The Best 5K

Come on people its for charity. Rosemere Cancer Foundation to be exact.

 Who's in?


  • imageorganisation will be goob and the course is ok but just keep an eye on the fella that does the results his eyes are a bit close together and cant spellimage but well worth doing.
  • imageSORRY for that last one Ive just herd he has just been to spec savers and has also bought a dictionaryimage and if the race gets over 250 in I will donate £25 to rosemere.
  • Alan seeing as the advertised limit is 200 I think your money is safe image

    Crafty old devil aren't you?

  • Oh BTW are you using voice rec or just bad at spelling?

    image image

  • imageBed it spilling but there was 257 finishers last year but if limit is 200 then make it 180 then.
  • Nice one Alan.

    You are oen of the gud guys.


    Will we seeing you on the day?

  • imageSure will and if possible try and get near 20mins as that course is my pb course 19.46. Plus steve ashcroft does the results to the few races that I organise and is a top fella so lets try and fill the race up and raise some cash for the rosemere trust.image
  • I was one of the 4 people behnd the Best 5k and have never run it yet.

    Done lots of running round on the day though.

    Two thoughts for this year's race -

    Preston Council Parks department to open the barrier on the park avenue at St Pauls Road (race distance 200m). We have asked both years and Steve Ashy has filled in all the paperwork but it never gets done. They open the one at the other end but not the one in the middle.

    RIP Paul Best who this race is in memory of. 

  • Bump

    This may be of interest to anyone who could not get into Wesham on Saturday


  • don't know if this will be too late for anyone to see this.

    will i be ok running this race as a beginner? ive done a couple of 10k's (times improving but still a beginner)

    i'm just a bit worried that it wouldn't be beginner friendly with the small entry number!

    done the liverpool 10k and Abbey dash its not that embarrasing when there's a few hundred people behind you!

     thanks in advance.

  • Go for it Rob. There were loads of people even walking bits last year. Very beginner friendly. I was last at loads of Lord Shoestring's races for a year & he always looks after slower runners. This is a cool little bargain race, with a nice medal last year & even free butties!

  • Thanks BB,

    The fact slower runners are looked after makes me feel a bit more confident!

    Have just emailed the organiser to see if i would still be able to enter at this late stage, and what i need to do, usually a bit more organised than this but was a spur of the moment decision!

  • If you look on UK Results Rob (& Shoestring's results I imagine) you can see the times from the last few years.

    I hope it's not full......image

    It's not snowed, so we should be ok..... There was a HUGE puddle last year......It was a lake.... image

  • Great idea, Thanks!

    ok, that makes me feel even better! was aiming for about 35 mins so shouldnt disgrace myself!

    My first proper run was the Liverpool 10k so the rain shouldnt be a problem! (that was a little bit wet!)

    thanks for your help.

    Preston here i come!

  • This was one of my first races 2 years ago. I was 37 mins!! Just checked previous results. And there were plenty behind me too. So you won't be anywhere near last with 35 mins I'm sure. image

  • Yesterday I was worried because I hadn't received my number yet and now it has snowed here so does anyone know if it's on?
  • A Charlton

    No snow at all in Preston and none expected. We only get it once every 20 years and had snow last year. Dont worry it will be on. Pick your number up at reception in Tom Finney Stand.

    Rob Evans

    Still plenty of spaces so entry on the day will not be a problem. Park on PNE car park and go to reception, fill in a form and you are in.

  • Many thanks!
  • Hi

    I take it this was agood event as no one has complained!      


  • Steve

    Tempting fate a bit aren't you?

    Maybe not of the 180 finishers post on here.


  • Top event as always.

    Nice little blast on a frosty Sunday.

    Thanks to the organisers

  • I thought the air was a bit to cold, perhaps the organisor could arrange for it to be warmed up beforehand next year ,,,,,,image 
  • Bish 1 wrote (see
    I thought the air was a bit to cold, perhaps the organisor could arrange for it to be warmed up beforehand next year ,,,,,,image 

    Will sort out cold for next year!!

     Would people do same 5k course in the Summer?

  • I would, great event, many thanks.. 
  • I've done this one 3 times now. Always one of the most welcoming races for slower runners.

    Really cheap, nice medal & butties at the end.

    Tried for a PB, but my legs refused, as worked hard the day before at Wesham 10k, & still got a bad back from Conwy HM.

    Legged it to Blackpool Pleasure Beach after for the last day of the season. It was FREEZING......image

  • it was a bit cold ria i dont know how you could possible do that after a run, aha.
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