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Anyone else brave the Eton mud yesterday - Great work by Datchet on organisation - Looovely amount of cake!

Fell to pieces on the run and limpd in in 90th place / 40.20 time -  Quite an introduction to XC - Went off at 4min/km pace and blew myself up... It's about the long game!



  • be interesting to see how many forumites there are who do this series.

    Sounds like you had a testing race, but don't worry, yesterday is always the biggest attendance. I'm our club rep, and we had someone in about 330th place, so probably about 340 there!!

    It's also a bit of a foot race whereas the other courses are more varied and more down to tactics!

    Had a good race yesterday, even with a lace undone from 1mile threatening to take me down at any moment!

  • Just went out too hard on the surface, my fault...!

    No one else so far Stevie, just us!

  • Hello!

     I'll be doing the next one at Sandhurst, and hope to do most of the rest of the series.

  • What club are you Margarita?

    I'd love my lot to be more competitive, but our next runner after me was about 124 places lower i guess we'll do well to get our usual 7th or 8th out of 13!!

  • I'm a Datchet Dasher.  How about you?

    We mananged to field a full team - which is a 1st for our own race -  so should improve our normal overall series standing. 

    I was marshalling the cake!

  • I'm Marlow, we fielded an incredible 21! Though I have a bad feeling only myself and 2 others were not vets!
  • We (Bracknell Forest Runners) had 58 turn up and we came in 3rd behind Reading and Sandhurst

    Some damn good cake going on I must say. Especially a home-made slightly stodgy-style cake that was magnificent.

  • 58?!?! For one event. You'll have done well to get in your team's scoring 6 men then!!

    No wonder the turn out was 330+

    My lot area  good club but won't ever be competitive in this league...Reading and Sandhurst are powerful forces...

    In fact I'm weighing up putting in a transfer request to one of them image

    I've got my 10th place yesterday and a healthy can do attitude as my selling points image

  • ps results aren't on the site yet?
  • 10th eh? Just behind a BFR I think? Well done mate - Bracknell have some provisional results as the TVXC webmaster is a BFR member
  • Sprint for the line wrote (see)

    Some damn good cake going on I must say. Especially a home-made slightly stodgy-style cake that was magnificent.

    That sounds like the legendary bread pudding.  Delicious!!

    I'll pass on the complements!

  • Pass on the recipie image
  • I can ask!
  • Must admit I can never eat after a race, but my lot seem very concerned to grab a plate full of grub.

    Sprint, your top girlie Annie didn't run yesterday did she?

  • No, she didn't - there's a few who turn up sometimes and sometimes not
  • There were 343 finishers, which is at least 40 more than we've ever had before. I was getting worried as we only have 350 disks! The results are nearly complete - the runner in 159th was unrecorded and we didn't get the disk back. From the photos I'm pretty sure it's a BFR runner, so I'm just waiting to hear back from the BFR rep to confirm his name. As soon as I have that I'll make the results public.

    Photos will be up later in the week - have to get the club AGM out of the way first.

    The bread pudding is legendary within the club, so much so that Joyce always brings a second tin of it just for the Dashers. It doesn't come out until the end, at which point there is a mad scramble. She keeps very quiet about the recipie however.

  • Good work BOTF...343 is incredible, an epic field! I wonder how many we'll have by the Handy Cross one image

    Sunday's race is always a good warm up, but can lull you into a false sense of security about what's in store at the other races!

    I remember Sandhurst has some random sticky field of sand, randomly thrown in!

  • I saw an e-mail from Sandhurst recently saying that the recent rain had watered the course nicely, and I think it mentioned quicksand! Sadly (!) I'm going to miss it this year.
  • I've done Sandhurst twice, although different course each time, and it was torrential rain both years.

     In 2006 I had a stinker, coming way down the field and having to out sprint a club mate about 30years older who I usually beat by 5-6mins in the last 200metres!

    Last year was probably the heaviest rain I've ever been out in, for 10mins before the start with no where to shield from it. A great day though.

    I'm looking forward to Tadley, now they run the course the opposite way round, i find I can normally gain a stack of positions on those muddy hills bits in the last mile or 2. People who've been running like demons before suddenly find their pace reduced to that of a crushed snail image

  • The outstanding query has been resolved, so the results are now public on the web site
  • nice one.

    Heck we were 10th!! That's poor.

  • The Dashers had a full male and female team which is quite unusual for our own race, and the men's team was actually pretty strong, so that will have shifted you down one I think.
  • I'll have to ask what age VET status is for - I've been listed as one and I'm 25!
  • We normally come 7th, splendidly mediocre. 10th with a 21 strong team is crazy.

    But if teams are sending epic squads of 50+ no wonder image

     From my own experience of filling the forms out, with 21 people in my face, and pouring rain, it's easily done writing the wrong info or what you do write being illegible!!

    I notice other teams have a rep who doesn't actually run...that'd make it much easier, as sometimes it's hard to get a 3mile warm up, 1mile cool down, stretches and actually talking to a few people in around the admin!!

  • Sprint for the line wrote (see)
    I'll have to ask what age VET status is for - I've been listed as one and I'm 25!

    It's 35 for women and 40 for men, taken as at 1st November 2010.

    It was me who created your record on the database, but I just copied what was on the team sheets that were handed to me by the club reps. Some of them were not filled in correctly however. I'll check it when I get home tonight.

  • Hi BOTF - Ah, thanks! image
  • OK, it's fixed. Not sure exactly what happened, but a bunch of runners that I put in as senior got changed to vets. No idea why. All ok now though.
  • Ah, thanks for that.
  • Sandhurst this week then...
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