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  • PMJ - I've wondered about the Guernsey Running Festival at Easter - a 10k on Good Friday, XC on Saturday, XC relay on Easter Sunday and then a half on Monday. Some seriously good athletes take part as well.


    Welcome Badger - I managed sub 3:15 on 3 runs per week (plus a very gentle 4 mile recovery run) at a similar age, so it is possible. As I recall I averaged less than 30 miles per week over the 16 week cycle but I had to make sure that all sessions counted.

  • Beware Of The Fish wrote (see)

    PMJ - I've wondered about the Guernsey Running Festival at Easter - a 10k on Good Friday, XC on Saturday, XC relay on Easter Sunday and then a half on Monday. Some seriously good athletes take part as well..

    Just check out last year, Steph Twell and Emily Pigeon, looks like Aldershot took a bus ful over.

  • Abbers - You are right take on your first marathon conservatively, a massive learning experience, does n't get much easier the more you do, just realise what to expect.

    GM -  Did n't take too long to change your mind about a spring mara.image, Good luck for sunday.

    SB - Welcome and good luck with the 3:15 attempt next year.   Not A Furman fan, paces for intervals were very hard to achieve.

    Still no running for me calf still not right, back on the Insanity this week, mixed in with core/stretching/rollering sessions.  Off to Mexico next week so hopefully running by then as weather is looking rubbish.

    Good luck to the Abo crew, my first time not there in 5 years, have a good one.


  • Emily Pigeon? Haven't heard her name for a while. She was the 13 year old wunder-kid in Gloucester who was beating everyone, but then her Dad (as chief coach) fell out with the club style coaches and she er, dropped from the scene.
    Nobody outside of the clique had any beef with her or her mentor, it was just the usual sort  of in-fighting that pisses people off. Sad really. However, it's good to hear that she has got back on the scene, if geographically remote from the starting blocks.

    Meanwhile I'm in denial/taper mode.

  • AR - good running on tired legs - that's some session!
    SB - welcome to the thread - good to have some new blood. And there's plenty of us old gits here.
    Ant - all the best for tomorrow. Hope you can give it a good bash.
    GM - for a number of reasons, I've never raced more than twice in one year - it would be nice to bag a sub 40 though.
    Bike It - good progression.
    Barry - hope the insanity sorts you out soon and you'll be off the bench.
    Good luck to Moof, Blisters and anyone else racing this weekend (I'm sure I've forgotten someone, sorry).
    10 slow miles d&d to round off the week. Looking forward to starting base-training on Monday.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Best of luck to the Abo posse tomorrow.  KINAVIT and Don't Be Shit.

    7M including strides for me today.  Garmin claims I hit sub 5.30m/m on some of the strides, even though legs felt heavy and plodtastic.  Perhaps this tapering malarkey isn't such a bad thing really...

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I've been off here for a few weeks as I haven't wanted to moan and spread negativity. Basically training and motivation have taken a hit with work pressure ever increasing. Good luck to Fraser and anyone else running at the Dam. Also good luck and see you tomorrow all Abingdoners. image

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Keir - negativity ! go wash your mouth out with soap ! the elites have it easy, we are all doing this around jobs and families and they come first and even get in the way at times (work not family). You were kicking the arse out of it in the summer hols and did a coastal mara not long ago, looks like your life has saved you from going too mad with your trainers on. See it through to the end, with no negative thoughts on the day, even if that end isnt what you intended it to be when you set out at the start of the campaign...............the best you can be on the day dude, no more no less. Kids need heroes, little kids heroes are their dad, dont let yours down...........or me !

  • moofmoof ✭✭✭
    Just popping in, I've had a busy couple of days that I could have done without.

    Not even time for a little plod today.

    Good luck to keir, JD3 and blisters tomorrow. My number is 713 so come and say hello.

    And good luck to Ant in your 10k, NO STOPPING!
  • moofmoof ✭✭✭
    I'm just reading TRs last post with the dambusters tune playing in the back ground to get me in the mood! image
  • I meant to mention before - that was an amazing session from AR.

    Moof  - No, definitely no stopping..,ever again. I went to get the chip and race number this afternoon. It's a 18-mile drive but I had nothing to do and afterwards had a nice walk along the beach. Anyway, it saves me a lot of aggro and an early start tomorrow, as it's a point-to-point race and now all I have to do is park near the finish and run/jog the 3 miles-or-so to the start. I think it's a pretty good-value race - 10€ for chip timing, main roads all closed to traffic, a goodie bag at the finish and a decent (at least wearable) t-shirt given out today:


     Very best of luck to Keir, JD3, Blisters and Moof tomorrow. Give it large!

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Hello all - good luck and good wishes from here to all tomorrow's racers, particularly marathoners.
    Welcome to S.Badger
    Great post, TR  . . . . 

    Decided it was time to make myself AVIT a bit today, and acquire a benchmark, so followed a 9 miler with parkrun this a.m. - 22:04. Won't have anyone else on here looking over their shoulder, but at this stage and after the last couple of years I'm quite happy with it.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I made the 100 mile round trip to my local parkrun this morning. 20:52 but very pleased with the even pacing. Miss Minni's boyfriend came with me and knocked 5 minutes off his pb, thankfully still finishing behind me...! 

    So, we've got Ant racing tomorrow and Fraser at Amsterdam.  Who's all in for Abo? We need a list! 

    Entered a ladies team for Thunder Run. My marathon training is going to have to have an element of 10k training in there! 

  • Why aren't you running it solo Minni?

    Welcome Mr Badger!

    Good luck to Ant (AVIT), Fraser, Keir, Blisters, Moof and JD3 tomorrow. I think there'll be some very impressive times knocked out. Hurry back with your reports.....

