Park runs

Just out of interest how are parkruns classified on the power of 10? Road race or multi-terrian? Has anybody done the Manchester or Stockport one? I'm thinking of going down sometime soon.


  • Heaton Park, Woodbank and South Manchester are all classed as official 'road' 5Ks according my Po10 listings.

    Most arent so it looks like Manchester has got lucky in that respect. image

  • Oh right that's quite interesting, thanks for the info image 

    PRF - Out of interest which course is best in terms of speed? Which do you prefer?

  • Of the Manchester ones, Sth Manchester is fastest - its flat and pretty much all on tarmac.
  • I'll give it a google! image
  • Edinburgh will be officially recognised for the Power of 10 from 1st Jan (see here for details).
  • Black Park has been listed for some time as we got it officially measured when we started up, and then again when we changed the course, but it's listed as XC on Power of 10 because it's on forest tracks not tarmac.
  • Cardiff is listed as road - nice flat "frying pan" out and back

  • I have just registered for the parkrun in Manchester, Heaton Park will be my route of choice. It's pretty much all on tarmac with some hilly points. I'm not going this week but will definately be there next weeked. From what I hear there very friendly, very well organised and enjoyable.

     Going to make this a regular inclusion into my running programme, plus I also want one of those t-shirts!


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