Juniors shoes vs Ladies shoes

Sorry if this has been posted before .. But is there any reason why my wife should buy ladies Air Pegasus size 5 at £55 over Juniors Air Pegasus for £27 ??

I'm sure there's a good reason but would like to see it in print before I tell her she's talking rubbish !!




  • The only real reason is that ladies tend to have different shaped feet to men.

    Narrow heels and wide forefoot being the norm over men. However if a 16 year old girl is happy in youth shoes the a 26 or 36 year old woman should be happy in them if they fit.

    If your wifes normal shoe size is 4 then a size 5 should suffice. We all have different shaped feet after all. She needs to try them on and walk around in them - better still run in them. Such things as the sock liner may have an impact, putting arch support or toe support in the wrong place.

    Again - our feet are all different, our left foot is never an exact match to our right foot, so it's a bit hit and miss.

    If the shoe fits, wear it.

    I wear childrens shoes cos they fit.

  • Thx for the reply ..

    Just shows u the mark up in costs going from Kids to adult .. Especially when they are the same size !
  • VAT isn't chargeable on children's shoes which is one reason they're cheaper.  They are also cheaper to make... and before you point out that a size 5 ladies shoe is the same size as a size 5 child's shoe... pricing is done on an average.  So although a size 10 shoe costs more to make than a size 6 they are sold for the same amount.  So ladies shoes are priced on the average cost of making a ladies shoe.  Childrens shoes are priced on the average cost of making a child's shoe, which will be less.

  • I allways though that childrens shoes of the same make/model where not actually the same spec.
  • Hi PaulJ ... That's what I would like to find out ???
  • Michael, sorry I cant remember where I heard that or find any links but I've allways believed that the shoes look the same but are constructed differently with different materials and spec.
  • Childrens shoes are not the same spec as adults.  Much more technology and cushioning goes into an adults shoe. 

    Childrens shoes are a simplified version of the adults shoe with added extras taken out. 

     FYI, the mark up is the same for both.

  • Thats not the case for all shoes. After all there are plenty of serious young athletes out their. A lot of manufactures pride themselves on putting the same technology into their youth range as they do their adult range.
  • They're not the same.

    Simple example - Women's Asics Gel 1150 has rear and forefoot gel, kid's 1150 only has rearfoot gel. The midsole foam is different too.

    Same goes for the adult and kid's Brooks Adrenaline.

    I don't know about Nike. I'd expect the same applies.

    It is assumed that kid's shoe won't need to do the same high mileages as an adult shoe - either because they would be grown out of too quickly or that kid's shouldn't be running those kind of mileages.

    There are websites out there that list the full specs of the shoes.
  • One of the reasons for these differences is that children are often (though not always) lghter than adults.

    If you read the small print in most of the tech details, light adults do not benefit from the cushioning in adult shoes.

    For females under 8 stone buying a childs shoes may be a good option. Obviously if you are larger then maybe not.


    The above is quite old - however just because it's different, it doesn't make it inferior.

  • michael davies wrote (see)
    Thx for the reply .. Just shows u the mark up in costs going from Kids to adult .. Especially when they are the same size !

    The difference has a lot to do with VAT. There is no VAT on kids shoes, but there is on adults. An instant 17.5% increase (20% from Jan)

    edit - just seen M.ister Ws post saying the same. Oops.

  • I wear childrens shoes, no problems with them! I am quite light though! My favourite off roaders are childrens Saucony Xodus!!!
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