Inov-8 Race Pro 12

What is the best way to route the bladder tube over the shoulder of the above pack?

Do you take it out the external H2O exit point at kidney level and then bring it over the shoulder? Or, up the inside of the pack through the velcro division panel (between bladder compartment and main pack space) and then out through the zips at the top of the pack?


  • Smalleyboy

    I take mine out the gap just above the waist pockets, then feed it through the elasticated straps up to just below shoulder level.

    I don't take it over my shoulder though, and prefer to pull the mouthpiece up to my mouth to take a drink, and then push it back down once I'm done.....


  • GO,

    So when you are running is the tube hanging under your arm or over the top of your arm?
    Do you feed it through the lower elastic strap which means the tube is under your arm or the top elastic strap (shoulder level) which means the tube runs over the top of your arm /shoulder?

    I have just tried bringing it up under my arm using the lower elasticated guide but I think it will constantly brush against my arm and annoy me. I need to try a few options on a test run.

    Have you tried refilling the bladder whilst it is in-situ in the pack?

  • SB

    I feed the tube through both of the elastic straps, and rest the mouthpiece just above the top strap. This means the tubing sits between my arm and my body, and I typically stuff the bottom half of the tube behind the waist strap, to stop it flapping around and brushing against my arm......

    I haven't tried to refill the bladder whilst it's in the pack, and not sure I'm ever likely to need to...... my longest runs to date have been around 16-17miles, and I only got  through between half-3/4s of a full bladder....

    Good luck with it all


  • GO

    Thanks for the response.
    I shall try a few different things with the tube and see what works best.

    Keep running.

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