Garmin Forerunner 305 far better than than the 110?

My three year old Garmin 305 recently started showing signs of its age, so I bought a 110 as back up. 

I've been wearing one on each wrist for the last couple of runs just to check whether my suspicions that the 100 underecords distance are correct.  And boy are they.  This morning for instance my 305 showed I'd run 5:29 miles, whereas the 110 showed 5:06.  This is a well plodded run for me (Peckham to Fetter Lane via Tower Bridge), so I know the 305 is more accurate.

Has anyone else found the 110 underrecords?  I wonder whether  it copes less well with built up urban areas and the occasional dip under railway arches?

 I'm slow enough  I don't need the watch to GPS watch to make me feel any worse about my lack of athletic prowess. 


  • Are you wearing both on the same wrist?

    On my 305 the GPS antena is on the bottom of the watch so when worn on the left wrist the antena will point to the sky when I'm running. If I wore the 305 on my right wrist the antena would be pointing to the floor instead therefore wouldnt be as accurate.

  • The 110, have you set it on fast update?, as the rate that it records positions is obviously going to impact on overall cumulative distance recorded.
  • Separate wrists (left 305, right 110)

     "Fast update": that sounds interesting.  How do I find that?  via the menu?

  • Switch to Nike+ instead...
  • Ah sorry, just realised I was having a dyslexic moment and thinking of the forerunner 101, no idea if you can change the update rate on the 110.
  • my 110 was totally accurate during my half marathons and the marathon i did in september. so i think it's pretty good.
  • I'd rather suspect the 305 as that has consistently over-read more on town events than my present 310 xt
  • Oh jesus don't say that.  I'm slow with the 305 on 
  • That's probably the weight and aerodynamic drag from it image
  • Don't worry too much about it. You just need to know what you expect your GPS watch to read for the races you want to do so you can adjust the pace accordingly in training. As long as it's *consistent* then you're OK...
  • Good point.  The 110 looks better.  The 305 is like a badly fitted pacemaker. 

    PS  Love the dogs in your picture btw.  Are they Greyhounds?  I had a couple until recently

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