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  • Jantastic: do we have a team?

  • Jantastic: I'm in

  • Me too. Are we setting up a team with the usual name?

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Thanks Gul - been a bit of sh*te summer really. Not helped by my dad passing away end of October. Hopefully, I can get back into it but having a constant niggle made it pretty demotivating.


  • Sorry to hear you've been through a rough time DS2. I hope you have turned a corner and things are picking up.

    Jantastic - me and my shiny new plan means I might as well jump in too for the first time.

    I'm currently trying to square up the easy paces that I was given by Hansons, with the chapter on easy running from their book. They seem out of kilter. My first bit of confusion alreadyimage

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Thanks AR. I'm glad to be back running since it helps enormously with the stress levels. I've realised running at any pace is far more important than running fast but I do hope to get a bit faster!image

    Is the Hanson plan tailormade?  What book?

  • DS2 - Sorry to hear of your loss. Hope you can take solace in happy memories.

    PMJ/Bike It/Gul/AR - Shall I set up the team as usual, then? Everyone happy with the name (The Consistently Consistent Sub-3.15 Team)?


  • Taking an executive decisión, The Consistently Consistent Sub-3.15 Team is born. #Come and join us, come and join us, come and join us over 'ere#

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Well done Ant - I shall follow the team with great interestimage

    Thanks for the condolences. He had a difficult last few months so it's something of a relief as well as a sad time.

  • DS2 - really sorry to hear about your Dad.
    Ant - nice one. I'm in.

  • Sorry to hear about your dad, DS2.

    Nothing of great interest this end: been running a bit and working a bit...

  • Sorry to hear about your Dad DS2.

    Thanks Ant for setting things up.

    Spinning and weights today with no running for me.  Bought a 20kg kettlebell so I can hurt myself at weekends too.

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Thanks one and all.

    I'm up to 4 runs per week for the last couple of weeks (approx. 30mpw). Am intending to do the P&D up to 55 this year starting next week. Not sure I'll cope with 55-70 following virtually 6 months out.

    I have just registered for Jantastic for the first time and hope it will help with motivation. A bit concerned that if I were to join the thread team and then I have a relapse I will let you all down so will probably stay as an individual. But at least I can play alongside you allimage

    Bike it - 20kg kettelbell sound pretty heavy? Also, have rejoined my gym and was thinking of doing some spin classes. Can you advise me of the pro's and con's running wise?

  • Your current team is “The Consistently Consistent Sub-3:15 Team”.  image

  • DS - Sorry ro hear of your loss. Good luck with the schedule.

    Just had to look up Jantastic - oooh the peer pressure!

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Condolences to DS2 at a sad time. Thoughts are with you and yours.

    Seems a bit insignificant posting about running after that, but 7 done here earlier, had to push it a little to get back before picking up younger Ms A from pre-school, so ended up with a 7.30 average rather than the easy run I had planned. I guess that will be close to tempo pace (goal mara pace) come 2014.

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Menn/ Abbers - thanks. My Dad was a proper sportsman so would absolutely appreciate the running talk!

    In fact I've used it as motivation to get back to a decent fitness level. 

    Good going - the ability to run anywhere near 7:30mm for 26.2 seems a million miles away at the moment!

  • DS2 - Like others have said, sorry to hear your loss. Glad that running is helping you deal with that and you are enjoying the other benefits that it bestows upon us who run.

    Deja vu for me again tonight, slighly yuckier conditions though - 4 miles 1st w/u 7:10, then 6:55, 6:47 and 6:48 all fairly comfortable and enjoying the short sharper end of stuff at the mo even if it is all I can manage.

    Ant - Those lights are nothing like I've seen before, very beautiful. Are you in Spain for xmas?

    Abbers - nice run.

  • 5 miles tonight with the club, a leisurely 45 minutes, and nothing hurts, which is nice.

  • BOTF - Good to hear.

  • Hi all

    DS2 sorry to hear your sad news, I'm pretty sure it was you who had mentioned your Dads running achievements before on here which were a little on the tasty side.

    Work has been manic the last few weeks so I've not had time to post but I've kept one eye on the thread.

    Plenty of decent running and racing going on here the last few weeks, too many to praise, although I must mention badbarks monster mileage, incredible.

    And Sporty badger, don't think you can't achieve those great times as well, take a look at Badbarks power of 10 stats and see how far he has come through just plain ol' hard work.(no offence BB)

    OO continues to knock out some very fast parkruns and a nice 10 miler as well, and well done to Gul of your sub 19.

    I see everyones mileage is starting to creep up.

