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Hello all. I was just after your thoughts on this. I have been poorly since last Thursday with a cold and bad cough and headaches. I feel like it is finally starting to get better but am still not 100% I haven't been for a run since last thursday as at he moment even breathing normally is causing me to cough a lot. However I have a half marathon on Sunday and was thinking if i am better by Saturday I should be ok to run Sunday. My husband has saiid though that if i don't feel better tomorrow I shouldn't run as he thinks it is too risky. I was just wondering if any of you had been in the same situation and what you did or would advise. I do of course understand that everyone is different but was hoping for advice from some runners as i think (maybe it i just me) but non runners think differently when it comes to these things.


  • If you feel tou have recovered enough on Saturday to run 13 miles the following day, then do so, only you will know how you feel and how you cope! If you will struggle round the course and won't enjoy it, then just drop out!
  • I would suggest going for a short easy run on Friday and see how you feel - if it feels fine, then go for it, but probably give up ideas of racing hard.........

    However, if you can't breathe normally without coughing by Friday, I think I'd then accept the inevitable, and not bother with the half.......

    I agree with you that runners think differently - I came down with a virus on Friday / Saturday which meant I had sore throat, cough, headache, bunged nose, etc..., but insisted on doing a long slow 12 mile run on Sunday. The run was bl**dy hard work on a course I usually enjoy, and probably contributed to the fact I then spent Monday & Tuesday off work. image

    However, I decided I felt well enough to go back to work today, and if it hadn't been for my wife telling me I was being dumb, I would have done a 6 mile run as part of my commute....


  • It is a bit late for your race but if you regurlarly take your pulse first thing in the morning you can tell how unwell you are by how high it is above normal. If it is no more than 5pm over normal then I would run your race. This is such a reliable way to test how fit you are to run but I know of so few people who do it. I swear by it.
  • Boldy, where've you been! image

     Being ill/ a little under the weather is a subjective thing only you can tell unfortunately.

    I would say though if you have a bad cough, this close to a half marathon you don't really want to be running! I had a slight cold before  ahalf marathon this sunday just gone, but this was a slight cold. It might have taken a very small edge off my race but nothing too much to worry about.

    I've missed a half marathon due to a really bad cold back in 2006, it feels bad at the time, but don't wory there's plenty more races, better to do yourself justice

  • Pretty much everyone I know have lately been dropping like flies with a variety of illnesses, I have a santa fun run and a new years day 10k to train or so I'm praying I don't get anything nasty. Hope you're on the mend asap! x
  • hey all thanks for your advice unfortunatly i though i was getting better yesterday but it has come back full force today constantly havng coughing fits and bunged up with headaches for good measure looks like i am going to have to miss this one I am soooo gutted i was really looking forward to it. I am thinking rather selfishly that snow would be good on Sunday - lots of it - maybe then it would be postponed and i could still do it image that is a bit selfish though

     Stevie I have been lurking and training image am increasing my mileage quite well at the moment and have run with ron hill since i was last here too which was a fantastic experience he is so cool image how are you

  • Run with Ron Hill blimey, nice work! Do what I do...whenever you run with anyone quicker than you, or someone who was a top runner, sponge as much info off them as you can image

    Don't worry about missing the half. Trust me, if you're ill it'll bea nightmare experience. I've run 2 races when ill...one witha fever, and one with a terrible cough, both 10k ish distance, so I just about struggled through, but needless to say they weren't vintage runs.

    Get full fit, then go again, always loads of races around.

    ps I'm ok..in a string of races at the moment, after months where I wasn't allowed to image

  • i know it was excellent he was at the opening of Advanced performance in Peterborough we all whent for a run first in the pooring rain and then got back for a question and answer session with Ron and a buffet it was a great evening.

    Also good news for me - the half marathon has been postponed until after the new year because the track is very icy from the recent snow. The roads although closed to main traffic still allow traffic for the people who live along the race route so they can't risk it. I am most pleased image i have still not managed to shift the cold and cough and now have more time to train. yay cant wait to get back to running i have had 2 weeks off because of this stupid cold now - usually i wouldnt let a cold bother me but when it is sitting on my chest i have to image 

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