    I'm back on the bench. Had a bit of a sore groin for a week or two and got distracted by a quite amazing view yesterday whilst running on the fell. Took my eyes off my foot placement and kinda did the splits. Ouch. Much RICE and crossing of fingers going on. Trying to persuade the wife to give me a groin massage but she's having none if it. Bah!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    good work Birch, keep up the fighting spirit.

    SJ - wives are carp like that !

    Minni - you're crackers, 100M round trip for a Parkrun. there's probably a few round here nowadays and I havnt done one.

  • Good luck to al the Abo racers, forecast is not great but gettign better: midweek they wree forecasting lightning at 1pm so if you don;t break 3 hours you get blasted away.

    I'm off to Cabbage Patch 10 and I expect to break the hour for the first time in a bad sense.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Good luck to the racers tomorrow. PMJ that looks ambitious image

    Welcome badger. I think most on here would agree that 4 runs a week is not ideal and more than 3* 20 milers are required in a campaign. Sections of those LSR's also need to get up near race pace. 3*20 milers all at plod pace may not be enough come race day. Just my view.

    Nice to hear from you Kier. I'm also suffering with work hence my absence this week. Put in a good parkrun though- 18:26 and 3rd overall. I only travelled 2 miles to mine Minni image




  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Haha Slokey that won't work but I'm sure she'll hold the ice pack for you! Hope it improves. 

    TR - but that three miles were faster than any three miles I would do on my own so worth it!!! 

    Is there anyone from here doing Thunder Run? 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    OO - nice one. I promise I'll turn up at yours one day! I'll surprise you. 

  • Rest day for me. It was thunder and lightening when I passed through Oxfordshire, so I hope that is the worst out the way for the Abo crew. Good luck to everyone running it. 

    Have a good race tomorrow Ant and shake off last week. 

    PMJ - race well, even if you don't hit previous times. You are coming back strong.

    Great parkruns Minni and OO.

  • Funny weather in Oxfordshire. Like you say AR, absolute downpours across much of the county. But at Enstone totally dry all day.

    Good luck to all (other) racers tomorrow.

  • 100 miles Minni - crikey! Sounds like an opportunity to set one up closer to home.

    Welcome to Badger - glad you survived the cull! 

    Debut in the Surrey XC league (div 2) for me today - there are some speedy blokes out there so tried to avoid going off too fast. Think I did OK but will have to wait until tomorrow to see the results.

    Finally, all the very best to AntFraser, KeirJD3Blisters, Moof and PMJ for tomorrow. Hope the weather holds out for you. Looking forward to hearing about some stonking performances.

  • moofmoof ✭✭✭
    Pissing down with rain, gale force winds and now a little bit of thunder!


    Let's go and run a marathon.image
  • Cabbage Patch 10 today and by some odd quirk of fate my best ever distance on paper as I have always beaten the hour in ever 10 mile race I have ever raced. It always looked hard to beat it this year: the years do start to tell and the calculators say it will get harder each year but somehow I have sneaked in. Decided to give myself a chance but with the proviso that I'd back off to avoid crash and burn. Overnight was very wet but as 9am came the rain stopped and the sun came out so didn't look bad running conditions at all.

    Cabbage Patch is an odd race with gun to chip timing as it starts in the middle of the High Street so the runners are assembled in a side street, then they close the road for one or two minutes to get the race started and then re-open the road, so no start line timing mat. Means you need to be up near the sharp end to avoid a time penalty.

    Managed the start well, back about 4 or 5 rows and first mile in 5:58 and felt easy. Mile 2 in 5:59 and I am starting to think it may be on. Up and over Twickenham Bridge and still sub 18 at 3 miles (the bridge slows you down a bit) and then mile 4 along the Thames on the flat and another sub 6. Course now starts to get a little messy and a few inclines and turns break the rhythm and 5 miles in 30:10. 

    The second half is harder so the hour has gone so I decide to be a little less aggressive and try and bring it home tidy.  Mile 6 is 6:05 but then miles 7 and 8 in 6:16 and 6:19 start to show the tiredness and the surface is mixed with some gravel and towpath. Mile 9 has a steep slope and steps up to Richmond Bridge and then a nasty down and sharp turns again to get onto the river bank. The 9 mile marker was off by a country mile, I passed it in 54:15 and my Garmin didn't beep for 9 miles until a good minute later. This threw me, I was frantically doing the maths and reckoned a 6:30 final mile would see me 60:45 easy but I knew I was 50 seconds down at least on 6 minute pace at 8 miles so how had I made so much time up over the steps and bridge?

    Anyhow, I hadn't, Gamrin splits looked OK at 6:36 and 6:24 for the mast two miles and 61:36 overall.

    So the hour monkey is off my back, no need to can it for 5 miles again so maybe next year more even and try to match this year. WAVA over 80% which is my new target so another tick. 

  • moofmoof ✭✭✭
    2.58.43! Tough, tough last 4 miles. Really chuffed with the time.

    full report later...I may be drunk.

    Never.Ever.Again!! image
  • Great stuff Moof. Delighted for you. Feels like we need a report once you've had a few beers. 

  • Moof -  Well done, enjoy the celebration.

  • Well done Moof. Superb image 

    nice WAVA scoring again PMJ.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Well done Moof and must be a good WAVA, PMJ.

    13M easy for me this morning to clear the head: farewell concert for our now ex-principal conductor meant a few beers afterwards.  Still, 7.40s felt pretty comfortable after a few easy miles to warm up.  Now for a week of very little running, bar a race at the end of it!

  • Good run there Moof, sounds like the course was hard this year and a result of any kind is good but a sub 3 on that has to be appluaded.

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