Weak left leg

I have noticed when running on a treadmill in front of a mirror that my right leg is strong and positive where as my left looks week and is not so straight I have had a knee op and also have had problem with the ankle both on the left leg. This is causing problems in my muscles in this leg so does anyone have a tip to correct this bad running style


  • Sound like you need to do some leg strengthening exercises didnt they give you some to do post op?
  • not had an op, but had several injurys to same leg, some down to running, and some down to rugby + being stupid.....I seem to have the same problem though, my right leg really looks more defined, feels better during runs and never gets injured, my left leg is the one that feels the strain while running, doesnt look as strong and gets injured!

    I too would appreciate a point in the right direction to even myself up a bit!

  • Hi Nevergiveup Girl yes I had leg strenghtening exercises and they are strong its my leg seems to run in a unnatural way but thanks for the advice
  • Peter - it sounds like your lead leg is stronger which is not unusual but if your other leg appears weaker stability exercises and leg strengthening exercises should help the weaker leg IMO - have a look on the internet lots of sites to help on that.
  • Ok thanks will have a look on the internet
  • Core work that works your legs - squats should be good. You can do them in the swimming pool using the side of the pool for balance and guidance.

    I have a similar problem in my right leg, also I'm very lopsided.


  • Try running on a track, the stronger right leg will take you round the bends nicely.... image

    More seriously i think the guys ^^ have already pointed you in the right direction.

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