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  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Any particular reason why you ease up for Christmas Gul? I usually take 2 weeks off so actually run more.

  • Gul - Always a good idea to give those legs a bit of a reminder.

    With that spirit in mind I set off a lot later than I normally would (having had to overcome an enormous bout of CNBA) and did a 9.5-miler incl. 6 x 1000 off 2-min jog recoveries. A funny set - I tried to keep it slightly controlled with the feeling that there was more in the bag, but, as always, by the end I'd had plenty, thank you very much. Anyway - 3:55, 3:53, 3:51, 3:52, 3:41 & 3:45.

    Very pleased to have got them done as I really was within an inch of sacking it...

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Some good quicker stuff from Gul and Ant there.

    Our floor's Christmas lunch today, so a blank for me on the running side of things (hic). image

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Satisfying sessions, Ant; the ones where you really didn't fancy it beforehand, but which turn out well - nice one !!

  • Nice session Ant. Ditto Gul

    Enjoy the festivities Abbers

    First session of P&D for me - 9 with 4 at LT which came out at 6.06, 6.03, 6.03 and 6.01 and (slightly up on the way out, slightly down on the way back).

    11 MLR for me but I am thinking of splitting it and doing a double to work and back. Do I lose out significantly doing it this way?

  • I take a few weeks easy over Christmas. Always seems sensible as I reckon it takes about 4 weeks to loose form but about 2 weeks to cure any niggles, so I base build from October to mid December and then come Jan 2nd I am ready to go, niggle free, for 3 months solid.

  • Good plan PMJ

    My annual strategy is to train well in Dec then let it all go to pot in Jan, try to catch up in Feb, give up entirely in Mar then scrape a GFA time at VLM while musing on what might have been. Happy days. Although with Comrades looming, this won't do in 2014. Need to HTFU fast.

    Abbers is it not a tad early for Christmas lunch?

    Nice work Ant, you won't regret it
  • Ho hum, another week of no running. Saw the physio today and my right piriformis is tighter than a very tight thing, hence the pain in the arse and down thigh, and the even more pronounced turning out of the right foot (and if you've ever seen me normally you'll know that Charlie Chaplin has nothing on me in that regard already). So I had the joys of the elbow and full bodyweight in my right cheek, and it hurt like a bastard! And now I have to sit and jiggle about on a golf ball.

  • OO - doing a bit of travelling this Christmas, which always plays havoc with my schedule, so taking a few days off or sneaking a few short runs seemed like a good idea.
    Ant - That was a really cracking interval session.
    Mennania - probably a case of swings and roundabouts, but I wouldn't split the MLR into a double every week as they're an important part of the P&D training plan, I think.
    Poacher - you'll be fine.
    BOTF - ouch! Hope that does the trick.
    3 recovery miles @ 9:01 m/m this morning.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Some quick miles from Men, and easy ones from Gul.

    BOTF, does that qualify as "cruel and unusual"? Certainly sounds painful, but will hopefully ease your issues.

    Poacher, indeed, it was difficult to feel very festive, but with ~30 of us, getting anything booked nearer to Christmas with most people available was proving difficult. Went on a cruise up & down the river Itchen, getting a guided tour of Southampton water/docks while we were eating, drinking & making merry. Not as glamorous as the more visitor friendly Portsmouth docks with the Victory, Mary Rose, etc., and it is still a working docks, but some interesting historical bits & bobs.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I always run hard over Christmas as its a great opportunity when I have more time. image

    50k at the weekend has been changed to the HM option as I didn't feel I'd done enough training.  Might do some laps with Poacher.  I'm not planning on racing it but a nice progressive run would be good.

    XC last weekend was awesome.  I loved it.  Started from a faster pack, which meant a 2 minute handicap and I was a bit nervous but it went well and finished 2nd fastest for my club but 4th runner so didn't count. 

    OO do you not do any of the NEHL?  Its awesome.  Over 1000 runners last weekend.

    Now, I never ask or beg for sponsorship money etc but I am going to ask you guys to give your support to another runner.  Malcs, who has dropped in here from time to time, has been shortlisted for the Asics thingy and needs votes.  This year its pure and simple - the person with the most votes wins.  He was very supportive of Sarah O on my mentoring thread last year and ran his own pb of 26 minutes to finish just the wrong side of 3:30.  This year his aim is sub 3:30 and then onto 3:15.

    You can find the voting page HERE simply click on the image  He also has a thread running.



  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    BWoF, sorry to hear, I know that pain well.

    Minni I work Saturday in the shop of my missus so harrier league is no good for me. So I do parkrun then go to work image. Are you doing any of the New Years Day races. If I don't go off to the Lakes I fancy the morpeth 12k.

    I'm trying to have a better week and get to 40 miles and repair my dip in form.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    OO - yes definitely going to do one.  I did the Headaches and Hillforts last year that went from Rothbury up Simonside.  I really enjoyed it.  Morpeth 12k - its that road?


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Yes road Minni- organised by Morpeth Harriers, nice scenic route but not flat.

    My new office has a small gym with a treadmill which seems completely underused, so I gave it a thorough workout this lunchtime. It probably has not known the like for a while. Then I went outside for 15 mins in the cold Geneva air with my shorts and T shirt. This could become a new routine...

