Centurion North Downs Way 100

For a long time now I have dreamt of running a hundred miler. Is this the one?

It ticks all my boxes

My favorite trail, right time of year, marked route, well stocked aid stations and a 100 mile buckle. 

I can't think of a good reason why I wouldn't enter.

Who else is in?


  • After the resounding success of this thread I can barely find the room to typeimage.

    After just a week of deliberation I'm in.

    That's 2011 pretty much taken up. 

  • tempted. v tempted. but scary.
  • Dill- There is a thread for this race in the 'ultra/adventure racing' threads.

    Good luck! image

  • Thanks morticia I have seen the other thread and posted on it since starting this one.

    Marc. Tempted is good. Tempted leads to entering .

    I'm really quite excited the last few years has been building up to this race and the next six months will be full on training for it. I can't wait.

  • Entered!
  • Nice work guys thank you for your support in the first year. I promise you you will not be disappointed with the organisation, we know what it takes to make a 100 miler really tick and look forward to building this race in to a world class event extremely quickly. Any questions or help on training etc just drop me a line.

  • Did 66miles over two days over north downs extremely tough, can't think how hard 100 would be
  • This looks very tempting indeed .... last year I was all geared up to run the Devon 100 but eight months after paying, the race was cancelled at the last minute ... nothing has looked as appealling since until now! Living in Wiltshire now but was born and bred in Caterham so I know lots of this route as a non-runner (before running took over my life) ... most of it is beautiful so I think I may be in shortly ....

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