Sub 3h15



  • 2:43!  Let us all know when/where your new thread appears.

    Very solid HM Mr Menna. Enjoy the win!

    1hr hard bike then straight into a 30min run - fancying some Spitfire myself now.....

  • Well done, Mennania.  Sounds like you are due a great winter if that's what you've achieved off a sub-optimal summer/autumn!

    Good luck, AR.  Should be an interesting experience.  I guess it's the same principle ultra training uses: do consecutive 20M runs to build for a 50M race, etc., so I can see it could work.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Mennania - nice one, it was obviously the double the distance session of 30sec/30sec that made the difference.

    AR - with all the marathons plus marathin length training runs and all the long runs you've done this year you have plenty of endurance. So the Hansen thing might be just the ticket to stop you doing too much.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Mennania - nice one, it was obviously the double the distance session of 30sec/30sec that made the difference.

    AR - with all the marathons plus marathin length training runs and all the long runs you've done this year you have plenty of endurance. So the Hansen thing might be just the ticket to stop you doing too much..........mbop !

  • Do it all night

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Excellent miles in the wet, Ant - whilst drizzle is OK, I don't enjoy running in driving rain
    Great racing, Menna, and good age-group pot hunting
    Impressive streak of 32 days there, Lorenzo - most I ever managed was 25 - anyone on here with high consecutive running days?
    AR - will follow with interest - I too hope you do it - I certainly wager you'll give it a fair effort
    rest day here - 39 miles for the week . . . .

  • AR - ditto Birchs comments looking forward top see how you get on with it.

    Am wishing I had paced the Spitfire a little better today....not feeling great. 


  • Birch - good back to back mileage - coming along nicely. Sounds like you've earned that rest day.
    Ant - good progressive run and a good week over all.
    Poacher - all in good time - just over 6 months to m-day. Good parkrunning - creepy though.
    SJ - are you sure it wasn't lifting the treadie up 2 flights of stairs that gave you the injury in the first place?
    KR - slow miles is definitely the plan for the next couple of months.
    PMJ - good XC running.
    Mennania - stonking HM. Congrats on being 1st old git and a great result.
    AR - interesting plan - changing everything all in one go! And as for the target...
    Lorenzo - impressive consecutive running.
    9 more slow miles with 8 x 100m strides d&d.

  • SJ - please tell up next you're getting an Olympic Bar.  Treadie seems a good move though as once you have had the luxury it seems hard to get outside in the cold.

    Top running Mennania - It's an excellent performance with that hill. Spitfire well deserved

    Looking forward to hear about the Hanson method AR.  I have faith in you that you can hit the target of 2:43.


    4.5 mile last night just as dusk fell off-road and through a wood on the side of a hill - classic mistake made though.  Nightfall when you're in a wood with exposed tree roots and rabbit holes in the path is not the place to be when you're headtorch batteries have gone flat over summerimage

    In the scope of 'what if the opposite were true', I've been diet tinkering to try to get this excess lard off.  After years of hearing 'fat bad / carbohydrate good' I've been trying LCHF (low carbohydrate, high fat) for the last 2 weeks and this includes lots of saturated fat.  There is no caloric restriction - I just eat as much (quality) fat as I like with higher protein and low carbohydrate. I'm 3.4kg down in 2 weeks, although probably around 2kg is admittedly glycogen/water mix.  If it goes well then I'll be optimised for fat burning by Spring time and carrying essentially unlimited fuel for the whole days running.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Will catch up properly in a bit. All gone a bit mental here, as Mrs A has developed either bronchitis or whooping cough (doc didn't provide an absolute diagnosis) which is rather messing up her PGCE placement, our boiler has broken for about the 4th time this year, I'm still on part weeks trying to juggle work & childcare, and time for running is somewhat haphazard! Got out for a cathartic 11.5 on Saturday morning though, a bit slippy out there, but I like running in the cold. Shame my entertainment of choice (cricket commentary from Brisbane) didn't live up to the surroundings.

  • Hope your mrs recovers quickly Abbers and that you give her a wide berth until thenimage

    BikeIt, yes, an olympic bar is on the list to the complement the second hand multi gym I'll be picking up next week image Interesting news on the lchf diet. I've noticed a difference just with a slight reduction in carb to fat ratio. 

  • That's a good chunk to take off in 2 weeks Bike It. In real terms what kind of food are you eating / not eating?

