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I used to subscribe to RW (when I was a runner). Now I'm taking a more structured approach to my running, I'm thinking of subscribing again, particularly as I've got a London Mara place next year. I got a mailing from RW today offering me a subscription including a free watch. I don't need or want (another) running watch so I'm wondering if the offers change. If I hang on to next month will I get something more useful to me than a watch?


  • Strange that, I had a mailing as well and the same offer.

    I'm not very happy with the VLM crew for passing out my details to go on anyone's mailing list.
  • ...I got a watch too - and it stopped working after about a week.image
  • triathletes world gave out a fre montane featherlight jacket which is usually £40 and really well as a cheast strap heart rate monitor and watch............... i WAS IMPRESSEDimage

    RW just had a watch which broke straight away

    agree with you Running inabout the name sharing

  • RW does the offer on the jacket for a two year subscription for £50 but if the jacket is worth £40 it's a fair deal IMHO
  • we had already bought 2 jackets online so it is the real price which is unusual...............Its the one that fold up into a ball which is easy to carry and really a good offer if you are thinking of getting the magazine...........image
  • Watches have always been the freebie, must admit mine lasted years. The strap went before the watch itself. And I got destructions with it tooimage

    Took out a sub with Tri world and got some Aquasphere goggles worth about £20, a good deal there.

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