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  • Minni- that sounds fun! I could nod off when I do 4 x 1 mile loops.
  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Oddly, Minni, I think shorter laps is easier. Having done 16-lap and 21-lap races lately, it's the fact that the line comes round that bit quicker which alleviates boredom. And makes for easier metronomic pacing if that is your aim. Which 20 is it?

    Freezing on the coast too, 6m on the beach D&D.
  • Good to see your running going well Gul.

    Sporty - That's good mileage/pace at this point.

    Well done on the XC KR.  I was going to pop over to spectate but was still out running.  Found the rain somewhat therapeutic yesterday.

    Good on you Birch for toughing out the 20 miler.

    Well done on the XC as well Speedy.

    Good parkrunning PMJ.

    Minni - Do you have someone count the 20 laps?  I wouldn't have a clue how many I'd ran!!

    18 easy miles for me yesterday.  Ran to HR and not pace and ave pace was 7.50m/m.  Miles varied between 7.23 &8.18 depending on whether I was running uphill or downhill.  I even stopped myself from chasing down a runner ahead of me who sped up when he saw I was catching him!!  

    4 miles this morning at 8.11 m/m brings up 52.7m for the week.  The first time ever I have ran more than 50 miles in four consecutive weeks.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Poacher -  Redcar  chipped too so you get mile splits. image   Entry here.


  • Minni - I can't work out whether 20 x 1 mile laps sounds appealing or not. It's only one step from there to a track marathon!

    Talking of 20 milers, a good effort from young Birch.

    Speedy - love the pictures on FB. No shortage of mud by the looks of things so fab result. I'm about 2/3rds of the way through Citadel so am obviously coming up to the bit you weren't keen on.

    Recovery run yesterday so felt like popping out for a 10+ miler this morning. Hilly but good to come back with dry feet for the first time in a while. Takes me up to just over 60 for the week - the first time in a long while I've done that. image

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    SB - Nice one!

    Moof - Are you aiming for sub 80 for your half?

    Gul - Good to hear your still ticking along nicely. Did you say you have another interview lined up soon?

    Martin - That's good mileage. What's your A race?

    Poacher - Re the lap racing, gotta be good for training your brain.

    Lorenzo - Super 60!

    Birch - I'm glad you toughed out that run yesterday as I needed some inspiration today on my run. Did 14 at 7:50 avg but struggled for the first 10 miles & almost chucked it in after 3 miles, but thanks to you I soldiered on and finished strong with the last 3 miles at 7:21 pace. That's 48 for me for the week and I'm not marathon training but enjoying running at the mo and need to shift the weight, so more of this will do. The bad weather doesn't bother me too much but glad I finished when I did as it's blowing a gale out there now and chucking it down.


  • 20x 1 mile laps sounds like fun at least you are never too far away if you need to bail out image Id loose but I suppose garmin will keep you right .

    Sporty and martin -good miles and good pace.

    17 For me this morn at 8:19 average with a couple of 7:45's thrown in the middle( was aiming for 8's though) and 2 at the end , my endurance is taking a little step up I think although the last few miles were flatter than last week as well.

    45 miles for me last week , hopefully doing more from now on.

  • I do a 20 that is 4 x 5 mile laps and that is about right. The laps give you some sort of easy marker to try out various pace strategies. Last time the laps came out as 31:37, 31:53, 32:23, 32:15 and the plan was even 32s for 2:08 so a little fast at the start but the last lap was not my slowest so I was happy.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    There was a great 20 mile race back in the early 90's - "GEC" 20 at Leicester - this was 6 laps of 3.33 miles - did it 3 times; really liked the 6 laps as I tended to think *laps to go", rather than "miles left". Got water and encouragement each lap, and split times (I still have the results from 1991 including the splits).
    Not sure about 20 laps, though !  Have only once done a 10,000m on track, and the 25 laps seemed to last forever !

    6 easy today to complete 50 for the week in 5 runs.  

  • I did a 10 mile race in Preston once which was 2 laps - felt bad at the halfway point thinking "urghh gotta do that all again". I think 20 laps is probably easier, lots of incremental ticking off - like swimming lengths

    4 runs for me this week topped of today with 10miles of mud, wind and rain and 2500ft of climbing - lurvely. Plenty of biking too so feeling fitter after the Xmas holidays than I did before them which is satisfying progress.

    Having read the Hudson/Fitzgerald book I'm now trying to build a plan which incorporates the principles from the book and allows time for cycling, swimming and strength work. I can just about make it work if I never have a day off. 

