Talkback: Win the ultimate spring marathon experience



  • Cheers Alice.

    Return to Sender - Elvis 

  • I shall, therefore, officially be giving up hope of a parisienne plod at midnight on friday..........until then......anything is possible!!!

    Does anyone know how many will be chosen for boot camp???  Will Simon Cowell be there??? Will we have to sing??? Oh noooooooooo my chances are slipping away here!!

  • Thanks Alice did you get my earlier message about putting the wrong aim time on the application form???
  • Time - Anthrax

    "I've got the time tick tick ticking in ma head..."


  • Ric - I'm sure they will be waiting until they have the entire list done and then sitting down with a list and making the calls in one session

    Now you can all start debating whether it will be in alphabetic call order and if so by first name, surname or forum name image

  • Or maybe in time categories and THEN alphabetical, or shoe size related??? image
  • @Shawrie - I did get your message, thanks for that. With regard to target times, we do take into account a number of factors including your PBs and running history as well as the target time you put so don't worry - the success or otherwise of your application won't have been affected.
  • USB - that would make sense! Although I guess we dont know whether the decisions have been made yet... Unless I missed that which is possible!

    Shoe size, numerical order of phone numbers, postcode, from north to south... Too many options!! image
  • Don't forget hat  size in that list.

    Have to say Alice dragged a few of you out from slumber!

  • I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

    I'm about to lose control and I think I like it

    I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

    And I know I know I know I know I know I want you

    We shouldn't even think about tomorrow .......... or Friday

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Oh no (well of course this is good news), but I'll have to wait another couple of days before I do my staff rotas! 
  • I know one for just after midnight on fri I'm probably be singing:

    Another one bites the dust - Queenimage

  • What happens if the phone call isn't answered ?

    I'm at work 14 hours Thursday and Friday and no access to mobile during that time.

  • Having worked in places where competition winners are "randomly" selected, its straight to the next one on the list!
  • However, this is not a random competition but is based on long listing from the forms received.  I'd hope that there would be an allowance made for people to get back to them.
  • Andy sly,  looks like you need to pull a sickie !  or you could try smoke signals, failing that carrier pigion !!
  • I'll be in between night shifts on Friday, so will be be trying to sleep whilst cuddling up to my phone.  Just hope the insurance & double-glazing people leave me alone though
  • USB you are right, nothing random about this selection so I'm sure you'll be left a message at least.

    Andy Sly, how do you survive no mobile for that long, most people hit cold turkey after 5 minutes now!

  • image Oh I wish it were Friday already ......
  • The sun'll come out
    So ya gotta hang on
    'Til tomorrow
    Come what may
    Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
    I love ya Tomorrow!
    You're always
    A day
    A way!
  • Going to bed earlier than normal so that Friday comes quicker...........i'm sure there';s some logic in that statement somewhere!!!image
  • I thought I was doing quite well at being the voice of reason image
  • Kittenkat, I can only talk for myself...

    I have taken the whole week off just so I don't miss the call, I have a spare mobile battery at the ready, I stay awake 24 every day waiting for the call, I have had an ASICS tattoo done with a pair of their shoes on my back !

    If I dont get through I think I can get the tattoo removed on NHS ?

    Tongue in cheek, irony, me never !!


    Its only a bit of fun on my part, I will not post another message today !!
  • Nice tattoo Funny Hat. image 

  • What do you mean neurotic?  I only suffer from paranoia, do you think I'm mad or something?
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    To those worrying abut missing a call.
    Last year Alice called while I was swimming and left a message on my answerphone. I called her back a couple of hours later, I think. I guess she may not be able to wait until the next day though.
  • Haven't you had your phone call yet???

    I had mine Tuesdayimage

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