Sub 3h15



  • Ant - Yeah yeah we believe you. Runners mags ehimage

    Rubbish photo I just posted there, had issues trying to resize but it's a cracking day out there.

  • Very nice here today, too:


     You can tell I've got nothing to do, can't you?

  • Nice day at "The Office" here too, near Slough


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Nice AR. image

    Not quite the view from my office but this is my back garden.  Taken on a run on Sunday...


    Next door have decided not to do Jantastic this year so I've joined your team - I hope you'll have me!!!



  • Minni - Mmm, don't know - I'll have to put it past the executive committee. In the meantime, get your lawnmower out and get going on that lawn of yours. It looks a big one.

    Lunch was good, in case anyone was worried:



  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Ant - I keep my lawn very neat thank you very much.... image

  • Wet and windy in Hammersmith, anyone want to swap?

  • No, you're all right.

  • PMJ - No thanks, nice sunset here and tide on it's way back in, I'll take that.image

    Ant - Leg of lamb for one? Looks heavenly. I'll defo have to have a glass of red tonight now.

    Minni - Nice pic looks a bit wild. I don't have a lawn as such just lots of sand and sea creatures.

  • Fatal thongs? Yikes. Must remember to avoid those. 

    No running here since last Friday. I seem to have the most slow-motion cold ever. 2 full days of just being ridiculously tired. 3 full days of burning sore throat and head feeling like it might explode and I'm now on day 2 of being Snotbags. Ugh. 

  • 8.8 miles here this lunchtime at easy pace of 7:52. I regularly, including today, get a free aerobatics show from the pilot of a stunt biplane.  He's a great training partner as he is entertaining and I don't have to talk back if I don't like to.

  • Hi all , Hoping to run a 3:15 marathon at the start of June 14 so thought id join this thread and see if I can learn anything .image Currently running 45 to 50 mile a week and this will be my second mara (ran 3:27 last year)

    Bought the p&d book and had a brief read so far but can see issues with me working 4X12 hours shifts (nights and days week about) and getting some of the runs in.

  • Minni, are you referencing the Bikini Line?

    Minni wrote (see)

    Ant - I keep my lawn very neat thank you very much.... image


  • Blisters - I am too much of a gentleman to have mentioned that...image.

    Leslie - Welcome aboard. Most of us on here are in the same boat insomuch as we juggle A Life and getting the required runs in. The key is to find a way that you can keep up for 16-odd weeks. In any case, if you're doing that kind of mileage this far out from your marathon you seem to be well on track to making sub-3:15 a real possibility.

    Get well soon, Speedy.

    Good news, BOTF

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Eyup Leslie - I worked 12 hours days/nights for many years. Your goals can be attained . . . . . . . .

  • Sorry to hear about your news DB2 - hope things pick up a bit as we head into the New Year. Sounds like being part of the Consistently Consistent team is exactly what you need.

    Talking of which I'm in with a target of 6 runs per week. My experiment with consecutive days of running came to an end today with the tally on 43 but I had a work team do last night and then had to get an early-ish train this morning so didn't feel it was a good idea. Aiming for a Box Hill run first thing tomorrow morning.

    Glad to hear you weren't badly hit by the wind Gul - sounds as though parts of East Anglia got it really bad.

    Welcome to Leslie H - stick around here as there's no end of useful advice and motivation (+ the odd reference to Minni's lawn and Ant's thongs). Which marathon are you running next year? 45-50 miles / week is a decent amount to be running - how does that compare to what you did first time around? I guess your work pattern won't be ideal, but worth working out how to flex the plans a bit to fit around the shifts. 


  • Thanks for the welcome im running the walled city marathon next year ( Northern Ireland) .I was doing around 50 a week last mara too and over 18 weeks I was able to increase that to around 90/ week average for the last 5 weeks before the taper but it was very very tough not sure I could do that again.I started out aiming for 4 hours but my training went very well so went for 3:30 in the end.
  • Wow Leslie, there must be something in the air in Ireland with the 90 mpw from Badbark and yourself. I managed 2 weeks at that mileage but struggled fitting it into the week, plus any attempts at quality sessions suffered. I'm sure you will find a way of fitting in a P&D plan around the shifts; I take inspiration from Gul on this thread who has probably just finished todays run! I haven't strictly followed a P&d plan, but did borrow heavily from them and consistently running a LR, Medium LR and Threshold session, and filling in with easy runs has worked well in the past.


    43 days was a good streak Lorenzo. I'll also be on a target of 6 runs for Jantastic

  • Iv'e a 6x800m for this morn after a 12 hour night shift alsoran before bed not looking forward to it .I managed 38 days straight recently but a cold and then tiredness meant a restday was needed and ive taken one a week the last 2 weeks makes it harder to get the miles in though.
  • Ha, I'm on my 8th rest day in a row! I want to start my marathon training fit and well, so I'm trying to let my body recover properly before I put any strain on it. Thank God I follow a 16 week schedule rather than an 18 week one. Two more weeks to stop snotting and coughing. 

