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  • Xmas turkey for me today in the 10k, 41:53, was awful and how I convinced myself it was a good idea I'll never know.

  • Glad the turkeys turned out well. We had an alternative approach to Xmas this year and everyone in the family (6 of us) cooked 2 tapas dishes each and we ended up with a nice family cooking effort and a spread which has lasted all of today too - washed down with cava to keep the theme going.

    60min on the spinning bike whilst watching the footy image - decent run out planned for tomorrow

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I ran the parkrun/Woodlawn course at 6:30am this morning Speedy (it was extremely icey at that stage). Then I flew to Geneva with the family for a few days away. Turkey sandwiches for the journey...image  

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    If only every commuting day were like today... image

    Sounds like the thread were well fed & watered over Christmas, and a bit of running thrown into the bargain.

    Another successful lunch here, after an intial panic when we had a power cut from 8-10, just when the girls had finished opening their presents from Father Christmas and we were contemplating getting the turkey in the oven. So a rather delayed 3pm lunch, but at least the power came back and it worked out in the end. Bit of a stressy couple of hours in the morning though!

    Had a rest day on Christmas itself, then 9 early yesterday morning with 4 at mara pace, all done on similar icy roads to those experienced by others. Just me and the wildlife though, so backed off on the slippy sections and enjoyed it. 5 easy on the schedule today, trying out some new running kit gifted by various members of the family. Then after a very quiet day at the office, a return to a houseful of extended family!

  •  Day off or me today but managed a 14 yesterday and 5 the day before so still on track. Christmas dinner at SIL made it as stress free as it could be, but put a shift in last night with my family over.

    Take it easy Lorenzo.

  • I have started the sub 3:15 RW training program this week, its going to be a bit of a challenge for me, I havent run a marathon before.  I ran a 1:37:44 half marathon in September but havent followed any specific training plan since (I have been running about 20miles a week since then) I dont know whether perhaps I am being a bit optimistic but I like a challenge.

  • Welcome never know till you try so give it a go. image

    An easy paced (but certainly didnt feel easy after 2 days of filling my face with no running)  16 miles this morn with only 1 large fallen tree to climb over along the river path and a few small ponds to splash though .

    The p&D schedule with its  long runs with a few miles at mara pace is looking a bit too tough for me yet image Did have a listen to the hour long podcast on marathon talk though and it was interesting. image

  • Hi Leslie, thank you.  Can you link me to the pod cast please I would be interested to listen.


  • If this doesnt like just put it into google si image Its Pete who wrote advanced marathoning the p&d book as its called on 'ere .


  • awesome thank you image

  • no running planned today but insanity rolls on! long run (13) tomorrow as have friends coming over in the evening and cannot run after a few beersimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Welcome SiUK.  I think 3:15 may be a challenge for you this time around but around 3:30 might be comfortably doable.

    Lorenzo - a turned ankle should be ok in a few days.  Get the ice out.  I have to say my bread sauce was particularly good this year too!

    GM - sounds like a good 10k to me.

    20 planned for the morning.  Its still blowing a hoolie here, hope it drops before tomorrow.  

    New Year's day I'm going to do a fell race - 4 miles.... all up!  It finishes on the top of the hill then its a jog back to the pub at the bottom.  I'm wondering if Fraser might rock up to the start line.

  • So how is Fraser getting along? I tried to check him out on power of 10 with little success. Doesn't seem to show too much.

    No running from me today as calf still sore, I was going to go out on my bike but was banned due to the high winds. I'll have go on it tomorrow as I don't think I'll be running for a few days yet. I've had enough of this booze and gluttony.

    Take it a bit easy with that RW 315 plan SiUK as it's a bit of a step up on 20 mpw.
  • 4 x 1 mile reps for me tonight, and I must say it was not pleasant, although strangely it got better as it went on. My head is just not into it at the moment and after the first rep was quite frankly bloody awful it was all I could do to actually keep going. In fact if I'd been near home rather than at the far end I probably wouldn't have bothered. Had a strong word with myself however and they got better - 6:56, 6:48, 6:40, 6:46, with 2 & particularly 4 into the wind. This time 2 years ago I was getting close to sub-6 for 6 of them!

  • Lorenzo and Moof - Now is a particularly good time to rest an incipient niggle, so make the most of it.

    Good miles Leslie.

    BOTF - Those rubbish-seeming rep sessions are so typical at this stage, but your persistence will stand you in good stead. Well done for battling it out,

    Welcome SiUK,. In your place I would gradually ease up to higher mileage, and then after six weeks or so reassess your goal. Good luck, anyway.

    After today's 5-mile recovery, 9 miles w/ 4 @ HMP planned for tomorrow. I don't like the sound of that wind. Must be all that turkeyimage

  • Good reps fish! this is my first attempt at following a program and the intervals for me are the hardest part of the program!

    Si - welcome! Your doing the same program as me. I'm finding it hard to follow but like yourself I'm upping my mileage significantly. I'm taking a few miles out of the first few weeks to compensate and building into it slowly!

    It's working for me so far!

    Minnie- enjoy your 20 tomorrow!

  • Turkey-free day today, but only because I forgot it was in in the fridge. Looks like it'll be turkey sarnies all round tomorrow.

    Minni - hope you're right. Ankle still feels tender but at least it's better than it was a couple of days ago. Very jealous of you heading out onto the moors and fells.

    Jools - any recommendations for a gentle 4-5 miler starting in Sneyd Park? We're over there at my sister-in-law's tomorrow night and younger Lorenzito is keen to head out somewhere first thing on Sunday.

