Please help me to start again

Hi everyone

 I need some motivation please.  I was a regular visitor to these forums in 2009 and had 5k or 10k races most weekends during the summer of 2009.  Unfortunately I badly hurt my ankle in January and somehow fell out of the routine of running and have done absolutely nothing at all for the whole of this year.  I need to get started again and feel that I might even struggle running a mile which may put me off.  Could someone please give me a kick up the backside and also make some suggestions on how to start with my training again.  Any thoughts would be really appreciated.  Many thanks.  Donna


  • Hi Donna,

     It might be a good idea to enter a race sometime in the new year.  At least that way you'll have a goal to work towards.

     I find it very hard to get motivated without a goal. Especially when it gets dark and cold in the evenings like it is currently.

     Another good option could be to join a friendly local running club where you'll meet many people in the same boat as you. 

    Good luck with it.  It will probably be tough to begin with but you'll regain your fitness before you know it.

  • hi Donna.

    I think you already know the answer, because you have been here before...

    One day you started running, and struggled to do a mile the very first time you went out. You built up from this tough start by adding mileage each week, toughing it out and seeing your endurance and speed increase the more miles you managed.... you wanted to run, set goals, achieved them and set more....

    Like you I got inujred in late 2009 and went from Half Marathon PB chasing to struggling to run 2 miles on the treadmill 3 months later when my fitness was gone.

    If its any consolation, the road back to the level of fitness you were previously at is a lot shorter than it was to originally climb. you know what to expect - you know there are no short cuts, but you also know that you are mentally tough and disciplined enough to manage it because you have done it before!

    Go for it... get that first mile out of the way and start!

  • Donna, is there a parkrun near you? If you do one of these regularly, you'll have a friendly, non-judgmental group helping you out, it's all free, makes you get up on a Saturday morning and you can go as fast or slow as you like. It could solve your motivation problems.
  • When I lack motivation training I always think that any run, however short is 'another one in the legs' that is slowly but surely making me stronger. Little runs, little and often, will build you up again in no time. And think how good you'll feel when you can see the improvements you are making. I know that horrid 'running fear' feeling, when you don't quite know what's going to happen on a first outing, but it's never as bad as you think. Go for it!
  • DonnaGDonnaG ✭✭✭
    Thank you all so much for your support.  Well I finally did it, I got back out there today and although I only ran 1.1 miles it's a start, I'm back on the wagon and will for now run 3 times a week at 1.1 miles for a couple of weeks and build up from there.  So once again, thank you all x
  • Well done you - it doesn't matter how far/not far you ran, the fact is that you actually did it, which is the hardest part!

    I went out this morning for the first time in 3 weeks (had a hurty leg!) and noticed the difference in my fitness even after that short time.  So don't be too hard on yourself - 1.1 miles is pretty good after a year off!

  • I have only just returned myself, achillies issue last March that I never thought was going to go away and then a knee injury through football. 6 plus months of ignoring running and now I am back and trying to take it slower this time.
  • You're already doing more than most of Soap Opera Britain. Well done for getting up and starting again.
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