Beanie Hat and integrated headphones


I just bought one of these and they are great.

If any of you run with music these beanie hats come with their own integrated headphones that lie next to the ear not in the ear. So more comfortable, great sound, and dont fall out when running. Can be removed for washing the hat. I use mine for skiing too. What 's great about them is you can still hear things around you so added safety which i particularly like.

I got them from under music hats if it is of any interest to people. Nice idea and works!



  • Your first post Jonathan? Are you connected to the company in any way by any chance? Did you know that the T&Cs don't allow have to pay for itimage
  • Actually, I tried one of those and I found it COMPLETELY useless!

    The sound quality was awful, and the hat was really nasty quality and very, very irritating to my skin.  I threw it away after a couple of tries, and consider it a total waste of money.

    I would suggest you save your money, and buy some delicious


    God!  How stupid do these people think we are??

    Oh, and if you've JUST bought one, where have you been skiing already??

  • Just had a look and they look too warm for running in.
  • The domain was registered by Minispeakers Ltd, but there's no record of them at Companies House. Properly dodgy, and the OP is a complete tool for spamming with this.
  • @Wilkie - at the moment you could ski in Tamworth, Milton Keynes, Leeds, and Scotland. You could also ski in many European resorts already, and, if you can be arsed, pretty much any resort in North America & Canada.
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