Bristol Running Club

I'm going to be working in Bristol on and off for the next few months. I've found in the past that it is sometimes hard to stay motivated and get out for a run in the evening when the bar is calling...

I'll be staying in a city centre hotel in walking distance of Temple Meads station, I'd ideally like to find a running club either city centre based or within easy travelling distance to try and keep up on my running.

I've looked on England Athletics but as I don't know Bristol I have no idea where the clubs are in relation to the city centre.

Any suggestions?


  • The main club in Bristol is Bristol and West but their training groups have various locations all around the city outskirts so might not be suitable! 

    Is there one at the university on your list (thats not too far from you)? Needs to be Bristol Uni not UWE though.

    Also if you in Temple Meads area you can do a lot worse than a run up and down the Bristol to Bath cycle path! The path starts arounf the back of the train station on St.Philips Road (I'm pretty sure its sign posted from that direction).

    Another good run is out to the Portway or up on the downs, all pretty easy to find and relatively central image

    The main track I know of is in Whitchurch - miles away sadly...

  • I don't actually belong to a running club so I can't advise on a good one however I live behind Temple Meads and if I was to join a local one the these would be very close by

    or the running shop MOTI on Whiteladies road ( not far) has a run every Thursday

    Good luck

  • Thanks both of you. I'll keep the cycle path in mind might make a nice variation from going out with a club, talking of which - the southville club is about a 5 min run from my hotel, i think i'll give them a try first.
  • Good luck Mr Darcy!

    I wasn't a member of a club when I lived in Bristol, but I found the path that runs alongside Portway (under the suspension bridge) was really good for long runs. Hardly any roads to worry about!

    It's one of the things I miss most now that I've moved!

  • Ooh I was going to say that RedShirt - the towpath and the woods leading up to Ashton Court aren't too far from Temple Meads.

    Southville would be pretty close Mr Darcy.  I run with an off-road club (Town & Country Harriers) from various locations in and around the city.  You'd be welcome to join us.  You could check the web site and just turn up for any of the runs.  Feel free to PM me if you like.

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