Lakeland Trails Marathon

looking forward to this one.coming up from south wales. does anyone know if its hard trails or will it get muddy if its been raining? what is the elevation of the course?


  • Have you even looked at the website RL?  There is even a slide show of the course....... mind you the slide show was made when it was sunny.  If it rains (and it does here in cumbria even in July image) then yes, parts will be muddy. 

    LT Marathon slideshow

    I'm looking forward to this one too.

  • ive just entered, the course looks great im taking me trail shoes and me road shoes, play it buy ear looking forward to this one should be good.
  • thinking about entering this one, does anyone have a link to a map of the course or the elevation?? It is a hilly one? thanks!
  • It a brand new event Amy - all the available information, including the slide show that Tigerlily referred to last year, is on the website starting here
  • Hi
    There are two events - a 'Race' and 'Challenge'. Anyone have an opinion on which would be best for me as a runner with a target time of 4.30 ish?

  • I think it says the trail is for experienced runners and the time limit is 6 hours, and the challenge is for less experienced runner and walkers (this starts at 7am) and there is an 8 hour limit.

     I can't really offer advice on which you should do but maybe that will help you decide image

  • hello bbq, go for the trail, im aiming for4-4half hours.
  • BBQ - If you're confident in your ability to complete within the 6 hour cutoff, then there's no reason why you shouldn't be in the Race.  You'll be further back in the field than you would in the Challenge but somebody finishing in 4:30 is neither going to be winning nor coming last in either.

    Both events are over the same route, cost the same and 'qualify' you for the same finishers' rewards including entry into the same spot prize draw. The only difference is that those in the race get to start two hours later - time for a lie in or leisurely breakfast or both.

    Don't know if that helps?

  • The slide show doesnt give you a clear picture of the elevation. I looked at the slideshow of the Hawkshead race last year and thought it was relatively easy but it was a tough terrain and had long climbs in places. 

    Does anyone know what the elevation is like for the marathon? Is there a graph online?

  • Having looked at the slide show and plotted the approx route on the map the hills don't look too bad. Also the organisers have kindly placed all the hills in the first two thirds of the course. If like me you normally start to struggle at around 18 miles this should be a godsend. Looking forward to it.

  • I recommend  the  trail running marathon trail running is great, I have run on so many lakeland trails over the last  25 years,  David @  

  • I too am looking forward to this marathon ,be nice to just take part enjoy the scenery and not worry about a specific time. Gonna treat this as a long training run before my main event (Chester marathon).

    Does anyone know of any campsites in the area?

    On the website  it states that the campsite at John Ruskin school opens at 16:30 on the friday.Is this open for competitors ?I have tried to ring the organisers but cant get hold of anyone.


  • Give the school a ring tommorow they will have Details
  • im staying at the caravan club site park coppice which is about 1 mile away from start. I think it takes non members. Give them a ring.
  • Camping at the school will be for competitors only - its not normally a campsite so I'd expect 'facilities' to be limited.  There will be no point calling the school as they won't know anything about it.

    Nearest permanent/public campsite is at Coniston Hall - about a mile away.  The race route goes through the middle of it.  Contact details, along with a couple of other possibilities, including Park Coppice, are here

  • Thanks for info ,you are right about the school as i tried them and they know nothing.Will try Park Coppice as i am bringing family too.Probably would prefer a nice hotel but think cost would a bit too much as wife already thinks it madness to pay nearly 40 quid  just to run around a lake.

  • Try the Crown in coniston they might have a room or the Yewdale Hotel,  David @ Runwise in lakeland
  • Just signed up for this one looking forward to it, will be my 1st trail marathon image
  • It will be my first trail marathon too image.

    I'm sort of looking forward to it, and dreading it in equal measure

  • Trail running Holiday / Courses @ worth a look at
  • I had to have a look at the Lakeland Trails website after reading this, I'm mentally scheduling these in to my racing diary...
  • I'm doing the Lakeland Trails as my first marathon and am getting very nervous, as I've never even done a half before!

    Is anyone else out there in the same position? I'm aiming to get round in sub-5 and would like not to be the last in the field...

  • Enjoy the run you wont be last there will be several just walking  & jogging. i f you need any coaching advice just contact us  @ runwise in lakeland 01229 480422
  • Jennifer - so long as you get some decent miles into your legs between now and July you'll be fine.  There is absolutely no way that the final finisher in either event is going to be inside five hours - the race has a six hour cut-off for a reason.  If you are really concerned about being 'pulled along' too fast at the start, then go for the Challenge with its eight hour time limit.  This has the advantage of being essentially non-competitive, which means the average pace is much slower and the whole thing more 'relaxed', but it does start two hours earlier so there's no chance of a lie in.
  • This will be my first marathon as well Jennfier, I probably won't be finishing far off 5 hours so you won't be the last image
  • I think I'll be around 5hrs too image.

    My best road mara time is around 4hrs 20, so I suspect sub 5hrs is a reasonable target for a hilly trail marathon. I'm in the challenge, rather than the race.

    Got Hawkshead 15km tomorrow as a practice, and I did Cartmel last month. Is anybody else doing the shorter trail races as practice?

  • I did the Cartmel trail run too plodder and remember feeling pretty tired around the 8 or 9 mile stage and thinking how hard this marathon is going to be.  Particularly so if the weather is hot image

    I'm up to 20 miles tomorrow, which is a bit earlier than I was planning but I suspect this race is going to need a bit extra!

  • Blimey, I didn't enjoy Hawkhead on Saturday. I don't know if it was just me and for whatever reason I wasn't "up for it", It was rainy, rocky and slippy. And I was super slowimage

    It did make me seriously worry about the maraimage. I think I may revise my time to sub 6hrs based on this weekend's performance.

    Well done on being upto 20miles Costanza. I've done 2 x 18milers so far, but they were on the road rather than trails (albeit a hilly route).

  • Hawkshead was tough on Saturday - but then it always is.  I reckon its the hardest of all the Lakeland Trails and the humidity alongside the wet rocks underfoot certainly didn't help.  That said, I had a great day out and managed to cover the ground fractionally quicker than last year - when it was baking hot.

    On the positive side, the marathon is still 8 weeks away - plenty of time to get used to running longer distances and some more off road stuff into our legs - hopefully Staveley will be another positive step along the way.

    And if all else fails, the marathon is still going to be a cracking route - the slower you go, the more time you have to look at the views image

  • Good positive thoughts CumbriAndy !!

    I really enjoyed Staveley last year, it was my first trail run ever, so hopefully, as you say, another positive step on the way to the mara........

    I think I'm just a bit of a wuss about falling over, and I seriously don't know how anybody could have run up the coffin trail, but I know lots did. imageimage

    I'm still pretty new to the trails, so I'm not quite a mountain goat just yet image

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