Forest of Dean Half-Marathon

Hi any one doing this? 

I did two halfs last year and looking for a couple for next year? might even take the plundge and go for a marathon in 2011 imageimage.


  • I did look at it but I'm already down for 2 halfs in March already.  Don't want to push my luck with the boss image

  • I did this last year and it was a great run. Broke my ankle in june so gonna make this my first competitive run back.
  • I too ran this race last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, getting a member of our club around in 1:42:21.

    The good this about this course is that it does a nice big loop, but because of the trees, turns, undulations, you feel as if you could be anywhere. It can be a bit soft underfoot which isn't good if there's been a few days of rain beforehand.

    My only word of warning is: get to the start area & use the toilets early. I know of some runners who, last year, got stuck in the queues of traffic trying to get to the start, then had to queue for the portaloos, then the race started as they were still queuing!

  • I'm going to do this one! It's going to be my return to half marathon running (in preparation for scarier things....!)

    Could I ask - a friend seems to think this would be really hilly, but I get the impression this is just a bit lumpy rather than full of hills. She seems to think it would be a nightmare, but it can't be that bad? She hated Bath half mara for having too many hills... I did Leicester half mara (supposedly REALLY hilly) and was expecting more hills. I know different people perceive things differently, but I'd appreciate other people's views on how hilly this one really is. Not that I mind, but I want to be confident in igoring her scare-mongering!

    I'm looking forward to it though - off to check out the race site (if there is one).

  • They changed the course last year I believe.........

    But it isn't/wasn't hilly.................gentle long inclines I sem to remember......I PB'd on the course both times I ran it.........image

    looking to see if the dates fit in with my other races......image

  • Hey Seren! Was thinking about you today as I may be up for bike rides in the New Year.... image

    I didn't think it would be hilly. I suppose that's the difference in attitude when talking to someone who trains in the valleys compared to someone who trains in Cardiff!

    Only problem with this race as far as I can tell is that it's on the day after the clocks go back, so one less hour in bed....

  • Jevans, I ran it last year & I seem to remember that it undulated more than anything else...
  • May actually give this one a miss since I'm starting to re-think travelling to races. I went to Exeter for a 10k earlier this month and spent 3-4 hours in the car that day for an hour of racing. There is a 20k race a couple of weeks later that is a bit more local to me, so I may do that instead... early morning wake ups for travel, combined with the clocks going forward has changed my mind!!!!
  • JEvaNs* wrote (see)

    She hated Bath half mara for having too many hills...

    Seriously? Apart from a short rise up to Queen Square & and 2 small slopes, one by the cemetery & the other as it turns back on itself at Bathampton, the race is almost like a pancake?
  • Yeah - I heard Bath half was flat, so didn't entirely trust her judgement when she thought I was bonkers at suggesting the Forest of Dean. She trains in a very flat area though, so anything resembling an incline is like a mountain to her!
  • Hello all,

    I am new to the south and also have not done a half in arounf 4 years. generally more 10k these days. Is this too much to take on? or is it a course that will be enjoyable or will it leave me a broken woman?


  • Natasha,

    Yes, it is an enjoyable course, generally soft underfoot, and lots of trees in case you get caught short etc. You'll be glad you did it...

  • My favourite race - gentle inclines with plenty of downhills to spur you on. For the past two years it has been dry and warm, no need for trail shoes or jackets. I'd highly recommend it for someone having a go at their first half - it was my first and remains my favourite!
  • Well, as it turns out the 20k race is a bit more of a challenge than I think I will be up to, and according to Google maps this race is only about 50 miles away, so I'm back on for doing this now. Hurrah!
  • Entered at lunch time today. Looking forward to it!
  • FoD Race pack has arrived already image
  •     I've a friend who's missed the deadline for entries if anyone knows of a available place please give us a nudge. Thanks Sundance
  • Hi, anyone got a place their not using ??


  • I'm not doing this now, but I don't know how you'd be able to use my place.
  • I will be running the Forest half marathon on Sunday. I have some Saucony Fastwitch 4's that I use as racers. Link -

    They are very lightweight - do you think that it will be ok for this race as some sections of the course are offroad?
  • Just had an email from the organiser, not at all willing to let my husband run with my number. Gutted. Its only a question of cahnging an entry in a database, just too much trouble. Its not a cheap entry either. He told me to "bin" my entry - yeah right. The only reason I bothered to let them know in advance was because it will cock up their results. Wish I hadnt bothered . No wonder people dont want to enter in advance. Could be a good selling point for other race organisers if they are willing to make changes to help others.
  • Just started another post asking if anyone is heading up to Forest of Dean this weekend from Bristol and wanted to share a lift. Going up on my own at the moment.
  • This is really late notice but yes: I'm heading up from Bristol and have no-one else in the car at the moment. I'll check later to see if you got this.
  • So what does everyone think? Hilly or not? My Garmin recorded a one km drop and rise overall, the graph is pretty spectacular compared to my other races.  I guess if you're a trail runner it's normal, but some of those hills were 70-80 metres straight up which is chalenging for me as a road runner. Still clocked a PB but would have been minutes faster on the flat. Enjoyed it but prefer the road runs and a bit more strategy over gravel lol.
  • My first half (well I did race the the train but that is a bit diferant )I just missed out on the 2hr mark but considering the calf injury last month I am pleased.
    The race was great fun and I realy enjoyed it and I would go again.
  • I liked the changes. Garmin says there were less hills, doesn't anyone remember the muddy climb at 11 miles in 2010 or the sharp ascent at 9 miles after going under the road bridge?.

    I still can't go very fast though 

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