    I've had a low mileage November, about 120 and most of them were in the last couple of weeks. I've been doing a fair bit of Speed and hill work and have been feeling strong and fast (ish) but unfortunately this week I've hurt my back which is giving me all sorts of grief. So no running until it settles as that is one niggle I'm not going to blindly train through.

    I must get myself onto the jantastic team, GO CC 3.15! (We'll show Minnis lot this year!)

    Minni and DS2, Malcs has my vote.

    Right, I'm off to have a look at Also-rans mmm bop thread.
  • AvO, picking up on your comment about Chistmas arriving a bit soon, I'm afraid that you've been away a bit too long. The lights in Cheltenham were officially switched on 23rd November, and in Gloucester it was the 17th November. Personally speaking, I illuminate our house on 1st December, for that is Advent, and switch off on 12th night.

    Anyway, today, my first day back after the man-cold. Still coughing a bit of luminous green, but not a lot. 0700 start for 10 miles at 8m/m with a bloke I met in the pub the night before.

  • 1st Dec our lights went on, if you have a problem with that you'll have to speak to our 8 year old, he demanded it! Santa needs a well lite runway.

    Looks quite tasteful......if you shop at Tesco.
  • Abbers, GM, Blisters - nice running.
    BOTF - good to hear the niggles have gone.
    - sorry to hear about your back.
    Took my younger daughter into town last night for the second night of her dance show to discover that it had been cancelled because of the flood risk. Quayside was closed off earlier in the afternoon and the gates shut; I could see a small amount of water on the road as I turned the car around. We got off lightly in the end I think, but looks quite bad in other parts of the Norfolk coast and down through Suffolk and the rest of the east coast.
    2 miles @ 8:46 m/m.

  • Last few days have been slow. I can't decide if I was ill or tired or both but definitely need a day off tomorrow before racing Sunday. I have not had a day off since Sandhurst and have run 113 miles since then in 12 days. Means I need to honour the rest days in P&D.

  • DS2 - Spin classes can be good fun but a lot depends on the leader.  The one at my gym is great as she makes it very challenging and pushes us hard. When she is not there the substitues are just not so good.  I find it a lot easier to go into the red zone as she is pushing me and don't really have to motivate myself so much.  It's basically an interval session of high cadence at low resistance or low cadence at high resistance.

    Recovery is quick even though the workout was intense and you can still do it if you have some injuries.  On my come back I feel fit and recover well but am not as fast as I should or need to be.  Also my hip flexors have tightened a bit.  So I would say it is fun, something a bit different and useful to keep some condition through an injury.

    What I think is a bit pointless is press-up on the bike.  Some people are really grinding at high resistance at very low cadence and that's a good way to injure the knees.  Also the music is a bit taste dependent

  • When I was at University in Hull back in the day I'm pretty sure the city decorations went up in late Octoberimage.

    My decorations will go up around the 14th-15th, although I do have an Advent Calendar on the go. 

    Gerard - Yes the Christmas lights here are really something. I will be here for Christmas; as much as I love going to England at this time of year, it is a lot of aggro and difficulttravel in dodgy weather. Once I've decided not to go, it's almost a relief. I organise the whole kit and caboodle here - if I didn't, we probably wouldn't have a Christmas at all.

    I received another of those irritating "Ten Fatal Running Mistakes" thongs the other day, but a Spanish one. The usual no-stretching-before-running advice was there, but curiously so was "your longest run should never exceed 2 hours". This has always been the mainstay of the advice of the Spanish versión of the Runner's World rag, and I've always marvelled at it. I wrote back and wished them luck at Mile 22!

    A lovely long Public Holiday weekend for me! Off til Tuesday, and Mrs. Ant has gone to see her sister in La Coruña til Monday. So the leg of lamb is slow-roasting in the oven as we speak, a decent bottle of red has been fished out if the extensive bodega here at Casa Ant, Season 5 of The Sopranos is ready to roll on the DVD, etc. etc.

    I did my duty first, though, and got a steady 7-miler done @ 7:03mm. The weight is starting to drop, too.

  • Ant, we know that Hull likes to do things its own way, and as the UK City of Culture (2017) it will soon time for the rest of the UK to take its lead.

  • Ant van Oviedo wrote (see)

    I received another of those irritating "Ten Fatal Running Mistakes" thongs the other day, but a Spanish one.


    Things, I meant - things!!

  • Nice one Ant sounds like a great weekend lined up. Love the Sopranos, JG was a great actor and Tony S was a brilliant if somewhat loathsome character. Perhaps the Spaniards (they have had some runners of note in the past) aspirations are to be the first sub 2 marathon runners!image I do miss all those pubic holidays we used to get when we where out in Islas Canarias.

    Indoors at the mo studying and tricky trying to get stuff done especially when teh weather is like this outside.image





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