Skirt or skort

Thinking about the Christmas season (both for presents and running in the snow) can anyone tell me about skirts or skorts for a female runner? I've found a bit in a couple of web shops, one was in Australia, the other Germany, but I'd appreciate a pointer to a webstore that will post to outside the UK. Secondly, does anyone have any personal experiences and recommendations?


  • You could try this place:

    never worn one myself but will definately be getting one closer to summer cos some of these are really cute!

  • Great, I'll look up them and see if they post where I live.
  • I'm definitely going to get some for the summer. It's nice to have feminine and cute running clothes image
  • I've got one from runningskirts and as I discovered, to my cost, unless you're an absolute stick insect the shorts ride up resulting in very nasty chafing image

    I've got a Nike capri/skirt combo which is very comfy

  • I have quite a few running skirts - my fav is my Asics one - it lacks colour which I'm not keen on - I like colour - however it is very small and lightweight - I don't know I'm wearing it.

    I have one from Running funky - it is very much on the large side with lots of spare material. Colour choice is great though. Running Funky - oh and they are very cheap. shipping costs are next to nothing as well. - these are fine but the shipping is very costly ouch

  • Great tips there, thanks. I've been looking at
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