Running belt/pack for curvy girl?

I am looking for a waist pack to carry a drink bottle, as a minimum, preferably my keys etc. too. I have a very large bum and a very small waist and the couple I've tried either ride up and bounce around within 10 yards or esle I have to drag it in so tight around my waist that I'm virtually cut in half, and the bottle keeps snagging my arm.

I know a back pack thingy would probably be better but I feel a bit overdressed, and I guess these also move aound when carrying very little in them.

Any suggestions? Does anyone have a "woman specific" belt and is it any better?



  • I had similar problems with waist packs and I've ended up with a back pack - nathan do a very light one - called intensity. It does feel a little odd to begin with, but isn't any heavier than a waist pack and works much much better for a female shape. I did try a women specific waist pack first and it did improve the situation a bit, but nowhere near enough. (I was after something for marathon training and wanted something I could just put on and forget about). See if you can find a shop to try one on (they aren't that easy to find). Hope this helps.
  • Virago could you not manage without taking a drinks bottle with you?

    You dont say how long your runs are but as long as you're well hydrated before you set off then you should be ok for at least an hour, unless of course you're running somewhere very hot.

     If you just need to put your keys somewhere then maybe a shoe wallet or if an item of your clothing has a small pocket?

  • J - have checked the nathan one out - it looks quite small and neat, but I can only find it online - I might add it to my Xmas list!image

    Paul - I don't usually bother, as you say, I don't find the need up to about an hour and a half, but I'm beginning a marathon training programme, and I was thinking about being out for several hours. I do sometimes carry cash to buy something when I'm out, but I hate the change jiggling around in my pocket too! Also I was thinking ahead to the race itself, and carrying my own energy drinks etc. as I can't stand those gel things and they don't like me much either!image

  • I use Camelbak belt, available from Sweatshop. Really good, and I'm a big bum, small waist lady too image I do sometimes use a small north face bag for running, which is also quite good. I don't use my belt much anymore, I've just got used to not using it as much since the summer and I normally stop off for a drink during my long runs now.
  • You could leave water bottles out for yourself. - ok if you use the same routes for both your short and long runs.

    I have a Nathan belt - don't notice it that much. Nathan also do a hand held bottle that straps on rather than needing to be carried. I tried one but as I had a dislocated elbow I was in too much pain to carry it so I can't tell you if they are any good. (I didn't know my elbow was dislocated before hand. I just had to drop the bottle - it was like someone trying to cut my arm off at the elbow with a fire axe).

    Oh - some of the Nathan bottles you can just drink from without having to try and open - the handheld I had is like that.

  • Camelbak is fantastic, I use mine all the time, and it does not bouce around at all.  Bought on line on Wiggle. 
  • got a belt off ebay, a Reebok one, £5.99 and its perfect, I too have a small waist but am 'hippy' image(...

    It comes with a bottle, two zip pockets big enough for mobile, keys, ipod and tissues, fully adjustable belt, proper comfy and doesnt bounce around!!! hope this helps image)
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