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Oh dear. The Kinvaras wore out after 120 miles. I'm not a heavy runner at all. What has been others' experience ?


  • Mine are a bit too new to tell. They do look a bit fragile and not that well finished though.

    If it's a general problem then it's a big shame as they are great to run in, amazingly light and look good. image

  • I called Saucony and they said to send them back to Wiggle, where I bought them, for onward transfer to Saucony. Let's see what they say. They weren't just worn out, though, they were totally jiggered !
  • Any more reports on the Kinvara? I plan to order some on Monday.

    I've tried Newton, btw. Didn't like the cornering or the lug system on the bottom. I'm hoping the Kinvara will give me the feeling the Newton did, i.e. that I'm running in a set of shoes designed for FF striking (as opposed to most shoes, which feel reluctant to FF strike as they're designed for heel). I loved the Newton in a straight line, but my metatarsals really didn't agree with the feel under fast cornering.

  • Not wild about them to be honest, whilst i fore strike on my right foot and tend to land further back on my left foot and with these i have ended up with pain in my left heel if i run more than 5K in them, other that that their light and feel quick if not looking very durable. Personally I find Saucony Fastwitch more to my taste.
  • read a review that said 200 miles image

    they be pricey for that milage - I thought about trying them but have not seen any in my size and £85 is a bit steep for a few weeks running.

  • Confused? I am now... What else is there if you FF strike? The Fast Twitch offer arch support which is something I don't like. Adizero Pro look perfect, but I can't get my feet into the toe-box - and I don't even have wide feet! They move around in most shoes.

    This is a nightmare... The whole shoe industry wants you to land heel first. 

    Will Saucony revise the Kinvara to make it more durable? Maybe it deliberately uses a compound which wears quickly? If you land on the FF, want something more substantial than racing flats, but don't like Newton, they've got you by the nuts, right?

    Maybe I should go back to my childhood and get some Green Flash and be done with it!

  • I'm a 14 stone forefoot / midfoot striker, I have over 150 miles on my Kinvara's and they look virtually new. I'd be surprised if I don't get 400 miles out of them at least. I reckon a pair that's screwed after 120 miles must be a duff pair.   

    I've used mine for 2 half marathons, several long runs (16 - 18 miles) inc some on trails, loads of shorter tempo stuff and I'll be running my next marathon in them. They do everything superbly, they are incredibly comfy, and are the fastest shoes I've ever had (they leave my Newton's and DS Trainer's for dust).

    I'm running half marathons at around 90mins and next marathon goal is 3hrs 10mins. My training is anywhere between 6:30 pace for tempo stuff up to 8:00 pace for long slow runs.  

    Hope that helps......... 


  • That's very encouraging, BP1 - thanks. I think I'll get a set, then.
  • That's v interesting., BP1. In fact Wiggle refunded me straight away, which is just superb, I'm sure all would agree. Nevertheless, I have another pair of Kinvaras, as I'd bought a second pair from another shop as I was so impressed with the first and hadn't realised they were wearing out so quickly. I plan to keep them for racing, but if they do turn out to last well, then that'll be great.

     In the meantime, I'm wearing Mizuno Wave Riders. Light, (not as light as Kinvaras) comfy (not as comfy as Kinvaras) and seem very durable. Plus are definitely good for FF strikers.

  • Mizuno Wave Riders have now done 400 miles and are maybe 75 worn, which is good. I like 'em for an FF striker, though sometimes could do with p'raps a bit more cushioning. I'll buy 'em again.
  • Aaaarrrghhh! Mizuno Wave Rider 13s were good for 500 miles, but the replacement 14s have, according to the RW review, bloated and put on 70g !! Has anyone tried the Adidas Adizero Bostons ?

  • Sleek Lemur wrote (see)

    Aaaarrrghhh! Mizuno Wave Rider 13s were good for 500 miles, but the replacement 14s have, according to the RW review, bloated and put on 70g !! Has anyone tried the Adidas Adizero Bostons ?

    I am a waver rider 13 user, who recently got some bostons. They are very nice shoes - comfortable and light. I used them for a 55 mile week, except during my LSR of 16 miles and was getting on with them really well.

    But since I did a hill session in them on tuesday I think I have got early signs of plantar faciitis, as my heels have been hurting. And have gone back to using the wave rider 13s for now. I might look at getting the wave precision or asics skyspeed to get a bit more cushioning than the bostons offer, as I don't want to get the wave rider 14s either!

  • I had the waverider 13's - loved them, reliable and hardwearing. Didn't fancy the waverider 14s so i got the asics ds skyspeed - they are fantastic, very light but without compromising on the cushioning.

    I had tried the ds trainer but I'm a neutral runner and the support in the ds trainer wasn't comfortable, the skyspeed are the perfect answer.

  • Yep, I've gone for the ASICS Skyspeeds as well. I found them tough on the calves to start with but they seemed to settle in no prob. Strangely managed to slightly injure both calves in a tempo run whilst tapering for a marathon, which was frustrating and a bit of a shock. But they are good and very shineyimage. Also did several 18-22 milers without issue.  HOWEVER - used the KINVARAS for my marathons (Brighton and London) and PB'd by 8 mins. So it's Skyspeed for training and Kinvaras for racing.
  • LOVE this shoe... Had a mare in Feb, Waveriders fell apart and I had the London Mara in April. I'm a FF striker but kind of feared getting a new shoe that close to the race. Hated the new Waveriders though and wanted something light.

    I picked up a pair of Brooks ST4's as I thought they'd be 'enough' for 26 miles, they were not, metatarsal pain after a 16 mile training run. I decided to keep them as a race shoe.

    I picked up a pair of Brooks Adrenalines that I loved, advised in store that though they were support shoes, as I was a FF striker I didnt need to worry so much. I ran a 20 mile training run in them straight out of the box and they felt great but somehow I got masses of pain in my neck. Spoke to a physio and he said that running in a support shoe for 3 hours wasnt the best idea in the world...

    Anyways, I traded them out (for free, at Sweatshop, love their 30 day policy btw) for a pair of Kinvaras the week before the Marathon, ran 3 miles in them during my taper and just started the race in them. I know how dumb that is but I was desperate.

    They felt great, got me round in 3:49 and, though I've added another 40 miles since, they still look fresh as a daisy. Love them to bits.

    Highly recommend the shoe, not so much the life story above.
  • Did two marathons in Kinvaras and although they are still the best (in my opinion), they are showing quite serious signs of wear already.
  • Mine are 150 miles up and still looking strong. Slight wear to the heel and triangular lugs in a few places but overall very good so far.

  • I think I've actually found the best compromise. Adidas Adizero Boston. Light, comfy, good looking AND you get  a genuine 500 miles out of them. I still keep the Kinvaras for racing though !
  • I am currently running in 2 pairs of Kinvaras (not at the same time). Each pair has done over 300 miles including a marathon and both uppers and soles look fine to me.
    Very impressed with them.
  • Maybe I'm not as light-footed as I thought !image

  • Kinvara 3 is due in May - all new - looks good.

    One of the elements clearly listed is a new sole material designed to be very much sturdier. If Kinvara's will do 300+ miles for some them this is good news.

  • Blimey, as well as the 2 pairs of Kinvara 1 that I am wearing, I have another pair sitting in a box waiting to be worn. Seems like the Kinvara 3 will be out before I even get to try the Kinvara 2 !
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