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Most I've done lap-wise is 3000 on the track, so 7.5.  I might try a 5000 at some point, but 25 laps for a 10000 sounds a bit daunting (plus there are very few women's 10000s, and they tend to be full of whippets).

  • 15 miles today slowly! first 5 miles 45mins next 5 miles 44mins and last 5 at 42mins. felt fine afterwards although the wind wad cooooooooold! had to wear a buff over my face for last 10 miles! tried not to scare the dog walkers! image hilly route.


    38 for the week! most so far!

  • Joolska wrote (see)

    Most I've done lap-wise is 3000 on the track, so 7.5.  I might try a 5000 at some point, but 25 laps for a 10000 sounds a bit daunting (plus there are very few women's 10000s, and they tend to be full of whippets).

    Go find a track 10,000m simply as there are not many. I ran one badly last year and I am ranked #16 for my age group whereas at 10k I am #330.

  • 20 x 1 mile laps. Eew, Newcastle marathon was bad enough with 5 laps!

    18.75 miles for me this morning. Felt easier than last week.

  • I have an aversion to laps - I don't even do out and backs as I find them monotonous, Any laps of anything sounds ghastly.

    Did 20 x 1m in a loop today though, that was ghastly too except the last 3 miles when I decided to push a bit and it felt comfortable again, strange.  Headcold is still playing up, but only at nights it seems. That's 60 in 6 runs over 5 days for the week  and thankfully a cutback next week.

    KR - Double was to split up the second 12 mile MLR as a to and from work affair to try and reduce the impact and absence from the house. Am probably going to split this up all the way through the programme this way.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    I ran up and back the same 2M section of road for 16M today and then 1/2 way again for another 2M to bring up 18. I'll be on there for 12M (inc eforts) Weds and 10M (inc reps) Friday too. Its just running to me. Need to find another run or 2 as well, might have to have a chnage of scene and do a lunchtime 5 or 6 (which is an out and back too !).

    18M seemed a long way, nearly as bad as last weekend, still struggling a bit I guess. Need to run more often.

  • Gerard - "A" race is VLM.  Well done for toughing out your run this morning.

    Good running as well Speedy, Leslie & Rich.  This is the time to build the mileage, speed will come closer to race day.

    Nice weekly mileage Birch. A guy at our running club brings newspaper results of races he used to do in the 80/90s.  Some seriously good depth to club runners around in those days compared to now.

    Mennania - Well done on the 20 miler.  Sounds horrible.  I've also split up my Tuesday run to minimise absence from the house and to coincide with the running club.  Running 6-7m in the morning and then 7-9m in the evening.  Working for me at the moment.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Nice one, Speedy on another county vest - par for the (muddy) course now! Fine weekend's work completed with today's miles
    Good miles Rich26.2, Mennania, Martin, TR (like you, I need to soon revert to flatter route for the 20 - y'day quite hilly) 
    Satisfying week's total by Lorenzo
    Good fortitude from Gerard, too - btw, Gerard, I'm toying with the thought of binning Manc mara and doing Belfast a month later (making a short break of the long weekend) - what's the course like?


  • A fine collection of LSRs, parkruns and XC going on.

    I had a horrible, frustrating 12 miles on ice early on. 100% focus on not slipping over going up a hill, then tip toeing down a hill. Might have to rethink my routes in the colder weather. Then the second I finished I was dry-heaving ( hopefully you'll have had your tea now) - thats' never happened to me, even with speed work. Not checked my stats for the week, but 60 miles on the board, still lacking any longruns

    Moof - yes 6:10 - 6:15 for Wokingham after a warm up mile or two after the gun. In reality I don't think my Half Marathon pace is far off that at the moment. Is Wokingham a pb race for you?

  • Also-ran wrote (see)

    Moof - yes 6:10 - 6:15 for Wokingham after a warm up mile or two after the gun. In reality I don't think my Half Marathon pace is far off that at the moment. Is Wokingham a pb race for you?

    I think we three (me, Moof and AR) are targeting about the same for Wokingham, along with 53 other people. Also note DanA and a couple of fellow club members.

    I'll race Wokingham but it will be relatively untapered; comes at week 9 to go and the following week is a rest week. Two MLRs of 15 and 13 and then Wokingham as the long run.

