2011 Fitness Goals



  • Been feeling rough this last few days so no training done. I'm feeling better now so plan to get back on track this week. Hopefully not too much fitness lost after a few days out.
  • Hobbling Harrier, I think you've completely set the roof for this thread's aims!

    Good targets everyone.

    My 2011 aim is to run well and uninjured and run between the 50-70mile mark each week, and on the way set pbs at 5k, 5m, 10k, 10m and 1/2m.


  • Goals for 2011 are just to keep running and enjoy it as much as I can, would like.....

    Sub 24min 5k

    Sub 50min 10k

    Sub 1hr 30min 10mile

    Sub 2hr Half Marathon

    Sub 4hr 30min Marathon, either Belfast or Liverpool.

    Any of the above and I would be very happy image

  • Good work!
  • Bagged a 2K swim this morning before work. Plan to work up to my target of 5K slowly but surely in 2011. I'm feeling like I'm laying good foundations.
  • Check out www.marathontalk.com and sign up for Jantastic, a great source of extra motivation for running in January. Whilst you're there the podcast is bloody good too.
  • Hey this is getting good reading all of the goals!

     My training is defo on the up, I went for a 13miler last weekend and have a 15 miler this weekend. I am up to 20+ miles a week in training and have some intreval training planned for this week.

     Barcelona Marathon (1st M) race is 6th March, so getting excited with training but nervous about the race.

    Godd luck everyone with the training and pounding the pavements :0)

  • Great news Sarah, good work.

     I'm feeling in really good nick too and am getting the benefit of some consistent training over the last few months now.

    Brass Monkey Half Marathon up next and I'm in Leeds and Liversedge too, so that's 3 out of my target of 4 this year.

    Debating which swimathon event to do - should I got for the big 5K and bag that objective early in the year?

  • well - I am defo gonna get fitter. Packing in cigs and seeing how far I can train up to with COPDimage
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    just signed up for a 40m ultra in aprill but still struggling a bit with chesty cold and bit of a muscle strain in the lower back. its officially a right pain in the arse that one! going to be a slow start to the year in terms of mileage but hopefully in the next few weeks things will start to pick up!
  • It's really inspiring reading all of your goals.. and I agree it means more once you've writtent them down.

    My 2011 goal is quite simple.

    Run a Half Marathon in under 2 hours   (PB is a frustrating 2:00:49 - damn last 0.1 of a mile)

    Once I've done this I'll settle on a new goal.  However, I've decided to be really focussed on this particular aim first.

    Fingers crossed. 

  • Me?

    LAMM in June.

    VLM for Parkinson's UK. That may get scratched if plantar fasciitis isn't gone soon. Decision day is next Friday. Oddly, VLM is the B race. The A race is the LAMM.

    Why LAMM? Why breathe. There are some thing's a girl has got to do.

    Time? It's not the point.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    i like your style stickless. its just about being out there and lovin it. still struggling with my back, id give anything to be in ths condition i was in last summer. lots of goals for this year but at the minute its about building myself back up. makes you realise how lucky you are when all is going well and your fit and injury free!
  • Entered 5k swimathon and Liverpool Marathon in the last few days! I'll post a more comprehensive update in the next couple of days.

    How's everyone else doin.

    Cheers JR
  • Hi al,

    22 years old returning to semi-competitive running after 2-3 yeras of injury and putting on weight..

    Currently have no idea of my fitness level but I may set up a blog as I have some goals people might like.

    1) improve fitness and enter a road/x-country race thats 5 or 10k by end of year and post a PB in both..

     That means going from nothing after 2 years to

    5K in under 17:01

    10k in under 36:38

    wat do poeple think?

    any other goals people may think i could do?

    I want a challenge this year. i have stuff to prove to alot of people

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • OK as we approach the end of January, here is how things are progressing towards each of my targets:

    1. Run the Liverpool Marathon on 09.10.11 (target time: sub-3:27) UPDATE entered race!

    2. Improve on my 5K Parkrun PB of 18:56 - No attempts as yet

    3. Race an event in the Lake District either on Road or Trail - Nothing to report

    4. Run 4 Half Marathons in the year - UPDATE 1 down 3 to go. Clocked 1:23:06 at the Brass Monkey Half last Sunday, a PB by over 3 mins. Entries in for Liversedge Half in February and Leeds Half in May. Bring 'em on!

    5. Complete a 5K swim (either Swimathon or independently) - UPDATE Swimathon 5K entered and swimming twice a week now. 2K feels very comfortable so will start ramping up soon.

    6. Complete all rounds of Winterswim (winterswim.co.uk) - UPDATE On track so far, times submitted for all rounds to date and all going well. Only 2 rounds left to complete and the job will be done.

    7. Do at least one bike ride of 60+ Miles - Nothing to report, this is one for the summer.

    8. Cycle a total of 1,300 miles in the year (ave 25 miles/week) - UPDATE 75 miles in the bank so far and pleased that I've been out once a week so far, plenty of time to crack on with this in Spring/Summer but a few base miles will lay the foundations.

