Trainers - do you think I need a new pair?

Hi all,

I got a new pair of running trainers in July, and have worn them pretty much every day running, and a marathon. There is a small tear at the top of the toe, but other than that they are still really comfortable.

How often do you buy a new pair? They cost £80 and I really can't afford a new pair at the moment.  I was going to try and get a race pair and then use these just for my shorter distances during the week.


  • McBoodMcBood ✭✭✭

    If they still feel comfortable then you may not need to fork out just yet. Generally shoes last for 500-700 miles, on regular mileage and a few races. On the other hand you will need to get a new pair ar some point so It might be worth getting them now and rotating between the old and the new pair?


  • Thanks Mcbood. Think I need to get another pair then, I'm torn between getting the same pair, which provide lots of cushioning because I serverly over pronate, or a race pair, much lighter but still have support for my feet. Might go to see a running specialist to see what they say.
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