  • Gerald- I am hoping to attempt sub 80 at Reading HM, I managed 80.47 last year but the trouble is my fitness is way down on this time last year so really don't know if I've enough time to give it a shot as it's only about 8 weeks off.
    I'm paying the price of not getting in enough base miles in Nov/Dec.
    Well done in digging in on your run, I too get plenty of motivation from the people on this thread.

    Also-ran, not sure how I'm going to run workingham yet (see above and below), its only 3 weeks before Reading so may run it progressively. Who am I kidding, I'll just fecking go for it and hopefully have a positive reality check.

    Plan tonight was to jump straight back into my schedule with 14 miles including 4 x 1 miles reps at planned HMP, so 7 miles easy them first rep (into the wind) hit 6.25. I'll live with that considering the last couple of weeks have been less than ideal.
    Next rep, 6.45- oh dear, legs felt really heavy. I knew I wouldn't manage another at debent pace as my form was all over the show.
    Sacked the last two reps and just plodded home totally fatigued.
    Mile 12 had reduced to 9.00 mm and legs felt mashed, so stopped and walked home a little demotivated and not where I thought I would be at the moment.

    Doesn't matter a jot what your past form was, its all about now.

    Still, back on it tomorrow. I've had plenty of blips before.

    Well done Rich, that's how the majority of your long runs should be. Start off at a nice easy pace so you can pick it up a bit towards the end. (IMO)

  • 20 mile laps, hmmm, not sure about that. The 20 race I do is 2 laps with the people doing the 10 dropping out after the first lap. The danger with that one is that you get in with a group at a certain pace then they all stop at 10 miles. Happened to me a couple of years ago and I ended up doing the first lap too fast, faded on the 2nd lap, and Jools came romping past me at about 15 miles going like a train.

    Another non-running weekend here. I'm off on holiday later today and I spent most of yeterday getting ready, although if truth be told I spent most of the day farting around and avoiding getting ready and put off the run because I couldn't be bothered. The first week of Jantastic is not the best time to go off on holiday really.

  • Minni - good luck with the 20 x 1 mile laps - the marathon which I am planning to run at the end of May is 17 laps, I think.
    Martin - good consistent running.
    Lorenzo - well done on the 60 mile week.
    GM - glad you're enjoying the running. I'm off to Norwich tomorrow for an interview - Mrs GD is on holiday, so coming with me to do some shopping!
    Leslie - great long run.
    Birch - good week's running.
    SJ - have fun making your new schedule.
    Rich - good 15 miler - well done on the weekly mileage.
    Speedy - nice long run - sounds like you're on the mend.
    Mennania - enjoy the cutback week - sounds like you've earned it.
    TR - for some strange reason up and down the same stretch sounds worse to me than round and round the same loop.
    AR - haven't had to negotiate ice or snow this winter so far.
    Moof - don't fret - you'll be back in form in no time.
    BOTF - have a good holiday.
    Anyone else having problems with Jantastic? It now thinks I haven't set a target and won't let me log a run. Did 13 miles @ 9:13 m/m earlier this morning.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Same for me Gul.  They posted on FB that they are having some technical problems so I'll try and log my run a bit later.

    BOTF - holiday or not you need to log those Jantastic miles.  Your team needs you.

    Come on team!

  • Jantastic is now working fine, Minni. So come on everyone, log those runs!

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Birch - I have never been to Northern Ireland let alone run the marathon. I think Badbark is your man.

    Gul - Good luck with the interview! Shopping for any running gear??

    Moof - Sub 80 is a tough target but obviously achievable. Shame about your run but as you say it was a blip! I am supposed to be in training for a 10k so need to start doing some reps myself!!

    Martin - That's a great race to make your "A" race. I rather regrettably turned down the offer of a place from my club for VLM on boxing day.

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Birch - Belfast is flat in the centre, a bit hillier outside. Interesting city to visit.
  • 18 miles in, guess what, wind and rain image . Logged in Jantastic and I am at the lead alongside  Gul.

    I did an 18 at the end of November and the 18 today was 4 minutes faster, in worse weather, on a tougher course and felt easier. Good signs.

    Update on Jantastic: now slipping back and in a 3 way tie for second as others log runs and they count for more, but still ahead of Minni by 3%

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    How do they count for more PMJ - have they logged more than one run?  I can only see my profile page.

    I've logged one run.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Ah, I've just thought it will be on percentages?  I'm doing 7 runs per week so my percentage wont be as high as someone only doing 4 or 5 runs.

    Damn it.  I'm going to have to run again today!


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