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  • The good thing about the Bramley 20 is that it's 2 months out from the target, so plenty of time to get over it. I certainly wouldn't race a 20 closer than 4 weeks.

  • Bike It - Take it down a notch and you'll see how that mojo comes back.

    Poacher - I've never looked at you much as a man, but I do know that as a woman you are a bit of a minger. Sorry.

    Did someone mention Astride? *Sigh/swoon*

    8 miles for me this morning incl. 10 x 100m strides. I felt good and fast and reasonably fluid, but the stats say otherwise...

    Welcome Carrot. You won't get much stick on here...image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    There's been a few ladies through here but not many stay... image

    Lorenzo - (love the name) quite a few of TM had inury and niggles last Jantastic and struggled to always log the runs but most feel they have plenty motivation. 

    For me its all about getting into the marathon frame of mind, along with listening to MT on every long run.

  • Lorenzo/Minni - Call me thick, but I don't get the name...

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Come on Ant think about it...

  • Orenzo - the Noel version wrote (see)

    Thread disagreement alert - big fan of JO here! 

    Have to agree, I am a JO fan but can't stand him on TV, he is fine in books. I am doing his slow cooked shoulder of lamb a lot: shoulder of lamb, bottle of win, 2 tins tomatoes, carrots, 4.5 hours, pick out the meat when it is all falling off.

    Lorenzo, no letter L, Noel, Orenzo.

  • I can take JO in small doses on TV but I have to say I'm a huge fan of his recipes, his food always looks so good! I really like his Thai green chicken curry with asparagus.

    PMJ - I am salivating right now at the thought of that Lamb dish, sounds devine! Washed down with a bottle of red?

    5k lunch run with a friend/colleague. Nice slow pace of 24mins and lovely light wind and drizzle, my mate got a pb on that run so that was nice.


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    10 miles on a treadie... that's dedication. I could only imagine doing that if there was some description of sport to watch at the same time.

    Lorenzo, Ant & GM ticking along nicely.

    7.5 undulating steady miles for me today.

    On the JO debate, not a huge fan, but he's not the worst TV celebrity chef, and that lamb recipe does sound good PMJ. Really enjoying Tom Kerridge's more robust approach to cooking at the moment. No faffing around from the big man.

  • Lorenzo/Minni/PMJ - Cryptic, was a bit early for me, that's all...

    I'm another one who can't watch JO on TV but like his recipes - for your leftover turkey, try his turkey and sweet leek pie recipe...image


  • Gerard Mooney wrote (see)
     Washed down with a bottle of red?



    One to cook with, one in the pot, one to eat with.

  • I didn't realize there so much controversy about JO - clearly he's quite popular.  I lost interest in TV chefs at all after Keith Floyd disappeared from the screens.  Except Nigella of course as she and my wife look very similar - my wife calls her 'my girlfriend' despite me not watching her shows or buying any of her books.  Glad I didn't give my wife a credit card on my account though.

    7 miles outside at lunchtime for me.  Not a white wall in sight.

  • PMJ - I 2nd that motion and 3rd that emotion!

    No turkey for me this year. We have something different each year and this year we are having a special reserve free range chicken from the local butcher. Sounds like a bottle of wine not a fowl creature. I've tried those Copas bronze turkey's and they are nice but give me a duck or a chicken anyday.

    Abbers - TK is cool and his food is amazing but my heart sends alarm signals to my brain when I see what he puts in his food.

  • Treadmill today:

    Christmas pudding soufflé
    Make-ahead gravy
    Cranberry sauce
    Christmas pork wellington

    None of this fare was to my taste (Gino de Campo) and would have preferred starring at a white wall during a 9M 'moderate' run


  • Argh, just lost a post.

    Short version - ran outdoors. Lovely day but the cold air and wind make me feel full of cold again.

    Oh, and the only TV chefs I enjoy watching are the Hairy Bikers, but I've never attempted any of their recipes.

  • Well Ant it's easy to say that when you are so dishy yourself...image

    JO - (1) ruthlessly exploit the family by putting them on TV and in the wider media; then complain when someone photographs them. (2) I did an investigation into c*ap food a while back which involved going to the school JO highlighted cos of its Turkey Twizzler lunches. After the cockney one had made over the menu, the kids were eating.....piles of chips and dodging anything green or healthy. So that worked well then.

    If you want an alternative Christmas recipe, check out Nisha Katona

    Sprout curry! NUM NUM!! WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE!!I

    10 tonight, bit parky but 100m for the month, aiming for 180

    As you were



  • JO - when he says 'pucka' I always think he's just one letter out.image Must say I am a fan of PMJs cookery style, which seems to be not too similar to Mr Floyds

    11 miles tonight and 13 tomorrow morning - never done two mlrs back to back before but there must be a reason I'm sure, but blown if I know what it is.

