but you, me or Keir has commented since 9.54
  • It's when the helicopter appears at your window you've got to worry! (1984)
  • I leave you for a few hours and you go mad !! 

    If RW started calling at 10am and need to make 50 calls @ 5 mins a call thats a lot of minutes

    so it takes 1 hour to make 12 calls, we may have time left, unless they had four people making the calls, if thats the case we are doomed !!

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