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  • Wagner is still in the X FACTOR, so I guess there is hope for us all !!!
  • I can play guitar, piano, double bass and the washboard, not too good at singing anything other than bass though. My  lungs can still run so got a chance and just done a pb for the half at Birmingham.

    Here's hoping. Are they voting again this year or is it just boot camp stylee???

  • I play a bit of guitar, sing really badly though slightly better than Wagner, but struggle with both when I am going quicker than my steady pace!
  • I can't see for looking, but who do you email your application to, the editor? image (sorry if i'm being a bit of a dumbass!)
  • Here's the line of info you need: 

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this application form. To submit your details, please now email this document to, including “ASICS Super Six 2011 Application” in the subject line of your email. Entries close midday, November 19, 2010.
  • Blimey, blind as a bat!! Thank you John image
  • On the age thing, there was someone aged 60 chosen in 2008.  I remember cos I followed her thread and met up for a few training runs together. 

    My entry is in.  Never won anything before but there has to be a first I'm thinking positive thoughts.  Paris here I come! image   hmmmm, then again I don't buy lottery tickets because I'm always so sure that its the "one" but end up dissapointed.image 

    Its going to be a long week folks.  I can just imagine next Friday, everyone scrambling for their phone for every single call! image

  • Aw man, I listed my home number and not my mobile...! 
  • Yes the last two years when I have entered this the last week is actually quite humourous, as we try to stay cool but at the same time gather a circle of friends who might vote for us if we are one of the lucky chosen ones.  Rumours will creep in about the selection procedure and how you can influence it! 

     Have you noticed I have used several words with the vowels ou together, I believe it draws people to your words!!  Actually I should be thinking of how to use the letters a s i c s consecutively across two words in the blind hope that it will at a deeper level influence those really nice people at Asicsimage

  • Bien sûr, si vous écrivez vos commentaires en français, il pourrait vous trouver un point bonus supplémentaire à faire la note de camp d'entraînementimage
  • j'ai mis parle du français, je laisse mon courir branché fait la conversation, la conversation, ouais !!
  • oh i can't speak a bloody word of french (actually thats not true)

    J'aimerais beaucoup d'exécuter à Paris au printemps

    but i'm up for learning image

  • flippin 'eck - nobody told me the blog had to be in French!  I hope thats not what boot camp is all about. image

  • Its all in the terms and Conditions !!! LOL
  • Soupy didn't you know image

    si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait

  • OMG I entered a competition last year and I told them I couldn't speak any French. I think I'm having a déjà vu moment!
  • There's always Babelfishimage
  • I can do abit in Swedish and Chinese lot should have gone to bed earlier.............image
  • Hi Alice 

    Do i send the entry form to "editor@RunnersWorld"? i have done this but have not had a reply and want to make sure that you have my entry before midday today?

    Many thanks 


  • Hi Jane,

    That's right - is the right address. If you sent it to this address then we will have received it - I'm afraid we can't acknowledge each individual application due to the huge volume of applications we've received.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Alice

    Thanks for getting back to me. Great - i've sent it to that address. Just wanted to make sure it was received but understand you can acknowledge all applications image


  • oops - meant i understand you cant acknowledge all applications... image
  • Does anyone remember the forum for last years Super Six ? I am sure the total post at this stage were above 600 ? does this mean we have a better chance of getting through to Boot Camp ?
  • Didn't people have to post their nominations on the forum last year? That'll be a big difference.
  • Lets hope so Funny Hat!

    Not long left to enter now but then the long wait for that phone call begins. Good luck to everyone who has entered, I hope we all get that call....

    Must go for a run now to train for the boot camp!!!

  • I haven't heard anything yet very disappointed............anyone heard yet???image
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Still waiting by the telephone.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    I think it'll be announced this afternoon, Mark.  I'm betting on Westminster Abbey.   You were referring to the venue of the Royal Wedding weren't you?
  • 15.54 and I have got to go home now and leave the work phone number.............send me the email now before it gets too late and I drop asleep......thanks know you want to send it now!!!!!!!imageimage
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