    Minni, will your club be doing that coastal run at Christmas again? I'd love to do that again if you can blag me an invite.

  • Speedy - sounds sensible to let your body recover. How are you feeling at the moment?

    Leslie - not surprising you found it tough if you were up to 90 miles / week. As AR says, it's important to get a good balance between quantity and quality. 

    15 miles for me up and around Box Hill - early start required as I had to be back, changed and ready for domestic taxi service duties at 7.45. 

    Am really enjoying running without a Garmin and just using Strava to log the mileage and total time. Makes me think I was running too anxiously and inefficiently through having the ability to look at distance covered and pace every few minutes.


  • Nice pics guys. I can't decide whether I prefer Minni's back garden or Ant's lunch.
    Speedy - sounds like a lovely bug you've got there.
    Bike It - your recovery seems to be going really well.
    Leslie - welcome to the thread. Good luck juggling the 12 hour shifts and P&D.
    Lorenzo - ran along the quayside this morning - lots of mud and walls of the flats and houses looked damp up to about 4 to 5 feet. Nice run up Box Hill.
    AR - no, lie-in today as I was off to parkrun.
    Did the usual warm-up, stretching, strides etc before parkrun this morning. Thought twice about running as nearly every muscle in my legs seemed to tighten up just before the off. Seemed fine once we got going fortunately. The usual 2 speedsters opened up a good lead and I moved up from 10th to 7th by the end of the first lap (5:56). By now I was at the back of a group of 5 and knew all of them had run sub 19 before, so was content to try and hold on for the next lap or so. No change by the end of lap two (6:06). The group started to break up a little bit and my ex-colleague was just ahead of me. I tried to catch him in the final few hundred metres and gained a bit of ground, but didn't quite make it. Third lap was 6:11 and the end bit in 0:42. So time was 18:56 for 7th place. 2 seconds outside my PB, but got to be satisfied with another sub 19, even though that's the end of my parkrun PB streak. Started to jog home and then decided to walk because of aches and pains. Took a cold bath and most of the muscles are feeling a bit better, except for the glutes. Sitting down and standing up is a bit slow and painful!

  • Gul - Well done on another sub 19 bagged. Hope the aches and pains are nothing.

    SG - My wife and son and seemingly the majroty of Jersey have that same thing you have. I had a sore throat on Wednesday and felt a bit gunky y'day but seem to have got the mild version. Hope yours clears soon and you will be nice a fresh/injury free when you get going again.

    Leslie - Welcome indeed and good luck with the training.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Nice one Gul.

    Welcome Leslie.  As others have said quality is more important than quantity. 

    Poacher - hope you're feeling good for tomorrow.  Unfortunately my plan of only having two glasses of wine at the works do last night failed.  When I was on my third before 6:30 and knew it was going to be messy....    Desperately trying to rehydrate and recover today.  See you in the morning.

  • Apropos nothing, but a leg of lamb should not be considered a lunchtime meal for one ...

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Welcome Leslie.

    You are very naughty Minni.

    I'm on the shandy again tonight- by 15 miler tomorrow could suffer.

    Another shabby parkrun at 18:36...

  • Thanks for the Welcomes image wil try for more quality this time , I only did one quality session last time round a mix of 400/800/mile intervals and the rest was mostly easy running.

    Trying too get 2 quality sessions in a week this time round with 400's once a week and then rotating between 800's , hill intervals and mile repeats but had to ease the paces off a bit as they were affectng the rest of my runs.

    I have been neglecting the long slow run too while I adjusted to the speed work but now back up at 13 miles last week.

  • I'll add my condolences too DS2. Good to have you back.

    Welcome Leslie . 

    Minni, don't know what to say really - at least not without getting myself into trouble.

    Sounds like lurgy season is warming up nicely so take it easy if you are affected and if not, take care and avoid the snot sharers.

    Good luck tomorrow Poacher, remind me, which race are you doing? Good name check for you on MT this week image 

  • Gul and OO - Excellent Parkrunning.

    PMJ - Well, no - I felt a bit sad sitting there on my own so I held back and finished the thing off for dinnerimage.

    Minni - It's the naughty step for you!

    Glorious sunshine but freezing cold first thing - more of the same tomorrow for a 16-miler.



  • It was a beautiful day here today, but the only running I did was some errands and the only time I moved at speed was to cross a road before a car flattened me. I think I might go to bed early. Like, now. And just stay there until I'm so hungry I have no choice but to get up. I am sooooo bored of feeling exhausted, coughing, blowing my nose etc etc. On the plus side, my legs are going to feel really fresh when I do run again, but I'm now carrying yet another kilo of extra weight. Feed a cold they say. 

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