Sub 3h15



  • Good stuff OO on both counts.

    Gul - good luck with the job and well done with the mileage

    Moof - nice reps there, must admit I have been pondering the merits of 8 with 8 tomorrow. Sub 80 is my target for next year, might not happen until post Paris, though I do have a very flat half in Feb to give it a real whirl.

    Ant I would do the 16 on the Sat and use the  race as part of my MP and then enjoy the Saturday night 

    Had a real recovery run this am due to last nights hopeless over indulgence, a horrendous side wind developed and ankle tapped me twice, fortunately was going so slow that id didn't put me on my ar*e either time.image Still, gave me a bit of a giggle.

  • Mennania - I thought about that but I haven't raced half as much as I would've liked this autumn, and this is one I'd like to nail or at least put a marker down at. What I'll probably do is bang out the 16-miler (or at least something similar) on the Sunday evening.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Mennania- God Rest Ye Merry Gentle Menn. Please

    The victory didn't come easy. No good runners in the field but the lead changed 4 or 5 times. Came down to a sprint finish- the old legs didn't let me down.

    Ant, why not do 10 recovery after your race and take the pressure off Sunday?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Nice one OO. image

    I have no hangover this weekend! image

    So the family wanted to go to the toon Christmas shopping today.  I agreed on the condition I could do the parkrun!  I used it to do last night's quality session, which was 1m @ 10k pace, 1m 10s faster, then 1 mile faster than that with 90s recovery.  Instead I thought I'd start at HMP and get progressively faster with no recovery. 

    Mile 1: 6:53
    Mile 2: 6:42
    Mile 3: 6:28  then the garmin beeped and I backed off for the last bit
    0.17: 6:16 pace.  I must have been really wellying it at the end of mile 3 because I didn't think this would come out at this pace.

    The course is measuring slightly long due to rerouting to allow for grounds work.  If it had been the normal course I might have snuck a pb with this so feeling well pleased.  This is definitely the less painful way to run a 5k.  I didn't think I was capable of a 6:28 mile!!

    20 planned for the morning.

  • Gosh Minni, deeply impressed with that pace judgement

  • Nice one OO!

    Sizzling pacing there Minni.

    Hope you get good news on the job front Gul.

    This looks interesting: 

    Work has been mental over the past few weeks so looking forward to a couple of weeks off at Christmas. As the incredibly talentedimage Shakira once said, "your hips don't lie" - mine are still banjaxed - I can only keep up any training if I pop vitamin I every day. Still, managed a lovely, if blustery run up one of the smaller Lakeland hills today - glorious.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Marrows - nobody was more shocked than me! I couldn't do that on my own. 

  • Minni - Nice one, that's fast and a great confindence booster no doubt! Time you raced a 5k and smashed your pb. Sub 20 beckons!!

  • I do have a hangover. A very rare occurrence for me. Work do last night. Lots of free prosecco and wine....


  • SG - I would say the exact same as you but omit this part "  A very rare occurrence for me". My gluttony knows no bounds and we have free wine, fizz, beer & spirits every Friday after work.

    Can feel a New year's resolution coming on......... Sore calf muscles from dancing last night, will test them out tomorrow with a long-ish run.

  • What line of work are you in GM? I gotta get me some of that!

  • It's not neccesarily a good thing SJ. Quite dull really, a corporate law firm.

  • Ooh, almost forgot. For those of us who don't have stalker gym instructors, check out "ubersense" on the App Store - let's you video yourself and look at your form.

  • Well done on the parkrun win OO and a great effort by you too Minni.

    Well done on the long run Gul.

    No beer for me this evening as I went out for a 5 mile easy run at 9pm. This was after my mother in law pointed out I looked healthier since I'd put on a few pounds and didn't look so gaunt anymore. Well this was like a red rag to a bull, I'll show her!

  • I've just joined TCCSTFTEAM - apologies in advance.

  • Moof - I get that all the time. The other day when I pointed out to Mrs. Ant while clothes shopping that due to the VLM training I would probably be losing a fair bit of weight (I think 6-7kgs have got to go), her reaction was one of horror. 

    Slokey - Welcome aboard -we'll learn 'em!

    I woke up feeling horrible this morning - nauseous and light-headed and snotty, too. The solution? Go out and bag a 15-miler. After a few miles I began to feel a lot better, and as the morning was bright and crisp I really started to relax and even enjoy myself. I kept up a good steady pace (av.7:36mm) and finished feeling fine and strong.

    Good job, because I have got lunch out with Mrs. Ant's workmates and then a sort of tea and cake party (it'll be coffee) to celebrate the said good lady's sister's birthday.

    So that's Week One nailed: 54 miles (87kms), my highest since...ooh, I don't know when.

  • I seriously screwed up on the Christmas social events given the level of thread food & drink indulgence planned or taken place. Never mind, I have a 2 foot Christmas tree to decorate, so would be busy anyway.

