Sodbury Slog

Hi all

i ran the Sodbury Slog at Chipping Sodbury today.

What a fantastic run.

8 miles ish through fileds and mus and brooks and paths.

I would recomend thsi to any runner that wants a challange and have fun at the same time.

One word of warning though, prepare to get very wet and very muddy

oh and done it in 1.22 but it isnt the time that matters its the fun during the run.

Thanks Bitton RoadRunners for a well organised and enjoyable run



  • Had a great time at the Sodbury Slog - it was brilliant!! Lots of mud and a lovely Sheep dip. The Pig's Trough was just the thing at the end with an excellent climb out. The other runners were friendly and I had a 'Laurel & Hardy' type comedy running duo to keep me going. The Marshalls were ace. Must do again - 9 miles of fun.
  • The Sodbury Slog was fantastic !  mud mud and more mud .  Oh and  9 ish miles of running too !  Everyone was really friendly and a really good atmosphere.  I will definitely do this again .

  • The slog was a great day out with a brilliant atmosphere. The marshalls were superb and the run couldnt be more fun - a good distance - very wet and very very dirty. Be careful if you are under 5ft 5 at the sheep dip because if you miss your landing you WILL submerge!!!! I loved scraping mud and other things out of my eyes after jumping into the dip - made my day!!
  • Its was my first Slog, and I will definately be back for more. I loved the jelly beans that were handed out at the water stations, and that slippery slidy last field. An excellent sunday morning, and wiell organised.  When I had a bath later in the day,the water was a terrible green colour image
  • Had great day. Team Bitton all the way.  Had a great laugh with fellow Bitton Runners.  Plenty of mud, cant wait until next year. image


  • This years 'Slog is sold out. If anyone is signed up but thinks they may want to drop out, please let me know. I am very interested in taking part.

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