Which Garmin to Get?

Hey all,

 Struggling to decide which Garmin to get for Xmas/Bday and wondering if anyone had any particular views...

 I've been using my 301 for donkey's years now and it's been generally perfect but since moving to London I've found that the satellite reception is really poor so number one priority is decent satellite reception but as far as I understand all the newer models have HotFix.

 Contenders (at least at present) are Garmin 405 (purely price), Garmin 410, Garmin 310XT, Garmin 210

 Things I liked about the 301 were the ability to track all my training on the watch, get regular lap splits, be able to see the pace of the lap as I was running, customisable screens. I also like the fabric watch strap as it meant a perfect fit (my wrists are relatively small) but unfortunately did end up on the pungent side. Weight wasn't a huge issue but I did notice it occasionally when racing.

 405:- worried a bit about the wrist strap (same 410) as precurve and doesn't look like it'll fit a small wrist easily, has all the features though and now slightly cheaper. Also by all accounts the bezel is very questionable in rain/sweaty conditions.
410:- newer bezel but I'm struggling to see any more upgrades/benefits than the 405...
310XT:- hadn't originally thought about this as I had no interest in triathlon but looks to have a big clear screen and be closest to the 301 with customisable clear screens - also looks a touch heavier/clunkier but that may just be the images. Can't really tell if it allows you to plot waypoints etc. to put a route in advance (interested in getting involved in more off-road racing)
210: smallest and lightest and most like a "normal" watch, but screens aren't customisable nor is the data large (I quite like being able to set it up) and not sure how much data it shows. Also no ability to put waypoints in if I want to plan out a route in advance. Footpod looks interesting as if I need to can just use that instead of GPS. Also cheaper.

So, what it's coming down to is whether the 310XT has the ability to take routes and also whether in reality it's quite as clunky as it looks compared to the 405. And also what screens are available on the 210 as I'm struggling to find out.  Any reviews or thoughts on the above watches would be appreciated.

Definitely beginning to lean towards the 310XT but previously 210 and 405 figured highly.



  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    HH - I've got a small wrist and I use the velcro strap for the 405 and it's fine - with the normal plastic one it was too big though

    I lock the bezel if I'm wearing a jacket as it's very sensitive and constantly changes screens or goes onto 'satellites' when the sleeve touches it
  • Thanks debbo!

     Decided on the 310XT in the end - just prefer the screen and helps avoid the hassle of using the bezel at all!

  • Hi HH, where have you been, not seen you on the sub 3 thread for awhile.

    Good choice with the 310xt, most people I know who've got the bezel style watches aren't entirely happy with them. The 310 is great, it's light, has a great battery, picks up the signal really quickly and it can vibrates instead of beeping so you never miss a mile split or the watch telling you to slow down because your HR is too high...etc etc...
  • I've got 110 and it has excellent signal.
  • Good choice on the 310XT, the screen is great for when you are running (normally bouncing all over the place) and need to look down quickly for some data. It tends to be a big seller with fell runners for that very reason.

    Would also highly recommend the 410, major difference of the 410 over the 405 is better signal and lock onto satellites especially in built up areas, 17g lighter, new premium HRM which is much more accurate, multi-sport mode allowing you to change sports at the touch of a button. Obviously it is down to you whether you think it is worth paying for these added features.

    For added confusion....recently a customer purchased a Garmin Edge 800 from us and used it for running (as well as on his bike). It is much bigger (certainly not a wrist watch for those that haven't seen an Edge) but it can pick up a signal easily in a pocket, displays a full colour road or OS map and can be used with a HRM too. Just means that outside of running it can be used in the car as a GPS, on the hills during a walk and obviously on the bike. Bit of 4-in-1 and might be worth considering.
  • LOS - don't think the signal is any better on the 410 compared to the 310XT? Both have high-sensitivity and hotfix - tbh hotfix was always going to be a priority for me which ruled out 405. Really interesting thought about the edge - not right now but might be worth a thought if I look at getting a sat nav - perfect for long trail racing as you've already got a backpack on so weight isn't a huge issue. 

     GR - 110 does have hotfix - for me just getting average lap pace would be a killer though - just seemed to not have quite enough features for my liking! 210 was a very close run thing though.

     GingerN - just work, training, life - studying a lot at the moment for exams as part of work which means I don't have a computer in front of me all day (nor sneaky 5 minute breaks to go onto RW!) - think I owe you a training plan - will bash it over in a few minutes. 

    Agree that the vibrate function is going to be handy - just seemed the more I looked at it, the 310 just had every feature I wanted and the best display. Doesn't look that much like a "watch" but tbh I'd never wear the garmin for anything but training anyway so really doesn't matter! 

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