    57 for the week, finishing up today with s DOUBLE FIGURE run of 10 miles! 57 for the week, with 52 Easy @ 7:10 and 5 Tempo @ 6:13

  • Very easy (9 m/m) and sociable 12.5 this morning with BOTF to make the week 63 miles and a shade under 1,997 miles for the year so tomorrow, somewhere on the banks of the Serpentine, I will pass by 2,000 miles for the year. October and November were over 200 miles and I see no reason why December, January, February and March won't be the same so by the time VLM comes up I will have done 6 months in a row at over 200 miles a month.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    (((moof))) what an insensitive thing for your MiL to say.  But you've got the right attitude - go out and show her!  image

    PMJ - well reminded.  I'll have to tot the miles up for the year.

    Ant - so no temptation of alcohol?

    21 for me this morning on a hilly route which averaged 8:30.  All felt really comfortable and I was almost sorry for it to end.  Perfect feeling for the start of MT, I hope!

  • Right, I'm back up North, got 2 and a bit weeks off work and the partying killed the cold so I can finally start base training. 1 week before I start marathon training. Ah well. 

  • 6.2m tonight, no time for w/u, avg 6:59mm. Last mile was into headwind was a tad hard.

    Minni - You're going well hey!

  • Ho Ho 5Ho - image

    Starting with 20+ before MT Minni - cracking result and bodes really well for your target, whatever that may be...image

    Not adding my miles up as it will be crap..image Although another 50+ week for me rounded off by the 16 with 8 at MP today. Didn't pan out that way, picked a route to give me a decent not too hilly 8 at MP in the middle, first 4 was grand. next 2 at MP in the low 6.30s then ran on to the coastal part of the Dee and boom - heartbeat up by 20 beats and pace down by 30s due to the wind straight in me kipper. Not unusually it stayed in my chops right till the end of mile 15.  Hated every miserable second of it. Anyways done n dusted and with 6 at somewhere near MP but 8 at MP effort. Looking at treadies on ebay now...

  • Menna, I recently picked up a Nordic track T18. Marvellous, solid piece of kit which I'd definitely recommend. 

    Domestic duties, Hobbit watching and an enormous curry has forced me into a rest day. Back on it tomorrow!

  • As PMJ said, 12.43 miles in Windsor Great Park @ 8:48 average for a weekly total of (no sniggering please) 23 miles. Longest run since Windsor Half 2012 and longest time on feet since London Marathon 2012. The slightly slower pace definitely made a difference compared to last week - I certainly had a few more miles in the legs at the end if I'd wanted and I feel absolutely fine now (apart from the still twanging piriformis). I suspect the drive to work tomorrow will be painful.

  • I'm on the team, even though I'm not running a if anyone wants to black ball me...

    Well done on the MP effort  GRyMG Menn.

    You're running BOTF, that's the main thing.

    12 miles for me tonight, picked up the pace for the last five to 7.30 pace. Tbh anything over 8mm feels like I'm pushing it and doesn't feel like easy an pace.

  • Moof would you rather be gaunt, or lardy? You have made the right choice. 

    Ant - clothes shopping....image

    Nice runs BOTF, GRYetc, AR, Moof, Minni, GM and more

    32m for the week since Sunday's mara, now taper time.  Will have trouble racing without Minni to set the pace in the latter stages

    Finished with main job till Dec 30 - hurrah!

  • Poacher - Well, two pairs of jeans...

    Minni wrote (see)


    Ant - so no temptation of alcohol?


    What a ridiculous idea! Whatever can you mean?image

  • PMJ - good mileage again. I've been aiming to do a parkrun at the end of my recovery weeks - but not sure whether that's a good idea or not. I might knock that on the head when the tempo stuff starts in earnest. Unfortunately, at the moment I am running around the lovely streets of King's Lynn. It'll be several months yet before it's light enough to head out towards Sandringham.
    Lorenzo - good hilly run. I'm still hoping to get some kind of work in a school, but might need to find another job in the meantime.
    OO - congratulations on the double celebration.
    Ant - good luck with next weekend's schedule!
    Minni - nice use of a parkrun!
    Some nice stats all round.
    9 miles @ 8:45 m/m plus 10 x 10s "hill" sprints.

  • 40 miles for the week for me , bit lower than I wanted due to work Christmas do so took that day off unlike last year were I went out for 12 that morning and was home by 9pm image 

    2 days easy running then 7 x approx 400m hill intervals last night with 10 secs easy at each end and stride down again for a tough workout .

    Good miles Philip been a good year for me too will get a total near year end.

    Minni 21 milers and wanting more that,s a good sign.

    GRyMG Menn Good strong effort.

    BOFF onward and upward.


    Also-ran good week and good  luck with the tree image

  • Ant - sounds like you enjoyed that 15 miler.

    Minni - wow! A 21 miler at this stage of the campaign. What's your plan for long runs between now and VLM?

    Gul - hills? In your neck of the woods?

    Advice on race schedule in the build up to VLM please. I'm signed up for a local flat half on 9 March and have just found out that there's a local 20 mile race the weekend after. Is it wise to run both races at MP, should I push it on the half and then do the 20 miler as a progresive 10 easy, 10 at MP or should I just stick with the half?

    8.5 wet and windy miles this morning - last 2.5 miles at 7mm pace

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