Wokingham Half 13 Feb 2011

The Wokingham Half for 2011 doesn't seem to be included in the RW events database. This is odd.

Whatever, I'm in!



  • Same here Muttley...panicked a bit when I saw the entries were at 1800 already, as I hadn't seen either a thread, or the event on this site.

     Feared there were only 2000 places, but it's 2750...so not quite the urgency...but still...in now!

     Have missed out on Reading though. Again it's not even on RW events! Can't believe a £30+ event with 18,000 places can go so quick.

    100s of them will be on here in Feb trying to sell their places tho!

  • I wouldn't do the Reading if you paid me to because of the crowding. But I take your point, it's a shame when big events don't put themselves on this site. Potentially a problem because I've always thought this is the only one-stop-shop for all my races and entries.

    I wonder why these events aren't putting themselves on RW.

  • Someone tells me that Reading was on here briefly, but soon taken off!

    I think Reading is ok if you get to start from the front pen. My pal has done this and he's a similar pace to me, circa sub 1hr 20, and he reckons you start in the elite group at the front.

    Now that would be fun, bearing in mind the winners do just over an hour image

    Not sure i'll bother doing it if i can't by hook or by crook get to start in the right pen. Otherwise you'd be fighting your way through! I used to do that at Silverstone, as when I got myself to the front I couldn't get near the right area and had to start at the 1hr 45 bit!

  • I am in. It's on my birthday so I thought 'why not?'
  • Ah-ha, that's worth knowing! My target in half marathons is one hour plus my age in years, so you'll be up there with the 1:21 crowd then ...
  • if i can blag a place...although if i followed your method,  i'd be looking for 1hr 29 image
  • Stevie, my comment about 1:21 was to Schmunkee image
  • fair dos!
  • Muttley wrote (see)
    Stevie, my comment about 1:21 was to Schmunkee image
    S'ok, I am used to being ignored image.  I just won't share my birthday cake with you now image
  • 21st birthday? Or am i getting it all completely wrong image
  • Really, muscling in like that on a compliment paid to a laydee. He's a cad and a bounder!
  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)
    I am in. It's on my birthday so I thought 'why not?'

    Well blow me, its my Birthday on the 14th of Feb !!

    This is my last ever race.... BOO i hear you shout

    As a 39 year old,  I think after this I am a VET !!!

  • not a very busy thread so far!

     Does anyone havea  spare female place my pal could buy?

    drop me a message through the forum ta!

  • Drop me a pm  than KS if you have a spare. I'll put you in contact with my pal.
  • Hello guys - i'm doing this
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Hopefuly getting the train in for this one - then I can do a decent  warm up, do the race & then beers in the `Hope And Anchor` afterwards.  image

    Impressive website - link 

  • I might have a place too, couple of runs this week will reveal if I'm up to it or not, if anyone is still looking.
  • One week and counting - Looking forward to this.

    Will you be wearing any "dodgy" shorts Mr K?image

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    andyp - Not this time but I maybe in disguise thou - my club vest - a very nice purple top with a green racing `snake` on it. Unsure of my target time as could be part of a much needed long run.  
  • I'm doing this and looking forward to it.  Aiming for 2:35.  Planning to do first half slow at MP and then pick up the pace a bit for the second half for a negative split.  Well thats the plan anyway hahaha. imageimage

  • I've got abit of an injury, so not sure if i'll even get to the start line this year ............ image
  • Thats shame LWJ.  Hope you manage to get there. 
  • LWJ... hope you can make it...but if you can't let me know as soon as you can as a girl at work fancies this one.. and would most probbaly be willing to buy the place from you.
  • Stevie, my place will probably be up for grabs, I'll PM you tomorrow if so.
  • Hi All

    Doing this one , just done Watford half today, so hope to enjoy this flat course . ps can anyone give me a post code for canley park wokingham for my sat nav.

  • LWJ - so sorry to hear you won't make it.image

    Mr K - i'll keep an eye out for your racing snake then - oeerr..

  • Hi all.

     I know it's late in the day, but if anyone has a spare place, I'm desperate to run. I've come back from a pretty nasty back injury a lot quicker than I was expecting, hence I didn't enter at the time.


  • Hi - I have, do you want to PM me.
  • i am in

    will have a cardiff city hat on
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