Things you want to say...

This is a thread for those people who do not need to hide in internet forums. Examples please of times when people have actually found their spines in the 'real' world!


  • Why do I get the feeling there are not going to be many posts!! image
  • I complained quite vociferously about summat yesterday and ended up saving us quite a lot of money.

    I'm not backward in coming forward anyway and if summat needs saying I'll say it

  • Oh I couldn't do that GE I don't like confrontation it scares me.
  • Yeah right !!

    I like a good row anyway - and people who bullshit me will feel the rough end of my tongue

  • <Bullshits Green Eyes in hope>
  • when people tell me barefaced lies I kinda find my diplomatic tack goes out the window and I lose my rag
  • Muttley wrote (see)
    <Bullshits Green Eyes in hope>
    I'll see you outside Muttley image
  • Once told my boss he was a spineless bastard who only made decisions that protected himself and he didn't give a toss about his staff who he would happily feed to the sharks if it meant he could get a lifeboat.

    Not longer after I got a move to a new department image

    But it was so worth it and he still a spineless bastard 

  • I've got an interesting one coming up, I've just taken over as Chair of governors and there are a few lazy feckers who don't come to meetings, don't do any work and frankly, are just a waste of time and space.

    Have been wondering recently how to break it to them gentlyimage.

  • Yep, checked that one out alreadyimage Unfortunately, they have attended enough meetings within the timeframe to disqualify that.

    So I'll just have to speak my mind thenimageimageimage

  • *rubbing hands in glee at the prospect* image

    Probably why they asked me to do job, everybody else is too polite and pussyfoots around subject!  Can't wait until they complain that they don't have the time. . .

  • You'll probably hear it from thereimage
  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    I complained vociferously to Tesco about an out of date pizza once, only to find it wasn't out of date at all.
  • I had the satisfaction of telling my (ex) boss to to shove her job up her backside, it felt fantastic.  The best bit was as I drove out of the carpark she started to cross the path and thought I was trying to run her over image
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