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a good facility to have close to hand OO!

    5 for me at lunch, started easy but last couple were around 7mm as I knew I had to get back for a call... image

  • Any targets so far for Comrades Poacher?  Or are you going to surprise us?

    It was my boy's nativity play yesterday so I took the afternoon off to see that and did a tempo hill session before of 6miles which came out at 7:30 pace which was pleasing given that I've struggled around the same course much slower than that previously.  I took him for ice cream at a nearby pub afterward and bought the Christmas tree.  So Christmas is starting in my house from now.

    Ran to the gym this lunchtime and did 30min of kettlebells before running some more with 2x1 mile a little bit faster and a little bit easier than 2 weeks ago, but still really closer to my 5mile pace.

    My wife and kids are off to SA for 2weeks from Sunday, so I'm busy planning a mega training fortnight.  Then try and get some longer runs in over over Christmas and New Year but drop the gym.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    A quick read back and BB's run was superb. Great speed. I'll never be that quick.

    Had a tempo session at lunchtime and knocked out a 10k at 6.50 pace on a course that had plenty of incline and not a lot of reward given on the descents. Quite pleased with the time, it's a 10k PB as I've only ever raced a couple. Add to that the tough 6 mile hill session on Monday and a beast of a spinning class last night and it's a good few days overall.

    Today seems to show my hills and track sessions are starting to pay off.

    A casual 10 miler at the weekend before the Brighton campaign begins on Monday.


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    6:50 on your own is going some Sporty I can never motor like that on my own. I'm you'll go much quicker at race pace.

    Undid my good work at lunch with two gross sandwiches this PM 

  • BOTF - ouch, good luck.

    Abbers - sounds fun, fascinating historic sights round there. I'm doing the Pompey mara later this month, always good to run by the water

    Nice treadie OO

    Bike It - no target, it's 6 months away. The distance doesn't worry me, but the heat and the hills do. What are you thinking of on terms of a target?

    Nice run SB

    Minni - I'm on the registration desk, see you there. What sort of pace are you looking at? I might struggle to keep up.
  • Of course I'd love to run a silver medal for Comrades, but in reality that is too far away. 8 m/m sounds doable but the hills, heat and distance will kill all but the best candidates. Stretch Comrades target would be to run sub 8:20 and a 28 minute PB on the down run.  Training is currently focused on 'the last third' training - strength training and hard running when knackered from strength sessions.  It's all an experiment, but I'm optimistic that I could get a significant PB (currently stands at 8:48 for the down run).  Current topics is also fat metabolism to sort out the fuel problem - not convinced it will work but planning some testing over the coming months.

  • As a newbie, I bow to your knowledge. I find the thought of Comrades scarier than the GUCR. 8.48 is very impressive
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Poacher - my plan at the moment is to run it as a progressive run.  So I might start with you and do some laps then try to speed up.  However, I suspect you will go off faster than you plan.... image

  • ...then crash and burn in a heap. Just for a change. I shall look forward to your company.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Me too Poacher. The weather's looking good - I predicting a great day out! 

  • SB - Quality 10k lunchrun, that's a great pace for a training run with hills inc. You should sign up for a fast 10k, you might suprise yourself.image

    Inspired by your run I did 4 with 1st w/u 7:17, then 6:48. 6;47 and 6:34 to finish it off, felt pretty good.

    Only race here is on boxing day, a 10k, would prefer xmas day one for obvious reasons.

  • Mennania - Whether to split a MLR in two or not depends on your mental strength. I probably need to have more practice at doing longer runs regularly as for me the hardest part is the psychological one, but I suspect you're stronger in that respect.

    BOTF - Sorry to hear about your injury woes, hope you're better soon.

    SB - Very good 10k pace for a training run - it's hard going, that.


  • Btw, the Christmas lights were switched on in town today. Very beautiful, as you can see here, but a bit soon, isn't it?

  • Hi all, glad to see all the usual suspects still here. Sorry to be AWOL for such a long time but had a naff summer and struggled to have anything worth saying! I have been lurking pretty regularly though so pleased to see the continued progress on the thread!

    The knee injury I picked up prior to Halstead has taken forever to improve and I've had more false starts on the road to recovery than I care to remember. 

    anyhow have managed a couple of half decent weeks so fingers crossed!

  • Minni - sounds like a good XC race.
    OO - do you see many other runners in Geneva?
    Abbers - nice fast finish!
    Bike It - good start to Christmas - don't be tempted to overdo the training while the family are away.
    SB - well done on the tempo run.
    GM - ditto.
    Ant - our town lights are on already - not as impressive though.
    DS2 - good to hear from you - sorry things have not gone well. Here's hoping you're ready to get back in form.
    5 miles @ 9:05 m/m. Looking forward to having a blast at parkrun on Saturday,

  • Mennania, I think there is  big difference between a double and a MLR. I accidentally did 8 Tuesday am and 8 Tuesday pm for 16 and it was a piece of cake and I know that a straight 16 is far harder. The miles will count but you are not getting the real benefit of the MLR.

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