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Hi all,

Has anyone bought anything off this website before? I placed an order on Friday but got a strange email confirmation alerting me that my bank details don't match my address (which they do). I'm now worried that it isn't a safe website and have been trying to call them but have had no answer.

Could anyone reassure me that it's okay?

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  • ive used them lots, no probs.

    I also had trouble getting through on one telephone number....and was on hold for ages. I think I tried a couple of other options/numbers and eventually got to speak to someone

     It was the same reason as for you - and in the end it turned out they have mixed up dispatch/invoice address.

  • ah cool, thank you!
  • Used them before but ALWAYS get this issue - think its just a glitch in the site, if you call them they'll sort it for you, no issues with security though.
  • I've used them loads and found them to be very reliable.
  • Tried calling several times, but no answer. Not had a confirmation email even though I've emailed them several times as well. I really needed the items before this Saturday, so I want to cancel my order now!
  • Always been good when i've used them.
  • got through in the end, and they are sending my items special tomorrow. I don't thnk they would have sent my items though if I hadn't called them. They only put my order through when I called, whats the point of having a website.
  • I've used them a couple of times (like the Do Running hoodies). The items have always turned up but there usually is some problem with the addresses. Invoice/shipping gets mixed up.
  • This thread seems to provide pretty good evidence of why there must be better choices out on the web than using this company.
  • Ive ordered from Pro Direct (both PD Soccer and PD Running) on several occasions and have had a bit of a mixed service from them. The good's are always as described and top notch, but they take an age to arrive (7+ days), they seem to have a bizarre stocking system, and no-one answers the phone.

     On a similar note I got a pair of DS Racer's from 'Natterjack' last week, ordered a size 9 online but they emailed me (two days later) to inform me they'd "literally just sold the last pair of size 9s the moment I'd placed my order".... or in other words they just hadnt been arsed to update the site when they flogged the last pair! the end it turned out to be fine as they sent me an 8.5 (to which I agreed) and they actually fit a little better!

  • I won't be using them again.
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