  • KR I've been eating stuff like:

    breakfasts: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage

    snacks: nuts, Greek/Turkish yogurt (full fat no sugar), cheese (any)

    dinner/lunch: any meat or fish (eating all the fat too), vegetables from above the ground or salad.  Add cream to meat and veg or oils to salad oils.  More nuts or yogurt if I want. So things like steak+salad, mousaka, beef casserole, chicken casserole with cream/sour cream.  Lunches at work have been leftovers or fatty salad with Avo and cheese or canned fish.

    oils: butter, coconut oil, olive, flaxseed oil, ghee

    No sugar (includes fruit), no wheat, no tubers, avoid omega 6 oils (rapeseed, peanut,...)

    I would love an Olympic bar too SJ.  Strengthwise I've had a lot of benefit from just deadlifts and squats.  Sadly I don't think I've got space at home though

  • Interesting Bike-it. Is that based on any of  Noakes  Low Carb - High Fat approach? Before taking up running I shifted about 3 stones using the Harcombe diet which plays on both sides of the Carb v Fat thinking. I could have as much fat, or as much carbs as I wanted in a single meal, but not both in the same meal  (and no processsed foods). It is very similar to Noakes in terms of getting insulin release under control

    It really shifted the weight and I still comply with it most of the week, but nowadays often lapse at the weekend. I tend to have more carby meals that fat meals, and I think I'm in the 'carbohydrate tolerant' group that Noakes writes about.

    Not sure where the Mennania spitfire ale prize  fits into the diet, although it sounds like it is all D&D now.


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    SJ, thanks for the good wishes.

    Always intrigued by the different diets people follow, and how effective (or otherwise) they are for any given individual. All experiments of one, and all that, and one size doesn't fit all. Often wonder if eating less wheat-based carbs would make a difference; might have to investigate one day, but I'm not sure that during my maiden marathon campaign is really the right time! Fascinating discussion though.

    A steady 5 ticked off at lunch.

  • I just eat everything I want to and run 50 miles a week. 50 miles is roughly 5000 calories or 2 days food, so I can eat 9 days food in 7. Other way of looking at it, is that a pound of body mass has about 3500 calories so 5000 calories is just under 1.5 pounds so if you eat normal, you loose 1.5 lbs.

    I normally run about 35 miles a week (1 lb) so if I up it by 50% I loose about a half pound a week so over a 16 week campaign I go from 152 lbs (10 stone 12) to 144 lbs racing weight (10 stone 4).

  • 7 years ago I was 100+kg after divorce down-spiral and then brought that down with the typical calorie restriction diet.  Probably I was around 88kg when I started running and then was probably around 82kg for my best marathon.  Over the years my conception of eating normally has faded anyway so my natural state is just to eat lots and then running sorts out the usage of the excess.  But since I got injured my weight has dramatically increased as I'm not running 50 miles per week.

    What I am doing is the same as Noakes advocates.  It's got good evidence for weight control, but also good evidence of overall health improvement and reduction of probability of disease.

    Early days so far, but I've noticed intense work out (gym based) are quicker to exhaustion.  No impact on running (but I'm just running easy mostly or short reps) or cycling.  What I've read is that performance should be restored after around a month once the body adapts full. Let's see.

  • I've never really monitored what I eat.  If anything, I find I have to make an effort to eat more when in full training (i.e. 70mpw).  I enjoy the Two Desserts A Day phase.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Beer and crisps are a big weakness for me. Beer is usually at the weekend but lately I've tried to cut out the crisps, especially when the mileage from running is low. Currently around 86kg, but with the LSRs getting longer over the next few weeks, that will start to come off.

    Went to see some rugby at the weekend. A big group of us went to the Harlequins v Gloucester game and got stuck into the ale. While I was only mildly fuzzy faced and not at all proper drunk, I still couldn't face a run the next day due to lack of sleep and family commitments, so I gave myself a punishment beating today.

    The beating was a cheeky little track session for my sins at lunchtime today. 1 mile w/up with hard efforts of 400m, 1 mile, 1 mile and a final 400m with 400m recoveries which included some walking to ensure heart rate went low before the next repeat. Best reps were a 400m in 1.23 and a a 6.20 mile rep which wasn't bad as the north easterly headwind down on side of the track was testing.

    Jogged 1 mile back to the office to complete a 6 mile overall session which averaged 7.30. My pal and I certainly put the effort in today.


  • Interesting diet BI, but if it works that's great.  I can beat the lot of you (sadly at eating not at running) - at a recent hotel buffet it was 3 starters, 3 main courses and 9 desserts, although some were not all that big.  MrsP was appalled.  I am a warrior.