  • R26.2, most of these programmes are designed fairly well and assume a certain degree of base training. As an example, week one of my P&D 55-70 is 54 miles with a long run of 15 miles and MLR of 11 miles. If I was doing 40 miles a week then the step up to 54 would almost certainly end up in injury by week 3 or 4. If I knocked some of the miles out then it still doesn't help as it hits mid 60s a few weeks later and if I couldn't do 54 in the first week, I can't do 62 in the 4th. The only time miles go down is recovery weeks.

    What I am saying is that you are being sensible and reviewing the weeks, maybe worth reviewing the whole programme.

  • PMJ/R26.2 - I am also following the P&D 55-70mpw 18-week Schedule. I came into it by building the miles gradually and reaching 42-43mpw for the last three or four weeks. As PMJ says the step-up in mileage is significant once you start the schedule and had I done any less beforehand I know I would be really struggling now. As it is I think I'm going well, but conscious of being on the limit. Another thing which works in my favour is that I have done this kind of mileage every year for the last eight, more or less, which has to help.

    9 miles this morning incl. 4 @ HMP - this proved hard work as it was  blowing a gale out there- I can cope with cold, rain, snow even, but I hate running in the wind. Still, I felt quite strong, and the 4 miles in question came out at an av. 6:40mm. Happy with that, esp. given the conditions.

    15 miles tomorrow.


  • So you people following P&D, will you be sticking to the long run miles or upping them a bit to get some extra 20+ runs in?

    Personally I'd stick to it as I think upping just the long runs contributed to my mounting niggles before my DNS for VLM this year.
  • I managed 3.1 miles @ HMP this morning at Newcastle Parkrun. Not sure I could have gone much faster though. I'm still struggling with the dregs of this cold. I'm fine indoors, but outside I just start streaming. 

    18 planned for tomorrow for me.

  • Thanks PMJ  and Ant that's great advice! It's what I'm doing reviewing the next few weeks and shaving off a few miles/reps in order to catch up eventually!

    I've done this sort of thing before. I know what I'm capable of and I know that if I went hard into a schedule I'd end up on the scrap heap!

    I will not follow it biblically!

    also doing the insanity is really helping with old injuries, strengthening and stretching is working a treat!

    Thanks guys.  

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    My 20 was interesting this morning. 3 miles in came across an accident involving 2 cars on the brow of a hill, one of which had passed me a couple of minutes previous.   Although it looked very bad both drivers were out their cars and walking, one had some nasty cuts on his face and head.  Stayed until the emergency services arrived, about 20 minutes image, then had to do another 17 miles.  I contemplated canning it but guilt and shame crept in so carried on. 

  • Sounds like a close shave Minni.

    Welcome Si!!

    R262, how long have you been doing Insanity. I have it but have only done the fitness test and have been fretting on whether to do it in case it makes my tight hip worse although i did plan to use it as injury prevention. Sounds like it might be beneficial though. Did you notice an immediate benefit?

  • Some good festive running being done, always difficult at this time of year to get them in. Welcome to all the newbies on the thread.

    Good 20 miler Minni albeit split up. You must have been frozen hanging about!

    11 miles this morning with a MP paced parkrun in the middlw. 16 miles XC longvrun planned in the morning. Bring on the mud.

    Weighed myselfcthis morning and think I've only put on a little bit of weight

    Hopefully it will come off soon. Anyone else put it on over xmas?
  • I put on a pound over Christmas so nothing too bad, in fact I was a bit worried that my weight was too low at this time of year: I reckon on loosing about half a pound a week in the 12 weeks of the main campaign (pre-taper) so if I start at 150 I get down to 144 lbs which is racing weight and I was 146 so only 2 lbs over.

    Odd week this week, all the meat of the P&D but no stuffing: so a 20 miler, a 14 mile MLR today and a parkrun as a tempo run to make 45 miles in 3 days. If I added 3*8 recovery runs then I would be close to 70 and sailing.

    Today was a nice MLR, went out with one of the local fast boys for 14 at his easy pace which was 7:15 and ended up at 7:14 over a really hilly course (Marlow Half, hilly by southern standards) where most people are 3 to 4 minutes behind their PBs.

    Think the thing to learn is that if you back off the P&D schedule then you do get a burst of extra speed and life and that is what the taper is about, so a nice peak to see how the cake is baking but need to close the oven door and get back to work on it.



  • Sorry, only just logged in, so maybe too late to help Lorenzo.  I don't know Sneyd Park that well, but you're pretty close to Durdham Downs (generally just known as The Downs).  If you do a full circuit it's about 4 miles, so with a run there and back that would be about right.  May be out there myself tomorrow morning, so I'll keep an eye out!

    Despite my best intentions, have been rubbish at even lurking recently.  Have finally started a bit of easy running but still not 100% fit, which is a bit frustrating.

  • Keep the faith Jools!

    Hi KR, I'm back at my old (pre IM training) racing weight after the Xmas indulgences so about half a stone up on where I was in July. 

    R262, I went for it on the insanity session yesterday - was just about reaching the point of exhaustion when the trainer said "ok, we're nearly through the warm up" !! Clung on until the end though and made the carpet soggy - everything is a bit stiff today 

  • My weight can fluctuate too Sloakey. I'm usually around 61kg (61.5 last week) and then when mara training I get down to 59.5kg. Like PMJ said we all know it will come off.

    16 miles XC this morning in 7.57 av pace and it was beautiful with the frost and early sunrise image
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