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OMG a new PB but where is everybody


  • I took that picture!  It was indeed a new PB for my friend Jenny.  Where is my goody bag please?!

  • fantastic pic and captures everything about personal goals and the joys of running. 
  • Melanie Ellis wrote (see)

    I took that picture!  It was indeed a new PB for my friend Jenny.  Where is my goody bag please?!

    Quality!!  image
  • I wish I had read the watch manual!
  • the above link to RW Picture of the Month - December 2010 gallery

    says  "Sorry! This album is not available."

    and is doesn't appear in the dropdown when I try to upload to a shared album

    am I doing something wrong, or is everybody having this trouble? image

  • Hi Daz,

    Are you going here:

    How frustrating - it is coming up fine for myself and the tech team.

    If you try the longer way round - ie click on 'My Profile'  and then select 'My Gallery', then click on 'upload images into a shared album' and choose 'RW Picture of the Month - December', does it work? The album will be right at the bottom of the drop down menu.

    Let me know how you get on, I'd hate to miss out on your pics!


  • Alice, it's not working for me either.  I thought I might enter my picture which you used above into the competition...
  • yep, tried that link, no luck image

    my dropdown list is in alphabetical order (starting with "aaa adventure" and ending with "Various stuff") and has no entry beginning with "RW" under the r's image

  • Definitely not working

  • Unfortunately also having problems when trying to upload to a normal gallery system crashes
  • Same for me, I'm afraid.  I can't go direct to the album from the link in the article and the album isn't in the list of shared albums if I go in from 'my profile'.

    Alice - will you let us know when the tech team get it sorted?


  • same here!

    LOVE that pic - her expression is priceless. image
  • er... can we hear from somebody who CAN access these piccies - maybe they can tell us what we're doing wrong?

    Alice - how may piccies have been uploaded so far - does it appear that lots of people are having no trouble?

  • Nope, can't access the gallery, and it's not listed amongst the shared galleries available to upload into.
  • Well I'm voting for Melanie then. Have I misunderstood or have RW borrowed the pic without a credit? Do the decent thing team image

  • The photo is marked as All Rights Reserved, so they really should have asked if they could use it, let alone give credit for it.

    It's an excellent picture by the way!

  • T&C

    Section G.1

    (c) (to the fullest extent possible) you waive any rights you may have under Chapter IV of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (or under any similar or analogous provisions under any other statute, law or regulation) in any information or any materials that you submit to us for posting or including on this website. 

  • Nothing appears to be happening on this, hope it is not a ruse just to get people to upload pictures into their galleries so that magazine can use them in the future.

    Tried editing/deleting the pic I uploaded andkeep getting an error message.

    Either the  software or host system being used to run this competition and gallery isn't working - in which case RW have had sufficient time to rectify problem or there is a wet haddock under my table.

  • I didn't submit the picture to Runner's World, so I haven't waived any rights.  I've now found out that a friend of a friend sent it in and I have emailed Alice asking about the use of my photo in these circumstances but received no response!

    I hope everyone takes note of that section from the T&Cs - by uploading photos on this site you are waiving all copyright in them and RW can use them in their own promotional material with no credit or royalties to you.  I suggest you don't upload any photos on this site unless you're happy to be working as an unpaid RW photographer! 

    Thanks everyone for the positive comments on it anyway.   

  • Also, regardless of the copyright provisions, it might have been nice of them to check that the subject of the photo was happy for that picture of her to appear in thousands of inboxes last week!
  • Hello all,

    We are currently working on the bug - it was all fine when we checked before putting the page and right now I am stumped, frankly. Picture of the Month will be an ongoing feature from now on, so you will have your chance in future - but rest assured I am as keen as you to have a great December competition!

    With regard to Melanie's photo, it was sent to me by another user and I believed that user owned the photo. I am also looking into this and will be in contact with Melanie today to resolve the situation.

    I'm so glad you're all so keen to get involved and it's so frustrating this has been so difficult!

    Will keep you updated,

    Alice RW

  • I agree that is a brilliant photo by Melanie - I think you should let her win the inaugural competition and then start afresh at end of December!
  • Pity about those T&C's but thanks to DazTheSlug for highlighting them.  I thought this sort of sharp practice had been assigned to the past.  Photo deleted.


  • Andy80F - does this mean that you can access the December 2010 Gallery?

    if so, how do you do it?

  • Well this competition's going fantastically so far.
  • No I can't access the competition page but had uploaded a picture in preparation for the "problem" relating to the shared Gallery being fixed.  

    Some of the Photography press in quite vociferous in condemnation of T&C's of competitions with clauses that remove the photographers rights and I agree with that and avoid such competitions.  

    Not that my pictures are any good and would probably not win but it's a principle of ownership.


  • I work in software development, and if I spent 10 days working on a bug as trivial as providing a link to a gallery of photos, I'd be sacked

  • Still not able to delete the picture I uploaded into my galleryimage
  • I'm all agog to see the winning picture in the December competition...

    and to browse through all the no doubt stunning entries that nearly made it...

  • I will assume that I am the winner of this competition, despite not having submitted 'my' entry myself.  Yay me!  Don't hold out much hope of getting the goody bag though, seeing as RW won't reply to my emails.
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