    Lorenzo - I did notice a strange heavy breathing sound when you were running just behind me...image


  • Bike It - I would love to eat like that, but wouldn't my cholesterol go through the roof? It obviously works for you, though, so good luck with it. 

    Pulled a toenail off today, the first for ages. Sorry Minni - no video. 

  • I once went to the Pudding Club:

    After a choice of three modest main courses the main business of the evening begins when seven traditional puddings are paraded with ceremony - and cheers of anticipation. These will include well known favourites like Sticky Toffee and Date as well as the more unusual such as Sussex Pond and Lord Randall’s Pudding.

    Each pudding is accompanied by lashings of Custard and you can indulge in as many as you want - within the rules - until you say “I’m full!” Afterwards relax with coffee and tea while casting your vote for “Pudding of the Night”.

    I can report I ate all 7 puddings and then went back for seconds of jam roly poly, but that was my limit, 8 puddings (not deserts mind you).

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sorry had a really busy couple of weeks and had little time so been lurking but no time to post.  Miss Minni had a mini meltdown with the stress of A levels and I had to do all that mother stuff image even missing some runs.  Last weekend was a PW at Oxford Parkrun on a weekend of copious amounts of alcohol image with the sub 3:30 bunch.   

    Great running as usual going on. 

    Oooh I'd love to see that toe Ant. 

  • I've been following the low carb/high protein/fat diet for about a year now, but as I haven't been running it's difficult to know the full effect. When I started it my weight had crept up a few pounds due to inactivity, but I went went straight back down to my normal training weight (11st 4lb) almost within a week, and I've been 11st 4lb or 11st 5lb every time I've weighed myself since. It'll be interesting to see how I get on with it once I step up the long runs and get back into a full marathon schedule - how will I cope when I start to run out of energy and will being used to burning fat as opposed to carb really make a difference?

    Back down to earth with a bump yesterday. After the pleasant surprise of the Brighton 10k time, reality bit back with a vengeance at the cross country. Everything felt heavy and sluggish and the merest sign of a hill I went backwards. To be fair I was always planning on running it fairly steadily, but not as steadily as that. Last time I ran this in 2011 I did 36:03 for 67th, this time 38:45 for 154th!

  • Bike It - good luck with the new diet. I'm rather blasé about my weight/diet - don't even own a set of weighing scales.
    Abbers - sorry to hear about Mrs A - hope her placement isn't totally messed up.
    SB - nice track session.
    BOTF - all good training and experience in any case.
    12 slow miles @ 8:48 m/m d&d at the usual time this morning.

  • Listened to marathontalk on the way into work this morning and they talked about the 26th Ageo City Half Marathon where 18 guys run sub 63 for the half marathon. When I was fast, 6 minute miling was the thing, these guys are doing 3 minutes per km and 21 back to back: my PB at 3k was just inside 9 minutes and I was dead at the end of 3, just another 18 to go.

    po10 shows only Mo has gone sub 63 this year, and event the all time records only have 63 UK athletes 63 or better.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Minni - Hope Miss Minni's OK.

    PMJ - like the sound of pudding clubs. Might have to investigate further... image Amazing result from Japan. The next world super power of distance running?

    Nice early miles from Gul, as usual. Mrs A has missed a week of placement, and forced herself back in yesterday, even though she's really not well. Miss more than a week, and the whole placement gets scrapped and needs to be repeated later in the year.

    Some speedy stuff from SB at the track.

    10 at 7:50s for me at lunch.



  • I'm liking the sound of the Two Desserts A Day phase. I may keep that one in reserve. Not sure I fancy a double Sussex Pond though.

    Good lunch time track session Badger. An easy 5 from me today

  • Top scoffing there Poacher and PMJ.  I used to be able to eat like that...

    The standard of running in Japan is always very high.  It's really perceived as a top sport there and most companies (mine excluded which has baseball, basketball and rugby I think) have running team. It really doesn't surprise me to see so many Japanese guys go so fast.

    I'm fully expecting my cholesterol to go through the roof Ant but the composition to change.  I'm expecting the amount of HDL cholesterol and large particle LDL cholesterol to increase and the small LDL particles (the stuff that stick in the arteries) to reduce.  That would be a health improvement from what I read because of less of the type of cholesterol that leads to plaque in the arteries.

    Spin session and weights for me this lunchtime.

  • Lots of fruit cake and apple pie with cream, AR.  Bring on base building and proper mileage again!

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