I hope it warms up a bit before next Sunday. I thought I was going to lose most of my toes in 2008 after this


  • Indeed... not looking forward to thigh-deep water with an inch on ice on top! That and the forecast snow will make it very interesting!
  • Yahoo! It's going to thaw on Saturday! Looking forward to crawling out of the water and trying to run on numb legs. I might get pissed on Saturday night just to add a hangover to the experience.

  • I loved it last year. But I haven't got the nerve to sign up yet for this year's Grim. May be I'll wait until tonight and take a call, provided there are still places left for Sunday's race.

     Good luck, you lot!

  • There are still entries for Sunday...... Its going to be cold but great fun... see you there
  • Shame it's been postponed - probably just as well, there would have been dozens of broken ankles/wrists/cases of hypothermia
  • I did the Grim a few years back. It was freezing cold and the lead runners got blood all down their legs from breaking the ice on the pools.

    Of course, that was back then when these events took place regardless of the conditions and only real hairy-chested well 'ard chaps like me did them. Slather on some whale blubber, grab the woolly hat, string vest, shorts and Dunlop Green Flashes and we were good to go.

    Nowadays, first sign of a snowflake and everyone goes home.


  • Yes wimps indeed, for all the hype on the Grim 8 website, it was going ahead whatever the conditions all week but then the organisers wimped out what a shame.
  • I've just mountain-biked around the course this morning and GRIM goes nowhere near describing the surface underfoot. It's more BRUTAL than GRIM.  I'm not surprised it was cancelled. The carparks were like ice rinks and so to were several miles of the course. One things for sure, when the route thaws out there is going to be a lot of water to wade through. All the best to those competing in January.
  • Looking forward to it already, just hoping it doesn't end up clashing with races on 22nd/23rd - though I would happily swap for the Camberley Run Rampage on 16th

  • Working on leg strength seems to have paid off- ran the Tadworth Ten on Sunday and got a course PB - no loss of form on the hills this year, so looking forward to dragging meself through the muck at Grim next Sunday!

  • Rookster1 wrote (see)
    Yes wimps indeed, for all the hype on the Grim 8 website, it was going ahead whatever the conditions all week but then the organisers wimped out what a shame.
    Having ran the Grim 8 today I've decided I owe the organisers a big apology for the comment I made above. Having seen the course and approach roads first hand I now believe it would have been madness to hold the race as planned in December. Today was awesome, organisation was flawless, atmosphere electric. Well done and a big thanks to the marshals, the organisers the crowd for all their support and finally all who competed
  • Yep, it was a great race again.
  • I ran Saturday - my 3rd - and it was great fun as always. I did 1hr 31m which was 10 mins quicker than last year even though i had what could be called a "bad race" Had no energy from mile 3 to mile 6 and only kicked on when i realised i might get beat by Santa and 3 Fairies !!!

    Will be back !
  • I also got a PB by 40 secs, on my third run - I also had  knackered legs from mile 3 - 6. I guess it was a bit relentless running on wet sand, because I perked up once on the stoney trail! - great race

    Just inside 1hr 11m for me

  • Great post Rookster... take a man to apologise....... have to admit it was a great event getting better every year...

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