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  • They are always gender correct so its always 3 laddies and 3 ladies
  • thanks John -so 1 girl and boy in each category then?
    am i right about the sub 3,4 and 5 categories? there was nothing in between ie. no 3.15 option for example?

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Definately a sub 3 and sub 3.14. Think there was a sub 3.45 as well.
  • great - thanks Keir
  • If you dont get through ........  does that make you a


  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭







  • Boom boom! You are living up to your name Hat!
    I suppose it would do though wouldn't it image
    BUT then again i am a BORN optimist so i feel hopeful
    i am WILLING it to happen image
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭






  • My guess is that those chosen 24 - 50 boot campers will know Wednesday or Thursday, nothing to base this on apart from the fact my phone hasn't rung yet !!

  • I just had a telephone call from a customer, very inconsiderate, what if those lovely Asics people were calling me at that moment, will they have just carried on to the next on the list?  I'm not going to know, unless it was one of you on here at the moment.  Have you heard?
  • I can confirm, NO NEWS, sorry !
  • Not heard. There are probably LOADS of applications to wade through...
  • Sorry got to go, the phones ringingimage
  • i can only think they have lost my phone number doh!
  • I should think it will be like shortlisting for a job vacancy.

    1. Loads to sift through
    2. First pass to get rid of any that are clearly non-starters
    3. Second pass to find any definite ones to follow up on
    4. See how many you have and then make up the numbers from the remainder
  • Bridget, Your stop on. You can't do that in a day and a half ! As I said yesterday we will get the call Wednesday or Thursday, that's if selected ! What will be, will be !

  • Good to get to interview stage.  As we all know first impressions count so if you make boot camp how should you enter, at a jog or perhaps tempo pace could be more impressive!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    I feel hope is fading......
  • John, A firm shake does it for me at interviews !!
  • Will I have to wear my hat ? That would make me stand out in a crowd !! I have a funny feeling my Wife made me throw it away before we married, something to do with her saying "Its Me or the hat, you decide" !!
  • Minni don't despair yet, I'll stay pessimistically optimistic till Saturday morning!image 

    Funny Hat, we probably need to see the hat to understand the decision making!

  • Minni - there's always hope, until the end of the week anyway! image

    So, staying positive about it, what happens at the bootcamp?!?

  • If it had been postal applications we could have really made them stand out.  I remember sending a request to Annie Nightingale on an album cover image
  • I have been on Ebay and sourced another hat which is just as funny, if not funnier !! This is now my secret funny hat, the Wife must not know. I can now attend (if selected) the Boot Camp and just blend in, no one will notice me, honest !!
  • I suspected that running and possibly even French would be prerequisites at the Boot Camp but hadn't thought about a hat.  Outside of beanies for running I guess I have 2 hats, a straw panama but everyone has one of those, I have an old leather hat bought in Morocco too many years ago, unusual but probably not funny, actually I think I have some fancy dress ones as well, though turning up as a cowboy may not cut it.
  • John, you are getting the HAT thing, I would go for the very under rated straw hat as it hasn't been seen in Birmingham for over 50 years !! It was in the Terms and Conditions, those with out a suitable funny hat need not apply !

    So we get an idea of who has entered, can you all please confirm below.

    Many thanks
  • i have a hat that's too OTT for Carmen Miranda. I'll wear it to the bootcamp if i get in

    funny hat - it will give you run for your money image
  • Jane if you get to Boot Camp you'll have to give us all a run for our money, which brings up another point, do you think bribes are worthwhile, perhaps just a small bung?
  • you never know! offering a stash of Chocolate may work image
  • Jane, I look forward to seeing your hat, can we have picks before B-Camp ?
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