recommend me some shoes...

recently, i've upped my mileage. still training the usual 3-4 times per week but i've shifted from more speedy stuff to more endurance stuff. i'm currently doing approx 30 miles a week and for years and years (probably the last 6 or so now...) i've always had the different versions of the Asics gel DS trainer. quite frankly a brilliant shoe, but, it's geared between speed and endurance, it still has cushioning, yet isn't too heavy. now, i have 2 pairs of these going at the moment but i'm looking at getting a proper long distance shoe to help protect the knees a little more.

i'll admit, i'm a self confessed asics fan. i also like saucony so any of those 2 makes would be ideal if possible. have tried new balance previously and preferred the asics and saucony shoes.

i tend to strike the ground on the more lateral aspect of my foot (outside) which is traditionally "normal". upon standing my arches are slightly shallow, but nothing major by any means. i do not have a valgus/varus deformity and don't invert/evert my foot upon standing or walking. so i'm guessing i need a neutral cushioned shoe.

thanks in advance, sorry for waffling a bit!



  • I was under the impression that the DS Trainers offered a bit of support. If that is what you have become used to then the logical progression is the Asics 1150 (1160 ?) which offers a small amount of support, is quite well cushioned and is still reasonably light.
  • will have a look on the asics site and see what i find image


    maybe the DS is the wrong shoe for me then?? as i basically supinate (i.e. land on the outside of my foot, and roll in).

    this would suggest something like the kinsei shoe is what i'm after?

    does anyone have any comments on this shoe?

    any other advice is really appreciated!
  • Apart from being very expensive the Kinsei is a relatively heavy shoe and has some support.

    The Cumulus and Nimbus are the main Asics 'neutral' shoes.

    Most people land on the outside of their heel and roll inwards.  Even people who are mid foot strikers still come down significantly on the heel (just not the edge). It is how the body  absorbs the shock.

    Supinators tend to land on their heel(sometimes the middle of the heel) and roll outwards at the end of their gait cycle. So they tend to launch off the outside toes rather than the big toe/ball of the foot

    Over pronators roll in too much after striking usually at the outside heel.

    It sounds, from what you've said that you are probably a neutral runner or mild overpronator. You may get away with a neutral shoe like the Cumulus (Nimbus may be a bit heavy if you've been running in DS trainers) but the 1150 sounds a better fit. And it is not particularly expensive.

    I would of course recommend that you try them on before making any decisions.

  • thanks for that. think i'll wait a few weeks and take a trip to my local trusty running shop.

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