Review of 2010

Ok, I know we've got a few more weeks left of the year but I thought I'd get a thread started now for everyone to give their highs & lows of 2011 & what everyone's wishes are for 2011.


Wonderful holiday in the Dominican Republic in February.

Getting to fulfill my dream of running the London Marathon.

Buying my first house with my boyfriend & ending up with a house that was well past our expectations of what we could get.

At the weekend, me & my bf will collecting our 8 week old Labrador puppy. We've want a dog for ages & we're finally in a position to get one.


I have been extremely blessed this year & haven't had any real lows. A bit of stress with buying a house & the MIL staying for 2 weeks but that's as bad as it got. I know not everyone has been that lucky &  for that I don't take any of my good fortune for granted.  

My wishes for 2011 are that my loved ones have good health & those affected by the our bad ecomony get a break.


  • Hello you!


    Dog sleding in Canada (even if the dogs did destroy my knees)

    Finishing my first half

    Learning to make chocolates nom nom nommity nom

    Getting our beautiful Alfa Brera 

    Making Christmas hampers (well, at the moment it's a high, I guess I need to wait for feed-back post Christmas day) 


    Work and colleagues are beyond irritating

    Asthma getting more and more out of control.

    Old family friend being diagnosed with rare and aggresive form of lung cancer.

    And +1 for your wishes for 2011 of course.

  • Ooh, I'll have a go image


    My continuing good fortune in living with a woman I love
    Transalpine Run


    DVT/PE/near death experience
    Failing dismally to get a tender for lots of NHS work because they moved the goalposts at the last minute

    Completely ambivalent about 2010, a real year of extreme contrasts for me...

  • Highs

    Highest running milage month in January

    Getting a job in Feb afer 9 months out of work.

    Broke 4hrs for a marathon in October

    Already broken my previous highest mileage for the year.


    Not actually liking my job at the moment.

    Will be glad to see the back of this year overall. 

  • High

    • 2 weeks in the Mont Blanc area this summer
    • New bike
    • Ironman UK
    • 4 years of marriage to a wonderful woman


    • Ironman UK
    • This job getting harder and more stressful
    • My parents both being pretty ill
  • Only lows this year so I'm another looking forward to 2011 image
  • High

    Seeing my former office manager leave
    Having a letter in my eager hands saying I no longer have any signs of thyroid cancer
    Organising my first quilt show and getting second prize for viewer's choice
    Watching my son beat his dad in his first ever 10K (20 minutes faster than I've ever done it)


    Having a big op in March (but worth it, see above)
    My depression raising its ugly head again, but still controlable right now
    Giving up running

  • Highs

    My daughter getting her degree
    passing my MMA grading
    doing 100 pressups in one go
    Growing my first tomatoes in the garden
    Doing my first race in 2 years after being injured and a severe dose of CBA
    That lead onto:
    Doing 10 races in 18 weeks to qualify for club champs
    Winning my clubs championship for age group
    Doing my first ever cross country (hooray for the hampshire league)
    Last weeks snowball fight with the kids next door


    Job getting worse
    The kitchen flooding
    Lots of other stuff not worth mentioning and worth forgetting and moving on.

  • Highs

    Continued good health for my family and my kid's great development

    First holiday alone with Wife for 10 years (Sandals resort Jamaica)

    My first HM

    Passing all my Masters Degree Assignments 

    Residential school at Henley Business School

    My new tattoo with my Wife's name on


    Getting worse off financially month by month due to economy

    Inconsitent running

  • Wow, there is some great highs out there but some terrible lows too.

    2011 will bring as an extra bank holiday but at the moment, the rest of it is unknown.

  • It's been a bit of an odd year ... but here goes  

    The lodger moving out (see below!)
    Still happily married
    My family are all healthy

    The lodger moving in (see above!)
    Taking voluntary redundancy right before Christmas
    Struggling with depression for most of the year
    Running hasn't been as consistent as I'd like - but this should change as soon as I leave my job!

  • Highs

    • Fantastic trip to Kenya for a wedding in Feb
    • Knocking 13 mins of HM pb
    • Completing first marathon
    • Sunny sunny Glastonbury


    • Getting first proper running injury (in 18 years of running!) and having most the summer off running
    • Running VLM in pain
    • Failing to finish PhD within 3 years
    • Good friends moving away

    Hopes for 2011

    • Running second marathon injusry free, and smashing last years time
    • Nice weather
    • Jobs for me and my OH to allow us to move out of shared accomodation
    • Upturn in the economy to help others, and to help with above point!
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