In the dark

I want to run home from work but it's along a very dark country lane so I need to light myself up. Does anyone have any suggestions for lightwieght, bright lights that can clip onto the back of my shorts/t shirt and also onto the front as well? I want to be seen.


  • There are quite a few gadgets on the market from the likes of Ronhill that provide flashing armbands and the like... however..

    my tip would be to pop along to B&M Home bargains and pick up a cheapo cycle light kit for around £2.99. I have a rflashing ed light clipped to the rear of my running belt, and a white one at the front and they are as lightweight and as good as anything else on the market.

    The only downside is kids shouting, "you forgot your bike mister!"

  • and a headtorch to see where you're going
  • ..yeah - but get a crap one that gives off a really weak yellowy light as it makes it seem like you are running loads faster in the dark!
  • I have a head torch and a flashing red LED light for my back. The headtorch is by LED LENSER and has bee great (cost about £25). The back light is made by Brooks and is magnetic so you can attach it to your top layer (cost about £10). Again, this works really well.
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