    9. Complete the 6-week 200 Situps programme (iphone app) - Not started

    10. Complete the 6-week 100 Pressups programme (iphone app) - Not started

    2011 has got off to a great start fitness wise and writing down the targets is certainly keeping me focused on my goals and motivated.

    I'm looking forward to hearing how others are getting on, so don't be shy......


  • Thanks JR for your update on your goals! Very inspiring!

    As per my goals set for this year, here as follow:

     1. Complete first Marathon in March (Barcleona) in less than 5 hrs-up to 18 miles (this week) and not too tired! This week will be 40 miles in total, which is what I need to do for the following 3 wks then taper for march.

    2. Do at least 4 halves (aim for sub 2hrs)- booked Wokingham Half for 13th Feb- unsure if will be less than 2hrs..... Will book for Bracknell, Chippengham two others

     3. Sign up for another marathon around Oct/ Sep in UK - looking at Loch Ness/ Abingdon, nothing booked as yet.

    4.Complete a 10k in 50 mins- still working on it.... 

    5. Aim to be injury free all year :0)-  injury free all Jan which is a great start!

    I have booked up a 10 miler for Good Friday in Maidenhead, so hopefully will get a pb from this.

     I am also 2wks into my 6 week booze free detox, feeling really good for it and weight is slowley coming off.

     Hope everyone's ok and are on track to hitting PB's and are injury free xx

  • My no. 3 goal was to run a half Marathon in sub 1.55.  I managed 1.52 last Sunday so I will revise my HM goal to sub 1.50 for sometime later this year.

    I havent had chance to tackle a 10K yet but I am still optimistic of sub 50 at some point this year.  I am however way off the sub 23 5K! 

  • Congrats alib that's a great time image

    Revised my list of targets, I think I may drop my plan to run a marathon this year so I can concentrate on my other distances, but then again if I choose a good marathon training plan it could help me reach my targets for the other distances, I could include the races in my marathon training.....choices, choices  image

  • Hiya All,

     Hope everyone is keeping well and are still running merrily....

    Well I've completed my first Marathon, very good times!!!

    Got a PB for a half, 2hrs 15 (knocked off 4mins)

    Got a PB for  a 10miler

    Have lots of races (10k's, halves and another Marathon) this year and my races are getting quicker image

    How's everyone's goals going??

    Sarah image

  • I've got closer to my 10km goal - did High Legh in 50:24. Got Manchester next week, but not confident I'll even beat that. We'll see. Loads of time left in the year image
  • Jumping in a bit late on this but still loads of the year to go...

     Started running in January and have been making good progress.  Come down from 15st to 13st11.4 (at last measurement).  Have been doing a mixture of treadmill, rowing, cycling for the first three months of year and the last four weeks have been hitting the parks of South-East London.  Now I am Garmined up and on here most days picking up tips. 

     Goals this year -

     1 Run a Sub 25min 5k (going to attempt the Brockwell Parkrun soon)

    2 Complete Hellrunner in November (signed up)

    3. Run a  50min 10k

    4. Get to the point where my thighs don't hurt every morning and whilst I am running and I think I am going to die for the duration

    5. Learn to pace myself properly, i simply can't avoid going off to quickly on my runs and not going anywhere near as far as I should.  Only time i can do it is when I run with Wife.  Longest run so far is a shade over 5 miles (with Wife) longest without is about 4k.

  • AmGettingFitter wrote (see
    I have managed tpo move from 36 Inch trousers into 34 Inch Trousers.,,,so we have progress !!
    I have gone goal.. Get into 32 inch trousers again via a mixture of upping running and reducing food....
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Feel strong again. ran a very hilly off road hm at the weekend and pushed hard, felt good for most part - the start I was very stiff as had 3 weeks off due to foot sprain - I shall have to watch my feet, there is a weakness there somewhere. Anyway felt very +ve about the race.

    My goals are to either do more trail runs or try and get my 5 & 10k times down. My 10k time is appalling.

    Just to let you know that I have read back to see what everyone is doing and how things are going.

    Deadstar - would advise you to stick to the shorter distances this year, get really strong before you tackle that marathon. Maybe choose a spring marathon - or just the one that you really want to do. I'm tempted to run a marathon next year but again which one - just so many to choose from. I think you'll do better if you focus on one thing at a time. Just mho. (and it's where I'm at - feels like the right thing to do much as the marathons are teasing all the time).

  • I've neglected the very thread that I started 6 months ago. I'll post an update soon.
  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭

    The main goal of the year was a sub 3:30 marathon - managed Prague mara 3:29:14 so very happy! So happy in fact I decided to target sub 3:15 at Portsmouth in December. That gives me the summer for shorter races - the aim there is to beat some of the guys just ahead of me in my local club! Mainly just get sub 45 10K - last one was 45:10 - very annoying!
    A lot of good goals and progress on here by everyone
    Well done on the waist Amgettingfitter - I went from 36 to 32 - downside is having to buy all new clothes!

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