  • Lorenzo - "hills" not hills! I've resorted to using a slope down to a subway.
    Bike It - looks like a tough schedule.
    Carrot - good to have you on board.
    Mennania - good luck with the double MLR!
    Overslept this morning and only managed 6 @ 8:31 m/m before breakfast. So then did the other 7 @ 8:02 m/m a couple of hours later. There are some perks of being unemployedimage

  • Thanks all for the welcome! I should probably introduce myself a bit better... Been running about 8 years now but only really training 'properly' for 4 years.  I've done a good few marathons, currently training for Barcelona in March.  I'm definitely more biased towards distance rather than speed! I have a 10K to look forward to on Saturday, a HM in January and a 10M in February.  I've yet to break 20 minutes for 5K.  Oh, and I fall over regularly.

    I don't watch many cookery programmes, I'm more of a baking programme girl.  Bake Off Christmas Special tonight, Paul Holywood (that wily old fox) made a nice pie out of turkey, stuffing and cranberries.  And a massive stollen!

  • Welcome Carrot, we're a friendly bunch so I'm sure you'll fit right in. Just don't start any conversations about toenails or feet as there are couple of them who love posting their manky pictures!

    4 x 6 mins with 2 mins recovery tonight with the club. However, because I have to start the groups off (fastest first) I always end up starting at the back and effectively running on my own, which can be hard work, and tonight was one of those nights. I was pretty consistent though, averaging 6:31, 6:36, 6:36 & 6:35 per mile for the 4 reps. Once again though I would have sworn I was slowing down on the last rep. HR all over the place because as an experiment to try and stop it chewing my skin off I wore it backwards, only to discover that works fine when standing around, but immediately stops working when running. I guess I'm going to have to resort to not just taping the nips but also taping the bit where the chest strap catches me as well.

    Christmas dinner easily sorted this year - Christopher Wren Hotel in WIndsor image

  • Eh up, mateys.

    Reps night for me too. That'll be 1 x rep of 6.5 miles at 7:25 pace then.

    Santa hat obligatory.

  • Nice reps from BOTF and Blisters. 4 recovery miles for me this morning @ 8:52 m/m. Off for another interview this afternoon, so I'd better do some prep.

  • I like the sound of that Christmas dinner arrangement, BOTF, and nice reps, too.

    5 miles recovery this morning before 6 - no Father Christmas hat, although I have searched it out for use on the 25th - all the while cringing at the contrived nature and very cheesiness of the idea...

    Good luck this arvo Gul!

  • Good luck today Gul.

    Off for 13 in less than ideal conditions nowimage

    Christmas at SILs this year - so pretty relaxed here tooimage

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Some good running on here. Not sure I could do 10 on a treadie, good work!

    10 miles at 7.24 pace for me last night. Felt tired before I left the front door as I had a tough 6 mile hill session on Monday and wasn't fully fit after realising the cold I had last week was worse than I thought. Still, felt better once I was a mile or two into the run and it's job done. I finally feel I'm 'in campaign'.



  • Glad to read that there’s plenty of good training going on.

    Welcome Carrot!

    I’ve just broken the 2000 mile barrier with one pair off running shoes without any injuries or niggles. I’ve long believed the 300-500 mile recommendation from shoes manufacturers was a load of nonsense and wanted to prove it. It’s nothing more than a marketing con trying to get you to buy more shoes. After all, if some people can run bare foot or with minimalist shoes without problems then running with shoe padding compressed a bit can’t be any worse. From my research there is no proof that less padding makes you more likely to get injured.

  • BB - What shoes are they? I normally only get about 600-800 out of of mine.

    Gul - Fingers crossed for this avie.

    Carrot - Welcome, I've heard Barcelona is a quick course, great city too. How close are you to the sub 20?

  • Odd session today, got taken to bits on a hill session by the Devon Ladies senior champ over 100 and 200 m (who also happens to be my eldest daughter). Very different to the normal stuff I do: a 100m hill you sprint up 60m fairly hard, then 30 seconds recovery and the last 40m really hard. walk down and 2 minutes recovery, then repeat. After 20 minutes we done 4 reps and 0.74 miles and I was knackered. Did a nice gentle 6 mile run home while daughter drive back.

  • GM - They are Mizuno Wave Inspire 7's. I've been running more in Saucony Mirage and Kinvara shoes recently which have less padding than the 2000+ mile Mizuno's.

  • BB - Ah ok, I've never owned a pair of Mizuno's. I run in Saucony Triumph/Kinvara/Fastwich.

  • I think it depends what you subject them to though BB. Some of mine that have run in muddy, boggy conditions have died sooner than ones that have been kept drier. I've just run my 500th mile in a pair of Ravennas and they're not dead yet, but an identical pair are near death at 487 miles.

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