Sis gels - are they OK for coeliacs?

I normally use Shot Bloks and am fine with them, but decided to try something different, so bought 2 Sis gels the other day.

I tried them at home over the weekend and have been feeling really ill (and I haven't eaten anything else that might cause problems).  I've also had other symptoms that I get when I've eaten gluten, so it can only be the gels and I wondered if anyone could shed any light on the content?

I checked the labels and while they don't say "Gluten free / suitable for Coeliacs" there is no mention of wheat / gluten.  I also checked out the maltodextrin advice beforehand and it seems to imply that although maltodextrin may contain gluten, the level is such that it is considered gluten-free.

Based on this "trial" it looks as if I'll have to avoid them, but does anyone know of any alternative gel  that is safe for Coeliacs?  I'm also lactose intolterant, so it would have to conform to that restriction too, but I'm not a veggie, so at least don't have to worry about thatimage


  • Jeepers: I'm a coeliac as well, but have never tried SIS Gels. I have zero problems with Power Gel, & Gu gels. Fortunately I only get mild discomfort it I eat Gluten so its not desperate for me. Hope you work it out.
  • Thanks for that info, DD, I'll look into those two.  The Shot Bloks are fine, just a bit chewy, so I was hoping to be able to find something slightly easier to swallow on the go.

  • Why don't you e-mail them and ask Jeepers?

    SIS contact

    Funnily enough they are the only gels I can use without throwing up!  I'm wheat intolerant not Coeliacs.

  • I have seen sharkies recommended on other threads for coeliacs. They are sweeties though, rather than actual gels.
  • Gels are complete rubbish. You're being sucked into the hype. Try some proper training as that is proven to work. Sheesh.
  • Thanks for that info, I'll contact them, Tigerlily, but it may be that I am extremely sensitive to the maltodextrin that they (and a lot of other gels use) so while it's level appears to be considered low enough to be gluten-free, it still affects me.

    Hadn't heard about sharkies, Slugsta, so will check them out too.

    Shot Bloks do a gel, but it also contains maltodextrin, so I'm wondering whether it's worth trying it or not.  I imagine that the result would be the same, but so far, I've only seen it for sale in bulk and I don't want to waste my money.

  • UFO wrote (see)
    Gels are complete rubbish. You're being sucked into the hype. Try some proper training as that is proven to work. Sheesh.
    "Proper" training plus "what ever makes you happy works for me" UFO.  Are you suggesting I substitute training with gels or the jelly babies I usually take with me on a long endurance run?  Sheesh....  LOL 
  • UFO wrote (see)
    Gels are complete rubbish. You're being sucked into the hype. Try some proper training as that is proven to work. Sheesh.

    OK, so give me the benefit of your wisdom.   Tell me what you consider proper training.

    My details:

    I'm a 50+ year old female.

    I run 45 - 50m per week , 6 days out of 7.  I go out every morning around 5am to get my training in due to commitments.

    Sundays are my long run - currently 20m.  I can go out slightly later, around 7am.  I need to leave around 2 - 3 hrs between eating and running otherwise I get massive heartburn - even a small mouthful of banana or something similar has this effect.  So to date, every run I do (every day of the week) is done on empty.  For my long runs, I eat sensibly the night before but at 20m am beginning to feel tired towards the end.  I take 500ml water and a packet of Shot Bloks (6 in total).  I don't always eat the Shot Bloks, but as I increase my mileage to a full marathon, I'm looking at possible alternatives to a solid cube.

    I'm not aware of any forumite who has run an entire marathon without some form of carbohydrate intake during the run, nor have I ever come across a thread advocating such a thing.  If you know of any thread, or any such forumite, then post the link and I'll ask for advice there. 

    Otherwise, feckin' sheesh yourself. 

  • Well, there's a suprise.

    Another troll who is all mouth and no trousers.

  • 1. Another vote for Sharkies here. Rice based. Simply the most effective means of converting food into fuel I have found. Best on the bike but does work with runs. Shot Bloks are Ok but no real go in them I find. The Sharkies are alos easier to eat and get down, and they are shaped like fish, and they are smaller than Shot Bloks.

    2. 500ML water for 20 miles? Wow, I would normally get through at least 1.5L in that distance, mostly of Nuun.

    Let us know what works!

  • Thanks DB, I'll look into sharkies. 

    Re the liquid, I drink a lot during the day anyhow, so that may account for it.  Plus, being a laydee, I obviously don't perspireimage.   But I do glug down a lot when I get back though . . .

  • Hi,

     I'm now also interested in trying these Sharkies.  However, cannot see where to b uy them in the UK.

     I googled and Harris Active came up with something but the link didn't work.  Any ideas where to get them guys?


    They are foreign. Tortoise & Hare used to do them but they got too expensive I believe. They are about 1.50 a bag, think you can get them online but need to buy a box probably. I'd buy a box, but there agin, I know how good they are for me, anyone else might not want to take that chance.

    They seem to be marketed as sweets.

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